31 December 2009

Home Sweet Home

I actually missed it this time. :) We got back last night and I'm trying to get caught up. The comissary was a mad house...I can't believe all of Post and all the retirees in a 100 mile radius chose to shop today....oy. I hope you have fun doing whatever you are going to do tonight. The boys are with their grandparents visiting the National Infantry Museum and who knows what else. Happy New Year!

22 December 2009

We're going bye- bye

We are leaving today to drive to Wendy's house for Christmas. I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

18 December 2009

Dead battery and messed up settings

My battery was dead last night, so no pictures. I charged it all night and I tried taking pictures today and didn't realize what was wrong with the camera until it was all done. :( They all did so well though. :) Turns out the older special ed class borrowed Billy for their production (not the normal pre-K)..those kids love him....they all rushed over and said hi and his name over and over again. They did two numbers "Must Be Santa" and " Christmas Times A-Coming". They needed Billy for the first song to hold up a picture of Santa with a cherry red nose. He did not sing, but he was kind of dancing (sort of marching in time with the music). He picked up his picture of Santa, but the aide (who was right behind him to keep him from bolting) had to help him raise it up at the right time. In the second number....he played with jingly bells...he did pretty good. I am biased. No hat, but they got him in a bandana last night...when we came in this morning..he went right to them and got his. :) He even sat and watched the rest of the program on my lap. The whole school was there this morning...it was for families last night. You should of seen the kids...they were adorable (the normal kids were not bad either). One little girl (last night) saw her Mom in the front row and kept saying hi to her. What was even better was to see the Pre-K Special Ed teachers watch it and see how far those kids had come....they had taught most of them when they were younger. The lady whose class it was...she was excited when she found out Billy was five...they get him next year. She and the aide can't wait. I'm so proud of all of them and to see the smiles on their families faces while watching them was so cool.

P.S. The reason I don't like Christmas programs...my children are usually only in them when their Father is gone. It makes me sad and the music makes me cry. See Jodie...I may be bad, but not heartless.

17 December 2009

A Country Christmas

That is the theme of the Christmas Program tonight....the preschoolers are supposed to be in Western Garb and a Santa Hat. I had neither...they said that Christmas colored shirts would work. I found a short sleeve red top yesteday at the PX...but if the temp drops..oy. I went to Target all by myself today in search of a red shirt and a santa hat. He is so not going to wear the friggin hat....maybe for a minute....then it is going out in the crowd like a stripper shedding his clothes. Have you felt the inside of Santa Hats?? I don't have major sensory issues, but I wouldn't want to wear that shit either. Well, now he has both. Yippee....I sure hope he sings tonight. He goes to normal preschool once a week with an aide. The rest of the week he is with the other Specials (as I like to call them). They needed two more kids and I said if they could get him to do it..be my guest. He better sing tonight. I have to get up and take him to school early tomorrow as well....oy...no sleeping in. Maybe I can get a picture of him in his hat.

12 December 2009

Busy Day

It all started with a get together at a fellow military wife's house. I was in charge of the craft table for the kids. I brought foam and chipboard shapes. I had paper, cardstock, buttons, glue, glitter...all sorts of stuff. The kids who did stuff had fun and some of the wives played a little too. We spent five and half hours there....after we ate and crafted..we just sat down and let the kids play and we talked (well...as much as the kids would let us). Kind of nice. When we got home..I fed the boys and put in a movie "Julie and Julia"...I've read both books that the movie is based on. It was cute. I think I enjoyed Julia's book more than Julie's...Julie tended to piss me off...her whining. I'm kind of glad they touched on that in the movie. It makes you want to cook....to throw a dinner party. :) Well, I just read through some blogs and came across a tag book swap by the lovely Natalea of Kandeland. I had to sign up....she is just so nice and the theme is Valentines Day and they aren't due until January. She is taking the first 20...I called Wendy and just happened to reach her...the enabler strikes again and I signed us both up. I figure we can work on them while I'm at her house for Christmas. :) I guess I should put up the link..in case any of you want to try for a slot. :) www.kandeland.typepad.com/my_weblog/2009/12/valentines-tag-book-swap-now-open-for-signups.html All that and it is only 7:21 pm.....I wonder what else I can do. I think I shall start a book...I just finished one last night (in between watching "The Spiderwick Chronicles" with Jr...not bad...books are a little better...but not bad) "The Chocolate Snowman Murders" by Joanna Carl...it is part of a series...I think I have mentioned before that I love culinary mysteries. :) It is the perfect weather to snuggle up and read a book (especially when you have no one to snuggle up to)...it rained all damn day. It was crappy ass cold yesterday. Perfect reading weather. I think I need some hot chocolate...good thing tomorrow is commissary day...I don't feel as bad about drinking up all the milk. :) Have a good evening!

10 December 2009

Christmas Wishes

I was reading my bloglines and the Urban Farmhouse blog had a really neat blog entry today. If you go here (www.urbanfarmhouse.blogspot.com ) you can read all about it. She has a link to another blog that tells you more (www.blogher.com/his-last-christmas-wish ). I think we can all spare the 44 cents and price of a card. I hope he likes the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. :)

09 December 2009

I'm still sick.....

I swear it feels as if it will never end. I was starting to feel better last week and Friday afternoon..Billy brought Mommy a treat home from school...he got sick again. Which in turn got me sick again. The weather hasn't helped. The sun came out today though. Happy Day! Billy nad I attended a meeting at the middle school about high school choices. They have something like nine high schools they can try to attend. Some are magnet schools and there are two feeder schools. Crazy shit. Billy was really good..if that meeting had lasted a few minutes longer..it would not have been pretty. It is right across from the playground and he wanted to go so bad..but we had to go back for the bus and school. He was so upset...he cried and cried. I promised him afterschool we would go to the playground and we just got back a little while ago. We stopped at BK for dinner....I am too tired to cook. I even went for a walk before the boys came home from school...I didn't want to waste the sunshine. :) I don't think I'll ever get my other Silver Bella stuff photographed...I am just too friggin tired. Monkey Boy has decided he is a night owl. He forgets I have to make sure Jr gets fed and on the bus in the morning...oy. Well..I'm missing re-runs of NCIS and Glee comes on tonight. Yes, my ass will be parked in front of the tv tonight....Top Chef Finale is on tonight as well. I know I could be reading or crafting....but that takes real brain power....I just don't have any left.

05 December 2009

SB- Vendor Night

This was my two table set up this year. No, the can of Coke was not for sale. I know I skipped over my second class (Ephemera Bird with Denise Sharp), but I have no pictures from that class...we started working right off the bat until the very end of class and I still didn't finish my bird. A nice shout out to my fellow remedial table ladies. Did any of you ever finish your birds?? I hope to someday. Who are we kidding...the possibility of that is very slim. Poor dead bird.

