20 September 2011

Two In One Day

Last Friday was OD (Organizational Day) for hubby's unit. We all wore our new ugly shirts with our call signs on the sleeves ( Secret Squirrel, Household 6, Confidential Squirrel, FOUO Squirrel). We actually missed most of it...the boys were in school and by the time we got there it was pretty much over. That was fine with us....the boys enjoyed playing in the water and we enjoyed watching them play. :) I was trying to catch up last week after being gone for a week. I got my little books done for the Halloween Little Book Swap...I still need to take a photo. I've got 27 pages to make for the Christmas ABC Book Swap and goody bags for the PC Witches Tea. Behind, behind....that doesn't include needing to update my shop. I had a whole game plan for the shop and poof those plans are gone (I should've written down my ideas...that will teach me).
Oh well.....back to work. At least I can cross update blog off my to do list. :)

The one where I explain my absence

I was doing better about the blogging and then on the 1st of September my Aunt died. I flew back to Pennsylvania on the 3rd and stayed for a week. That was the first time in 18 years that I had flown into Pittsburgh. Not quite how I wanted to come back...but hey..it is what it is. :) We had three viewings and I was bad...when given the opportunity to leave early from the last one....I took it. The service was nice and it rained at the graveside....which coming in from Southern Arizona I was loving. Rain with no thunder and lightning...wouldn't you?? My brother, sister and brother-in-law all drove up. I got to see all my cousins and their children. It was kind of neat seeing everyone together. They had a wake at the church and those church ladies totally rock.....they even had made from scratch angel food cake.

I did get in some thrifting. I have to say....I love Pennsylvania and their insanely low prices. If I had an extra suitcase....oy. I found a few nifty things....I got a bunch of vintage playskool puzzles (the wooden ones) for a