01 December 2009

I survived the nine days of break

I didn't think I would. :) I was still sick when it started. We did get out a little..trips to the PX, Post Office, Commissary, and Target. We went for a few walks and hit the playground a couple of times. Both boys love the going to the playground...it is harder when other children are there...Billy doesn't know not to run in front of swinging children. Both Jr and I got quite a workout. :) If you are noticing a lack of Jr pictures...he hates getting his picture taken (not unlike his Mother). The work order guy came out on Tuesday and fixed a bunch of stuff (nice benefit, right?). So we spent that day cooped up in the house. Yesterday was nice....I got through two stacks of magazines and part of a box. I love school..for my children. :) Billy was getting a tad stir-crazy being off his schedule for so long. Our family now has a Christmas Break plan...my parents will be coming here and then we are driving to MD to spend part of it with my sister and brother (who always drives up from the DC area). My sister and I have planned a menu and agreed on a craft to work on (last Thanksgivng, we did a paper arts thing). I'll help her organize her "studio" as well....it is only fair...when one unloads masses of unused artsy craftsy supplies on another...you should help them organize it. :) That way she'll be able to play with it all. I am feeling much better...the sun came out the last few days of break....the fresh air does amazing things to a sick body. Yet, it rained yesterday..figures. :) I guess I should get started on another pile of magazines...oh, joy.

24 November 2009

The Shop

Well, last night I re-opened it and I only had 29 items left...oy. :) I took some photos of some books and I just listed them. I got my last SB box last night...I just need to figure out what is worth listing. It is hard figuring out what might sell and what might not. I rarely sell anything I've relisted...other than some trim. So I might have to start from scratch and poke around the boxes here for some new things. It makes it hard to get motivated...but I didn't make 200 goody bags for nothing. Yes, I made those yo-yos...love that fabric...it is so me. I actually sent mine to the lady who helped me with the button card kits....Judi Andersen of www.pinkpersimmon.com. If you liked the design on your card..that is her doing..I had two different designs to work with and they are both from her stamp sets. They are pretty good stamps as well. :) So if you liked the button card kit...head over to Pink Persimmon and let her know.

23 November 2009

SB- First Class

I figured out how to make the pictures go in the right order...woohoo...hey, that is a big thing for me...stop laughing at me. Okay, my first calss was "Rosary Necklace" with Kaari Meng of French General. I was a tad scared...I'd tried to make jewelry before and I just couldn't get the hang of it. She made it so easy to understand and once I figured out what the hell I was doing..it went quickly. Bianca and I had a little race going to see who could finish first. I won...she wanted to add a few extra things to make her necklace a little longer. The first picture is what awaited us when we arrived. One of the ladies at my table was a Bella I met last year....Kara Ward..who is just fabulous and so very talented on many fronts....that is her int he second picture. The third picture is of Kaari Meng and Amy Powers (who is too cool for words). The last photo is of all the necklaces from our tables (some finished, some not...one is missing). My necklace is the one with the blue beads. I have been hoarding those babies for months and I brought two saint charms that were silver and the blue went with them better than the pearls in the kit. So it was totally different...I loved that. I did share..every lady got a blue bead from me and Ali got two things- a bead and a green glass flower....you can see it on her necklace in the picture. She is so spoiled. :) Jodie's necklace has her blue bead on it.
Now something totally unrelated to SB: I took the boys to Target, Michaels, and McDonald's today all by myself. I got there and back...merging was still a tad scary, but I did it. I found Billy the cutest pajamas....yes, I have a thing for pajamas...two sets....he goes through his pajamas..messy, little thing. :) I, also, got some storage things for Billy's room..I know my parents are reading this and just want them to know that I'm working on it. :)

21 November 2009

SB Swap Night

Lets' see...they are kind of in the wrong order. The top shot is of Ida and Bianca swapping their Bee's Knees stuff....one of the three I hosted. I know what the hell was I thinking. The next shot is of Maija and Megan waiting for me to pass out their charms. I hosted a Sweet Treat Charm Swap (bottom photo) and there were originally 23 swappers and we lost two along the way. Each lady made 24 charms and we gave three bags away....one to Jo Packham (the guest speaker) and two to fellow Bellas as door prizes ( Rachel won one and if anyone knows who got the other bag..do share). The picture above all the bags was my last swap I hosted..a fat book with a circus theme. It isn't a fat book...it's obese, but it turned out so cool. Someday, I'll take pictures of all the charms and book pages....that is 51 things...the pages were double sided. I participated in six other swaps..two tags swaps, two ATC swaps, a mini art quilt and a cool A-Z thing (where we decorated a playing card with a certain letter and got 26 cards back with the whole alphabet). Those things will someday be photographed....I hope. Everyone did such a lovely job.

20 November 2009


That is how many pictures I took at Silver Bella with my new fancy pants camera...oy. It is such a quick paced weekend. I'm happy I remembered to breathe at times. :) I guess I will have to spread them out. These are from the opening night dinner....all these lovely ladies will hate me. :) I will be in for a world of hurt...I'm pretty sure one (if not all these ladies) got unflattering pictures of me that evening as well. From top to bottom: Gina, Wendy, Sherry and Nina, Alisa and Joanna. We had a great table that night and had fun making the projects from Fiskars...okay, I was too concerned about my three swaps to really get into it. The other ladies made beautiful things and I held a drawing for the freebies at our table. Their fates were in my hands. :)

18 November 2009

From SB to Puke Fest 2009

My boys were throwing up all afternoon and night. Jr got the first wave and Billy didn't throw up until bedtime. Three sheet changes, two baths (he missed himself and his pjs the last time), spilled drink on the floor....he finally settled in for a few hours of sleep at 4:51am. Argh....I am just too tired for this shit. I already felt like I was behind, now it is even worse. My parents leave today (perfect timing). :) Oh well. The boys are home from school today. Oh, joy..what fun! :)

16 November 2009

I'm still not right

I got home a little after 11:00pm last night and I am still so friggin tired...lack of sleep and cold medicine will do that to a person. Oh....but it was so worth it. I met so many fabulous women, got to see old friends, make some seriously cool shit, and ate better than I normally do. :) I had a cheese omelet and bacon every morning (I rarely get any of the bacon in this household). The last morning, my sister even got me a Mickey Mouse pancake. :) She is the best sister ever!!! I got a not so good vendor spot again, but I was in the best company...Megan (aka Princess Lasertron), Hope Ellington, and Kaari Meng of French General was directly across from me. I didn't think I did that good, but my sister reminded me that at my price point...I did pretty damn good. The swaps were fabulous and the ladies who joined were more so....I will try and get pictures when I can handle a camera again. I finished two out of six projects and one is almost finished. I made a dead bird and deranged muppet bird shadowbox. I gave the ladies in my necklace class a little bit of me and I can't wait to see what they do with it....some used it right away (thanks, Jodie and Ali). :) I loved spending extra time in the airport shuttle and airport with some great Bellas. I even had one on my flight back to Atlanta...we didn't get to sit with each other..that was a bummer. She warned me that flight was going to suck..she was right. I had a huge layover in Atlanta, had to change gates three times (that was after schelping my crap from C to D terminals), but met a man who was stationed at my hometown during a very interesting time (Baaa....Wendy you should understand that). The flight was even better....little ole me (all 5' 1 1/2") got an aisle seat and the man in the window seat was 6' 1"...his head almost touched the lights...too funny. It turned out he has the same MOS (job in Army talk) as my husband. That made the 30 minute flight much better. Three hour layover for a thirty minute flight...f-me. I haven't really unpacked....too much work. I did show off the work of the ladies in my two tags swap( Year of Tags and Saint Tags) and my fat book swap in the airport in Atlanta....so there, ladies, you got some more publicity. :) You have to be proud to be a Bella and shout it to the world as much as can....I am obnoxious. Thank God you all tolerated me this weekend. :)

09 November 2009

Still sick

I'm still sick, but that will not stop my trek to Omaha this week. I need the break too bad not to go. :) My parents made it safe on Friday and have been spoiling the children. We got stir-fried noodles with chicken tonight. Woo hoo...none for Clark. :) Clark finally made it to Iraq..he'd been stuck in Kuwait. Now I can ship boxes of crap to him. I got all my Silver Bella boxes shipped off last Thursday.....five boxes. That included swap stuff. I'm finishing up my last swap. I still have to finish gathering my class stuff. I leave on Wednesday..so I better get packing. :) I'll have pictures this year.....unless my sister steals my camera. :)

05 November 2009

Nasty, Vile, and Fourteen

That is what adult medicine tastes like..horrible stuff. Yuck! I've been sick and trying to cram in last minute Silver Bella stuff..swaps and vendor table goods. I think the boxes are just about packed. I am still waiting on one set of charms. The rest of the ladies were nice enough to take me up on the offer of bringing them with them....I think it worked out well for them....more time to work on them. I was looking for some trim for my sister for one of her SB classes and stumbled on more thifted trim...so I measured, cut, bagged and tagged it all. I almost forgot to bag and tag the tattings....I still had some that I never put up for sale in my shop....I did them individually instead of packs of five. Sometimes you just want one or two. I just need to stop looking around the house...I keep finding more stuff to sell. I've got four boxes of stuff...granted some of it is swaps and the props for the table (baskets, bins, bowls and fabric) which for the most part I will be willing to part with as well. I think there is only one prop I don't want to sell...it's good for unit functions. I am bringing some vintage jewelry again this year....one Bella had said something to me....so I can't disappoint. :) My parents arrive tomorrow...my house is wretched mess....more so them normal. I still have fat book pages to finish.....I got a crop-a-dile bite yesterday while punching holes in the fb pages. Ouch! Okay..I said worse. I'm a little behind...being sick just sucks. I have to afix some trim on my Bee's Knees project and it's done. I finished the ATCs last week. Just those fat book pages...argh. Hopefully, after I ship my boxes things will go a little smoother. The best thing about today..other than getting those boxes out of my house....today is Jr's birthday. He is Fourteen....no pictures..he is shy. I understand...so am I. I'm going to bake his favorite cake....Lemon Poppyseed Cake. He has no idea what I got him for his brithday....he is going to love it....the expansion pack for Fall Out Three. Oh well. Those fat book pages are not going to make themselves....I wish.

01 November 2009


That is how old my little Billy is today. He doesn't quite get that today is special, but it is none the less. :) He wanted to go for a walk and we did. He'll get some pumpkin roll cake later (he doesn't know about that). He got a few things for his birthday....mostly edible items and some balloons (he loves those and had me blow all of them up).

30 October 2009

Lili..this post is for you

The something I did just for myself....I bought myself a nice camera. :)

29 October 2009

I think I may have fallen off the face of the Earth

Okay, not really...but I bet it sure did seem like it. :) I've just been busy with SB prep..it goes on and on and on. I think I have finally made a good master list of things left to do. I keep adding things as soon as I cross things off....very frustrating. I did do something just for me on Sunday, but that surprise will have to wait just a little bit longer. I've been working on my last few swaps...all in progress. I've been receiving some really great charms and fat book pages in the mail. I think the USPS, UPS and Fed-EX guys all dislike me for all the extra work. :) I'll make it up to UPS next week when I ship my SB stuff to Omaha....I can't believe it is in two weeks. It will all get done (it has to) if it kills me (and it might). Hopefully, I'll have a little time tomorrow to work on my surprise. Back to the hell of my own making.

20 October 2009

Sorting and Pricing

That is all I have done for the last two days....okay...I did work on my charms for a little bit last night. I have four more to go. Since I don't have a camera...I'll just tell you what they are....I'm making tiny strawberries....with the jump ring they are just about 1 1/2" tall. I am so excited about them...more than the December tags (and you know how excited I was about those)..it is just they are food and they are tiny. Perfect combination for me. I'm hoping to finish them up tonight and then I need to figure out my packaging. I don't think a cellophane bag and business card will cut it. :) Back to sorting and pricing.....I've done hundreds of items...oy. I am much more with it this time. Things are going rather smoothly....I'm shocked and amazed. I've got all sorts of things.....buttons, appliques, nifty flowers made out of I don't know what, tart tins, molds, cookie cutters, yo-yos (repackaged so you can see them), ephemera of different sorts, some inspiration packs from my shop, dominos (not plastic), poker chips, cake decorations, trim (of course), various vintage breakables, vintage Xmas decorations (kitcshy/cheesy and glass balls), patterns, different wool/floss for needlework, and other little bits and pieces. I do have vintage textile things (baby shoes/hats, doilies, doll clothes) as well. All sorts of stuff. I had it set up on my bed this morning. I got out all the containers I want to use and set them up. Then I filled the containers with the items (or a representative of each type of thing) and arranged and rearranged to my liking. I was smart and drew up a little thing, so that I won't forget where I want things. It will come in handy for my helper, Wendy (who loved the Birthday Wishes...thanks), too. If there is something you are looking for and didn't see on my list...ask away....I may have some (or I might be able to find some before SB). I have to ship most of the stuff off in a few weeks, but I can shove a crap load into my suitcase (my Dad will be here to help me pack). Off to do something totally unrelated to SB....washing dishes. :)

18 October 2009

She's a birthday girl...

my sister, Wendy, is that girl. You should all go over to her blog and wish her a Happy Birthday (www.wendy-hue.blogspot.com/) as soon as possible...I know it will make her smile. :) I just got back Jr's laptop from Best Buy....oy. I hope to not have to go back to BB for a long time. :) Let's see.....I got the goody bags done and in the mail yesterday. I think I got more done int he week after he left than the months before he left. Funny how that works. I got my trick or treat bag out in the mail as well....I hope she takes a picture for her blog (www.eyecraft.blogspot.com/). That was fun and a nice break from SB crafting. I've got eight charms left to sew. I'm doing them by hand...makes total sense....seeing as they had to be no more than 1 1/2" tall. The next project is the circus fat book...I've received most of the pages. I still have a bee project for Christie as well. I made price tags (handwritten on white stick on labels from my Dad....see I'm using them) for some of my vendor night goods. I was worried that I didn't have a good selection of things to sell, but as I was writing them all down to figure placing and such...I have quite a bit. Most of it is quite different from last year.....I think that is why I was a tad freaked. That is the nature of my shop...it is whatever I can find thrifting and at yard/estate sales. It will always be different. I'm just trying to not have what everyone else is selling....there are more vendors like myself this year (vintage/supplies). I've been blog hopping at their sites for clues to what they are selling, their packaging and displays. It cannot hurt to see....that way I can tweak my tables. Oh well....coupons need to be cut and a grocery list needs to be made. Happy Birthday, Wendy!!!

14 October 2009

OMG...it's a blog post

I just had the crappiest weekend. My computer got to visit those lovely geeks at Best Buy...the day before Clark left. I have driven off post twice now. I had Clark be my passenger the morning he left....I just got to pick up my computer today. You have no idea how much you miss those things until they are gone...husband and computer. :) I did get a bunch of stuff done without it though. I'm almost done with the goody bags...I worked on them while we kept Clark company and the last few days. I worked on my charms for my charm swap. I'm excited about what I'm making....I came up with the idea a few days before my computer problems. I did not get a chance to print off my stuff for the ToT swap...but that is okay, because I can now. :) I got loads of laundry done and I read a book. I am so relieved to get my computer back though....worth the panic and anxiety of driving off post.

07 October 2009

Silver Bella Swap pictures

Well, here are two of them......the December tag for the "Year of Tags" swap and the atc for the "Sugar 'n' Spice and Everything Nice" swap. The ballet dancer had to go as is.....I couldn't figure out just what else to put on it and I ran out of time.

06 October 2009

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Today is their 39th wedding anniversary. I didn't forget...I just forgot to call. Sorry. I'm a bad daughter. I will call them right after this and will probably be between parents...they work at different times. I love you anyhow. :) I got two swaps knocked out today...both tag swaps for SB. Sweet relief....I tell you. I love my December tags for the "Year of Tags" swap. I think it is the one thing I've made for all the swaps I've been in that I like the best. Clark will be taking a photo tonight...it may be right at bedtime when I remember....but it is happening. I love them that much. :) I got to go for a walk today as well....first time in a week....that was nice. It was drizzling every so slightly. Five swaps down, four to go (three of them are mine). I figured they aren't being sent to anyone...I'm handing them out the first night of SB....so I can work to the last minute. Yes, that is the crap I tell myself all the time. We will see how that works for me....I actually worked on ATCs in the airport last year. Sad, I know. I guess I should work on the goody bags some more tonight...cutting and winding thread onto tiny spools is hard work. There a hint to you Bellas. :)

05 October 2009

The lost week

I know it should read "the last week"....but I lost a whole week, because Billy was sick. I was so sleep deprived I couldn't think straight most of the week. Poor baby...he was so miserable. He was a good boy and took his medicine...even when he didn't want to. I finally got some work started on Friday. I came up with a workable concept for my December tags and started on them. I should be able to knock those out today. I should be able to finish the Saint tags today or tomorrow as well. I had got caught up on traditional colors for the December tag and that screwed it for me..when I thought outside the box...voila! I'm actually quite happy with them. I need to get all the tags done, so that Clark can take pictures for me. He came home Friday night and let me know that flights had been moved up. So Saturday was spent at five stores getting all my supplies for the last few swaps, things I wanted to stock up on, SB class supplies and whatever else I needed....I don't drive off post. I am such a chicken shit. I've got twelve months to get over that. We shall see.....I see great savings in my future...no trips to craft stores or Target. :) It's the thrifting/yard & estate sales that I won't get to....that kills me. Might drive me to get over the driving thing. I made great strides in the SB goody bag area as well. I've got 100 of the 200 special project part finished up. My hands cramp up for part of it....so I can only do so many at a time. As soon as those are done...it should be pretty easy finishing up the main bags. Yes, a smaller bag in the bigger bag. I had hoped to have Clark's help, but that is the life in the Army....you don't always get more time. It makes me a little sad...so I'm going to not think about it. Well, Billy will be back soon....it was his first day back...I hope he did okay. Do you know how hard it is to keep a little boy dry after he has been cooped up for a week and it is raining??? I tried and did not succeed. I did use my fancy-pants umbrella I won at SB last year.....first time...it was just too pretty.....not anymore. :)

28 September 2009

Mommy, Mommy, Mommy

That is what Billy said and signed for me on Friday afterschool. He needed a little prompting, but I finally heard him say it. He said and signed it for Clark last Saturday at a church sale...I was using the little girls' room and he wasn't happy. I am so happy. Last week was so long. I got two swaps done and mailed on Saturday. I worked on another one, but it has gone to the wayside (Clark had a four day weekend). We had a get-together to make goody bags for the guys and gals in the S-2 shop on Wednesday night. It went pretty smoothly...we didn't have to make too many.....not compared to hundreds that I've made before. :) Oh, wait...I'm still making hundreds of goody bags.....just not for soldiers. :) I got part of my super secret SB goody bags.....I will give you a hint....I was working with my Bella Buddy, Judi of PinkPersimmon.com. She is a doll and I think she has enjoyed it as much as me. :) I'll be putting together goody bags this upcoming weekend....I need to use my husband before he leaves. :) We got fall flowers for the planters in the front yard yesterday and had family time while planting. Even Billy helped...he put some dirt in pots and watered whatever he felt like. It was nice and the weather was beautiful. I started cutting up some vintage trims for SB today.....I got it cut up, now I just need to finish "packaging" it. Hopefully, I can work on my swaps tomorrow...at least the ones due to others by the 15th...all tags. :) It is hard for me to craft with a full house....people always needing or wanting something....oy...I'm not talking about the four year old.

20 September 2009

Just One More Swap

I've missed out on all the other Halloween Swaps and this one sounds like fun. You decorate a store bought (or handmade) tote bag in a Halloween motif and fill it with treats. If you are interested sign-ups are until 23 September (this Wednesday) and aren't due until 17 October. Head on over to www.joli-paquet.blogspot.com and check it out. They are getting ready to show off their new kits and fun seasonal crafts.

17 September 2009

Days full of walks, trash and crafting

I have taken a walk everyday this week. I actually started the walks last week....Thursday and Friday. The last few days I've taken a bag with me and collected trash as I walked. I am happy to say that the amount of trash has dwindled.....unfortunately, the weekend is coming up. I craft a little bit in the morning, eat and then take my walk...all before Billy comes home. Very, very proud of myself. I used to be a walking fool in Germany.....there are just some areas here in the States that is just not good for walkers (one I can name...Birmingham, AL). I probably won't be as spry as I used to be (that little boy f-uped my joints), but anything is better than how it is now. :) Back to crafting.....I finally came up with an idea for the "Sugar 'N' Spice and Everything Nice" ATC Swap for SB. I cut out 12 sweet, little ballerinas from some cloth I got back in AL. It now has twelve holes throughout the fabric...looks like moths got at it. I used vintage sheet music for the background. It needed a little something, so (for fellow Bella...Jodi) I used a little glitter on the background as well. I Mod-Podged the ballerina to the ATC. It still needs a little something...words..I don't know. We are supposed to use two thicknesses of card stock or base material. I have some fancy pants cloth that matches the color of the toe shoes the ballerina is wearing. I'm going to use that on the back of the ATC. I'm really happy at how they are coming along. Don't worry...I will get pictures before I send them off. I worked on my Saint Tags as well. I'm at a stand still on my "Playing From A to Z" cards....I need to practice my "J"s before I can finish those up. That is about it....Clark has had crazy hours this week, but has been home in time to sit in front of the tv with me. We saw "Glee" last night for the first time (it is in the same time slot as "Leverage") ...it was cute. I am so upset that Frenchy went home last night on "Top Chef". I always root for the foreigners. I wanted Stefan or Favio to win last time. Well, "Project Runway" is tonight. So more sitting on my tush time. :)

12 September 2009

The Tail End of Block Leave

This was the last week of Clark's leave. I took advantage of it and worked on my swaps a little (the gazillion tags I have to make...oy), got some things together for the shop, listened to my Billy freak out and just enjoying the weather. Billy had to get his hair cut on Thursday (Friday was Picture Day at his school)...he kept his hands over his ears the whole time and was so unhappy. He is such a happy boy that it breaks my heart when he isn't happy. He had a good time Friday afternoon though. We had a unit picnic thing to attend. They had one of those big bouncy tent things. He had more fun going in and out of it. I made ambrosia as my side dish contribution. This is a rather jumbled up post.....I am so tired and I just got done listing things in the shop. Lots of things.....mostly trims. I added 21 new trims....all non-stretchy. :) I was in a Halloween mood, so they are mostly black trims and laces. They would look great on all kinds of craft projects. You could even get some and get all "Project Runway" on yourself. They are sold by the yard. I did do a trim grab bag with over 20 diferent kinds in it. The pieces range from 6" to 36". So you have little bits for stitching onto things and larger pieces to use on edges and such. Theya re all white, cream and black. I said I was in a Halloween mood. I added some paper punched critters...bats, spiders and MICE. :) I offering up the Halloween yo-yos again. I think that is all the shop news. I did hit a book sale today and just have to decide if I want to put them in the shop or save them for Silver Bella. I know I'm going to bring some books to SB....it will be nice to sell something there that is offered in my shop. I do enjoy offering up the small things that aren't cost effective on Etsy as well though. Now that Clark will be back at work...I really need to get moving on my swaps, goody bags and vendor night things. But right now...I just want to eat....I am so hungry and the thirst is creeping up, too. Hey, listing stuff is not easy....it can be hard work sitting on my ass.....it hurts and my legs fall asleep. :)

07 September 2009


We just got back about half an hour ago. :) We had to go to Texas this weekend. We drove all day Friday to get there. It was a slightly sad trip...we went to drop our dog off for the deployment. Baccus was getting to big for me to handle along with two boys....some women can do all that and more...I just don't have it in me. I think he'll be happy....there are three dogs, two cats, cows, guinea hens, and a loving family. He has more room to run around. He is staying with Clark's adopted family from childhood. They were so happy to see him (and even more to see the grandbabies....none of their children have produced any yet). They spoiled the kids. Jr got to drive the golf cart. Billy got to run around, steal sodas and bananas, and plop down in the galvanized tank of water out front. They had a ball. We hit Canton (big flea market) for a little bit on Saturday.....I was just too tired to stay long. Clark took me to a Goodwill on the way back to the hotel...I found three things. :) We started home yesterday afternoon (we dropped by to say goodbye and take pictures) and finished up today. It was nice, but it is good to be home...until tomorrow when I remember all the things I still need to do. :)

01 September 2009

The 1st and 200th

I can't believe it is already a new month....time is dwindling, so I haven't blogged as much. He's on leave right now...so we are hanging out and doing things around the house. I mailed off six boxes of fabric (and a few buttons) to the IBOL guy on Saturday...it felt like a lot, but it didn't make much of a dent in the fabric stash. Most of it was yardage I had for curtains I had wanted to make for the house back in Birmingham. It went un-used when Billy started walking at 10 months and was a monkey baby. He is still a monkey baby and we will not have curtains until he is too tall to swing from them. :) I know we were supposed to make bundles...I asked permission to send just fabric. We loaded up the car with a bunch of stuff for the Thrift Shop. I had Jr go through his bookcase that afternoon and we started rooting around his room (it was nice and we had fun...no attitude....that didn't last long...oy...teenagers). I have so many things on my to-do list (and there are things that should be on the list, but I can't get my mind to stop racing long enough to remember to write them down). Clark and Jr cleaned out the gutter yesterday....when he got back from school....the three of them were soaking wet. More laundry....it never ends here. Speaking of laundry...kind of....Billy actually wore pajama pants to bed last night....that is the first time in over 4 months. Watch it will backfire and that is all he'll want to wear from now on. :) He had a few sips of milk, too. I haven't crafted...it's hard when he's home....it throws me off....argh. :) I don't think I'll get much done this week...it is short...the kids have a four day weekend. Woo and Hoo. I need to go and get my day started (which means waking up the wee one for school). Have a great 1st of September! If you were wondering...this is my 200th post. :) Time really does fly.

26 August 2009

Iraqi Bundles of Love

Kaari Meng mentioned this on her blog yesterday and I had to go click on it. My husband has been to Iraq twice and loves the people of that country....here is another way to help crafters a world away...very cool. Go to www.ibol.wordpress.com/2009/08/03/iraqi-bundles-of-love-the-intro/ to read about the program. Go to www.ibol.wordpress.com/building-a-bundle/ to read how to put one together. If you want to participate...all you do is leave a comment anywhere on his blog and he'll email you his address. I am awaiting an email with his address...I hope it comes soon, he'd like all the packages to go out NLT 7 September. I know it isn't much time, but I know how you girls hoard til the cows come home. I think it is a perfect way to use that stash (even if you aren't the one using it).

24 August 2009

Mini Art Quilt Swap

I am just full of pictures today! Clark had a four day weekend...no excuse not to download the photos off his camera. :) It is a tad simple, but I really enjoyed working on it. You can't really see it, but there is a tiny bit of lace under the buttons that is sewn on with green embroidery thread (only on the top, so that it will kind of "flap" up and down). I had to put a yo-yo on it. :) The thing between the two bead drops is a little key. There you have it. Sheila got them in the mail last week...sigh of relief. Maybe I can get to work on the other eight....Clark goes back to work. :)

Pictures of humans at the zoo

Here are the promised photos from our quickie trip before school started. Maybe tomorrow I'll show the animal pictures. :)

17 August 2009

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

And the head of my crazy four year old. He came back from school and was playing in the front yard and the downpour started and he went nuts. Happy nuts, of course...he looked like he was having such a good time, so I joined him. He ran up and down the sidewalk and gutter. He stepped in some grass clippings and sent them down the gutter and followed them down. So I got some flowers off his tree and we sent those down. Then he laid down in the driveway like he was a fish. Silly boy. It was great fun and I carried him over to the porch and stripped him down...he got away and started playing some more...he cariried his water pitcher over (it had flowers in it) and got down in the gutter again. He is so white....oy. He needs a little sun, not the rain. I tried picking him up a couple of times.....between the spineless maneuver and the baby magic...he was like an eel. I finally got him inside and into the shower to warm up.

I finally got one swap done (I've got eight more to go) and mailed....Clark still hasn't dowloaded pictures for me (He got one of my mini-art quilts before I mailed them). Last week was a little crazy...it was the first full week of school. I get about three hours to work on stuff in the mornings. I just need to get used to getting up early again (we slept in all summer). I worked on another swap this morning until I realized my color cartridge in my printer went out. Eeek. I had to find the new one. I wasted some cardstock....argh. I think I have enough printed off now or it's back to Michael's this weekend for more cardstock. We didn't do much this weekend. Mostly we sat in front of the television and watched "Leverage" Season 1 and "Burn Notice" Season 1.....I got them for me, but Clark has informed me they will be leaving for an extended trip soon. He got "Breaking Bad" for himself.....that is one disturbing show. Well, back to work for me....I had my playtime in the rain. :)

08 August 2009

Clark is home

Clark got home on Sunday night and has a few days off. So we ran around on Monday, getting school supplies and looking for crafting supplies that don't exist. He had a dental appointment on Tuesday...so we lost most of that day. Wednesday- I decided we were going someplace as a family (since the boys had no real "vacation" during their summer vacation (Clark had to work a lot during June). I decided on a wild animal park in Albany, Ga. It was small and they and a playground. It was nice (minus the one really obnoxious family). Billy even named some of the animals. He had a good time and he didn't have any blow-ups. We ate at the park. On the way home, we stopped at Mark's Melon Patch (a roadside stand operation) and perused the goods. Billy enjoyed the free samples of watermelon (okay, he didn't really like yellow watermelon)....so much that he went back for another one. Clark took a few pictures, but hasn't downloaded off his camera. Thursday, Clark took Jr to work with him (hee hee). That leaves yesterday...it was the first day of school for the boys. It was so quiet in the house. Billy has preschool in the mornings now. I didn't get much accomplished....I flitted from one thing to the next. I guess if I had been able to find the things I needed on Monday...I could've got some real work done. :) Finally, the winners are........(chosen by hubby)...Jenny and Elizabeth. As soon as I figure out where I hid them from Billy..they will be in the mail. :) I hope you have a great weekend!

28 July 2009

The post with borrowed photos and a giveaway

I got fun things in the mail yesterday. I ordered these adorable squirrels for the S-2 shop for my husband (I always get to find the things for weddings/births) . We've had three babies born and no happy baby present given yet...I've been slacking. What really blows..there are three more babies that will be born in the next eight months....argh. I've got it covered....she is working on more squirrels. I wanted something more than the usual baby clothes/diapers. I wanted something special that the families could hold on to from duty station to duty station. I got these (and the photo) from http://www.mykobocek.etsy.com/ She makes the sweetest animals. She is so easy to work with as well. The other two pictures (I borrowed from Michelle of Fairie Dust Dreams and my sister). The first photo is what I made for the "Things with Wings" Charm Swap....I forgot to get pictures before I mailed them off and she took pictures as things came in. She is a great hostess. Well, she mailed everyone their charms last week....I got mine yesterday. They are similiar to what Wendy has in her photo...there are slight differences. Well, there were two dropouts, so we got our two extra charms back. So I am having an impromptu giveaway. Just leave a comment on this post if you'd like a chance to win one. The bird/flower combos on the extra charms are as follows: green bird/blue flower and purple bird/red flower. I will pick two winners on the 7th of August (that is the first day of school here.....a happy day to celebrate and it is also the day I opened my Etsy shop a year ago). Good luck!
P.S. I dropped the prices on a bunch of stuff in the shop.

26 July 2009

Oh, Insomnia....

joy of my youth. Not really...college tended to suck at times when you couldn't sleep. :) Well, the weekend went by rawther (ode to Eloise) quickly. Jr was a doll and watched Billy for me yesterday. I had to go to the post office and commissary and I just didn't feel like dealing with Billy. That worked out....the candy lady was taking some time off (Wendy the postwoman) . It was a tad lonely at the commissary, but I got things done a lot quicker. The cable was off all morning and part of the afternoon.....perfect reading time. I finished Julia's book....my she did quite a bit and what it took to get that first cookbook published...oy. I have two copies of "Mastering the Art of French Cooking".....I plan on sending one to Wendy. I found one at a thrift store and the other at an Estate Sale. I, also, managed to find Simone Beck's cookbook. I plan on going through it....maybe try my hand at something...Clark will be home soon. A small miracle to me. Oy...this has been a rough month. I'm hoping things will go smoother once summer vacation is over.....a little under two weeks....happy, happy. That list for the eighth graders is down right scary. Those lists of supplies just get longer and longer every year. Billy just needs some new clothes. :) He has worn (and dirtied all his tshirts) and needs some more jeans (the only pants he'll wear). He wears jeans non-stop and freaks when you have to change them...the life of an autistic child. Quirks, quirks, quirks....he did have two taco shells of cheddar cheese for dinner. Someday, he'll maybe try the meat. He did come into the kitchen and saw the lettuce and had some "Cookie Monster-style"...it was too funny. That public broadcasting. We watched a show about the honeybees and Miss Marple tonight.....he fell asleep before the murderer was revealed (he missed the murderer last week, too). I washed dishes and cleaned up the livingroom before putting him to bed....he was quiet and in one place....I took advantage of it. Now....I am paying the price....stiff back and insomnia. Good thing there is no school tomorrow....I can sleep in. :)

24 July 2009

Happy Days of '47!!!

Not really.....I may be from Utah, but that isn't my holiday. What that should have said was "Happy Anniversary, Wendy and Tom". I still can't believe she picked that day to get married...it just sets her up for ridicule from family every year. I love you, Wendy. I got my swap package from Jenny in England....it was so nice. I'm not quite done with mine....I wanted to make her one more thing....I just have not had as productive of a month as I had hoped....argh. I have one week left to mail her box. I was going to take pictures of what I got, but I'm having problems with the camera my brother sent me...I got it to work for a few minutes, but all I got was pictures of Billy and then it died again. I think the battery positioning is wonky at times. Blah. If it isn't bad enough that this whole digital age scares the hebby jeebies out of me (I'm so a film camera girl), but I finally get one and it hates me. I don't want to buy one if I can figure out what to do with this one. I am so cheap....it is sad. :) Clark should be home in a few weeks...than I can use his camera....I'm so funny....I can have him take my pictures for me. :) Have a great weekend!! Mom and Dad.....I know you got the day off anyway, but I hope your Days of '47 was spectacular!

21 July 2009

Today was brought to you by the letter "T"

As in toaster, tantrums, and tired. It all started with the tired actually.....I was cleaning up my room again (an ongoing process that will last until we move). I got all my magazines pulled out, so that I can go through them. I cannot save magazines like a lot of you.....weight allowance. :) So I figured now is as good a time as any to drop some weight. :) I need to start reading my stockpile of books as well....so that I can send them to my sister. I started "French Women For All Seasons" this weekend and just couldn't finish it. I didn't mind the first book, but she just digs into America in this one. There is nothing wrong with Hershey Kisses (disclaimer...I own like two shares of Hershey stock..I, also, own a few shares of Nestle and Cadbury....had to cover all the public chocolate companies)....yes, European chocolate is good, too. I love France and most things French...just not her. So I will pass this book onto Wendy (so she can read it after she reads the first one.....I sent her that on years ago). I am now reading a delightful book about France, "My Life in France" by Julia Child. It is pretty good so far. I've had this one for awhile and had never read it...with "Julie & Julia" coming out soon...I figured why not?? I did read "Julie & Julia" (and sent it to Wendy...I'm using this blog post as a reminder to Wendy to check out her bookshelf for things to read).....it was okay...Julie got a tad annoying at times. I annoy easily. The food parts were much more interesting then her bitching and moaning. Back to today.....worked in the room. I was hungry and tried to toast some bread....my beloved toaster is dead. :( My sister bought me that back in college (92 to be exact) when we lived in a suite together. It has served us well and I had to by a new one pronto....autism boy doesn't understand "broken toaster" just "want waffles now". So I had the bright idea of going to the thrift store to see if they had one. Oy....not good....Billy did not enjoy that. Then we went to the PX.....a few more tantrums in the store and outside....argh....not a happy mommy. Very frustrating. I did manage to work on goody bag things for about 30 minutes. Some progress is better than no progress (which is where I've been for almost a week). It worked out that he went and hung out in his room today when we got back...okay, with the help of a new DVD (Word World). He did sit down and watch "101 Dalmatians" with me last night...two and half times. At first he didn't want to watch it at all...his beloved GPB was on. He woke up this morning and wanted "doggies"....so that was cool..he even yipped a little. We just got back from our walk....where he only pitched a fit at the beginning...he was trying to go into someone's carport and I wouldn't let him....I got a nice headbutt for that. He was good for the rest of the walk. Well, the boys have been fed and I get to eat...woohoo. Hopefully, I can knock out a few more things tonight. It all depends on how fast I can eat.....I think I shall snarf down my food in honor of Mirelle Guiliano. :)

18 July 2009

Oy and Vey

It was so cool.....Thursday night, Billy and I watched "Fiddler On The Roof" together. Okay, we watched 2 hours and 15 minutes of it...Billy was just too tired. If it had come on an hour earlier...he would have lasted the whole movie. His favorite parts were the musical numbers...whenever a song would end....he would turn to me and say "The End".....too cute. I've never seen the whole thing and will have to wait to see it. We stopped when the second eldest daughter was getting ready to ship off to Siberia to be with the man she loved. Oh, how romantic..cold as hell, but romantic. (insert a big sigh here) I was almost caught up on one part of the goody bag process and it all fell apart on Thursday.....I haven't worked on it since. It's good to take a break....recharge my batteries. I got a heavy box from my parents yesterday....I cut coupons for hours. I had to see if there were any I needed for the commissary trip we had to make last night. I only got two sandwich bags worth done...I try to leave my leftover coupons at the front of the commissary for others, but two workers were up front.....I only do it if no one is watching. We haven't done our walks the last two days...Thursday it was raining (which is fine to walk in if there is no thunder or lightening...the sky was ominous that night)...Billy played in his tree for a little bit. Yesterday, I was trying to get through those coupons for the shopping trip (I lost two and half hours talking to my parents and sister...oy) and made Jr take the dog for a quick walk. Our "walk" was the grocery shopping trip itself. Today looks beautiful, so we are all getting out of the house. I'd like to think it's making a difference, but my scale is jacked-up and so I can't tell if I've lost any weight. I'm horribly cheap and don't want to have to buy a new one. My sister and I made a pact to weigh ourselves every Monday morning for a few months.....trying to lose at least 25 lbs each. Since I can't weigh myself...I've been forgetting to ask her what she weighs. I really need to get back on that....she was actually starting to lose weight at last count. Well, I need coffee and want to read the paper. I hope you have a great weekend.....I'll be picking up paer scraps this afternoon (I'm a messy coupon cutter). :)

14 July 2009

Happy Bastille Day!!

I needed to find a reason to blog....the French are as good a reason as any. :) I really enjoyed the few small trips I took to France while living in Germany. Maybe I'll dig out some of those pictures, scan them in and post them. Last week just sucked me dry. I didn't get a whole lot accomplished on the artsy craftsy side of things....so I've been buckling down this week. I started my mini art quilts, I worked on one set of two Saint tags I'm making (I couldn't decide between St. Michael and St. Mark), I've got ideas brewing for the second saint and year of tags swap (I'm Miss December), and I've worked on goody bag materials....I've got some things done....shocked myself. :) The real problem is the three swaps I'm hosting....I had ideas, but as I hear what others are planning....I've got to rethink mine. :) I did sign up for a ninth SB swap. So here is the rundown: Mini Art Quilt, Year of Tags, Saint Tags, Sugar 'n' Spice ATC, New Year's Resolution ATC, Playing from A-Z art thing (I chose the letter "J" for Jr and James- Billy's middle name), Circus FatBook, Sweet Treat Charm Swap, and a bee project. The last three are my swaps I'm hosting. I'm bushed right now though....we just got back from our daily jaunt. Food and rest are the only things on my agenda for tonight.

09 July 2009

A Really Nifty Giveaway

You need to head over here to see the details, but it is fun and the prize is pretty cool. www.gardengoose.blogspot.com/2009/07/500th-post-giveaway-75-worth-of-awesome.html It's a generous giveaway. Tina is too cool....I met her through my very first giveaway here. :) Good luck...even though that means my chances are slimming.

07 July 2009


Baccus is home. I got him yesterday morning....after getting lost trying to find vet services on main post. I'm trying to forget all about it. I came home, ate and crashed on the couch for a good two hours. Mentally and physically exhausted...that was me. I'm still tired. We've been going on our walks every night. I hurt my thumb (on the right hand) so I couldn't get a lot acomplished today....argh. I've lost two days of list crossing off. :) Oh well. I plan on getting nothing accomplished tonight and hope against hope that Billy will let me change the tv station....I don't want to watch GPB tonight. :) Maybe I can enjoy my new Country Living that came in the mail today....not if Billy has anything to say about it (okay...or sign).

05 July 2009

Our housing area may be clean...

but that doesn't mean the people don't suck. We had a crappy weekend for the most part. Most of Friday was good, until 8 pm when we went out to get Baccus for our walk. Someone took off his collar and let him loose. I thought he had escaped his collar, but Jr told me after I called the MPs to see if he had been picked up that his collar was off him (unhooked). That person, also, took his name tag off the collar. We found it not far from his collar. The MPs did pick him up and took him to vet services, but we can't get him until morning. They were closed all weekend due to the holiday. We are going first thing in the morning to get him....but now I'm worried that whoever did that will do it again. Something always goes amiss when Clark goes to NTC....and it is always in the first week. Last time, when we were at Fort Hood and Jr was only three...I fell off the front stoop and sprained my ankle. We didn't do our walk Friday, but we've gone out the last two days....but not the route we take with Baccus. I miss him. I did get a bunch of stuff done....trying to keep my mind off of Baccus. Clark called last night and I had to tell him. I got all the trim ready for the goody bags and worked on two other parts of the bags. I painted a little this morning and actually re-read a Nancy Drew book last night. I think I might read another one tonight....there is a new Miss Marple on GPB tonight....A Pocketful of Rye. Billy has been on a public broadcasting kick this weekend. He'll watch anything...crazy kid. Well, speaking of kids....I need to feed them. Then I have to figure out how to get to vet services in the morning...I want my dog back.

03 July 2009

They made it

Clark called around 0900 yesterday to let me know they made it to NTC. We've been slowly adjusting to one less person in the house. I made a command decision today and we went to the commissary two days early. Now we can stay home all weekend and relax. :) We needed milk and I wasn't sure if the commisssary would be open tomorrow (it will be..oy..oh well). I'm determined to actually make dinners for us while he's away....we usually eat like collge students. The last two nights, the three of us have gone for a walk with Baccus. It wears the two autistic ones down well (that would be Billy and the dog). We've decided it will be a standing date. :) We've been picking up all the aluminum cans we see (Jr has finally realized...they are worth something). Don't worry, Pops.....we grab any coke bottle tops we see as well. Our housing area is pretty clean though. That is a good thing. I made a master list of what I want to accomplish this month and started working on it. It's not a long list, but the amount that needs to be made is daunting. :) I figure if I break it down and do a little bit a day...I should be good. On the swap front, I signed up for yet another SB swap...glutton for punishment. That is seven at last count. Plus, the one blog one that is due at the end of the month. Unfortunately, there is another whole week of SB swaps opening next week...I hope for my sake they suck. :) They probably won't though. Well, it osunds as if Billy is about to do something very, very bad.

01 July 2009

Busy, busy as a bee

We've been getting CLark ready for NTC all weekend. He was supposed to manifest last night amd we got there around 11:30 and found out his flight was cancelled and no one called him...argh. I was so pissed....poor Billy was so tired last night and we made him stay up. Argh...bastards. I actually got to clean up my office a little bit on Friday....I loaded up a big box of trims for my sister and her friend at work. I gave them a whole vintage suitcase worth, plus I cut some lace for my sister from the big boxes (the six boxes...three of fancy pants lingerie lace/three fancy pants non-boing boing) and from my personal stash of favorite trims. She will be set for life (or until I get another bug up my butt to destash). Don't worry about me.....I've still got plenty of trims. I've got the first set of cardstock cut (I had to buy a bigger trimmer) and if I can unearth the table I can start stamping on them....it's for the goody bags for SB. I'm hoping to knock out all the goody bag items while he's away and before school starts (early...the 7th of August). I'm planning on putting at least four different things in my goody bags and only one of the four items is ready to go. I've got parts of the second and third items done (200 is a big number and I have to do it in bits...plus, it's repetitive and boring at times). I do belive it is easier for those ladies whose shops sell the same things over and over again....they just count out said number of items and they are done. Since most of my items are vintage/thrifted...I don't always have 200 on hand and have to use what I have to make 200....does that make sense?? It will after I get back from SB..no sneak peeks. There is one thing they are getting that will be somewhat easy (just have to pick it out and decide on amount).....trims. My package to England made it okay....very happy about that and she liked what I sent...always a relief. I signed up for yet another SB Swap....oy...that is six now. :) There are still one more week of swaps next week as well.....oh, these Bellas are killing me. But it is so fun to try new things or different themes...okay, I can't bitch too much...three of those swaps are ones I'm hosting. I'm building up....practice in hosting....I really want to host one here someday. I think that is it for now...my brain is starting to slow down.....I think that calls for more caffeine. :) Have a great day!

23 June 2009

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth

We've just been really busy the last week or so. Clark has had the craziest hours at work (worked late most of last week and had to work on Saturday and Sunday). They have a rotation in the California sun soon....preparing for that has been Hell. Everyone is back from leave, so things should be better this week. He took off half of yesterday, so that I could go to the Post Office (didn't make it on Saturday). I saw him pull up and freaked...I wasn't ready, hadn't showered and was about to cry. I thought he'd only come home for a little bit to take me. Nope...I got to eat and shower. Very cool. I had a last minute brainstorm to try to help out two friends in the blogging world and had to put that together and get it in the mail to England asap. I have great respect for all those ladies who make us jealous with their stamping skills. It is so not as easy as it looks. :) I get to try it all over again soon. I commited myself to something and have to follow through.....I'll have more time and won't have to rush. Let's see...other things....my sister added a few things to her shop (www.wendyhue.etsy.com) but I had to nag her to death. I'm such a bitch. :) I sent a few things to her yesterday for the shop as well....using up some of that crafters crack left over from SB. No pictures....I told you yesterday sucked. She'll have some up soon enough. I signed up for two Silver Bella swaps (on top of the three I'm hosting....glutton for I don't know what)..a mini art quilt swap and an ATC swap. I think I can handle it.....it just means no blog swaps for awhile. :) Nobody better host anything good soon....save it for winter. :) I'm hoping to list some things this evening on Etsy....it's those patterns....my head hurts....you have to check and make sure all the pattern pieces are in the envelope. Okay, that isn't so bad.....it's the friggin re-folding that shit that kills me. Worse than trying to re-fold a map in a car while it's moving. I get car sick really easy. I've got high hopes for next month while Clark is away...I've got a list as long as my arm that I hope to accomplish. I figure the boys can graze all day.....I don't have to stop and make real meals. Actually, Jr has been helping out with Billy lately....with very little whining. They've actually hung out in Jr's room a couple times the last few days as well...very sweet. Well, the shop isn't going to get stocked by itself. :) I wish it would.

17 June 2009

Happy Anniversary, Clark!

Yep...14 years of marriage...oy. :) Neither one of us is the mushy kind. I don't think we are doing anything today....work gets in the way of that. I did receive a belated birthday present from Bryanna of Polka Dot Parliament....as soon as I get pictures I'll post it. That was so sweet of her and the fact that it arrived today was kind of funny. :) Well, tomorrow is the anniversary of how long we've been together (and his time in service).....16 and 18 years. We wanted to get married on the 18th of June, but our Post Chaplain at the time wouldn't let us get married on a Sunday (he also told me to get married in the hallway of city hall, because I didn't want an elaborate ceremony..asshole). So today it is. :)

15 June 2009

Tiny Etsy Update

Lili...I would post pictures, but I forget that I have that nifty little etsy thing at the bottom of my blog....why waste precious space reshowing pictures already showing. :) I listed some new books today for you altered book/mixed media gals. I've got some more books, vintage patterns and misc. vintage tiems to list in the next few days. I'm trying to be a better shop keeper...really I am. :)

14 June 2009

Happy 234th Birthday!!

Today is the U.S. Army's 234th birthday!! On a side note...it's also Flag Day! Got that out of the way. :) I've been busy the last few days....getting charms done...crap, I forgot to take a picture before I mailed them out. I was just so happy to be done with them and get them out of the house. They fought me every step of the way...argh. Silly goose, that I am...I offered to host a charm swap for Silver Bella...oy. Hopefully, that will go much smoother. :) Let's see other things that kept me from blogging...Billy....crazy kid...so cute though. We have spent some time out of the front stoop most days..I'll bring something out to read or work on and he'll climb his tree, swing on his hammock or muck about. He actually enjoyed playing with the watercolors I was using the other day.....he likes to make little cups of colored water. They had to be lined up in order everytime. :) Clark has been working late (which throws off dinner schedules and such). I had gathered up some items to take pictures for the shop...then I couldn't find the camera. Hopefully, I can talk Clark into helping me today. We hit the post office and one thrift store yesterday. The crazy mean dog lady was working (Dad....you might remember her)...she was her cheerful self again. I read a book "The Body In The Gallery" by Katherine Hall Page.....I love her books. Food and a mystery...can't get much better than that. I read her fourth book when I was at Pitt (before I transferred to Utah St...early 90s) and had to search for her first three and have been hooked. I think the one I just read was number 17. That book, "The Body In the Vestibule" was set in France....go figure why I picked it up. I got my 8x8 inch squares for Katherine (Pino's Pie Day) in the mail yesterday as well....I just added some trim to them...naked squares just seemed wrong. :) I still have a few projects left to work on (one PIF for Caitlin, one swap-not due til the end of July, things to order for babies...we've had two babies and one on the way in Clark's office..I'm usually the one responsible for taking care of such things and I've fallen behind...sucky army spouse award goes to me this year). I volunteered to hostess three SB swaps and make some things for the goody bags at SB. So after the few things on my list (which I've probably forgotten a few things) I need to really concentrate on SB. Plus, there are those two tables to fill for SB. I'm excited about our theme for the tables...Wendy and I will even be making some of the table decorations for it. I've seen the list of vendors this year and really need to step it up a notch. I need to make a list and hit Michaels before the end of the month....they are getting ready to go to NTC and I won't drive off post. I'm hoping to get loads of stuff knocked out while he's gone. I figure if I have it all here and ready..there really won't be any excuses not to get it done. Well, I need to go cut coupons and make a grocery list....like clockwork...it's Sunday and a grocery run is needed. I love food shopping. Enjoy what's left of your weekend!

09 June 2009

Etsy Update

I finally added things to the shop. The color inspiration packs have been in there since the end of May (finally got around the posting about them here...one orange one sold..happy, happy). The other two pictures are of the Alice Inspiration Packs. I did one in red, black and white (Queen of Hearts) and the other in brighter colors (Mad Hatter's Tea Party). I listed some different paper packs as well.....vintage cook book pages, vintage recipe cards, and vintage childrens book pages. So if any of you are taking Rebecca's Hodge Podge Journal class at SB...you might be interested in those. There are a few more vintage jewelry items as well. Okay, enough etsy talk...I'm not used to promoting my shop on my blog. Oy.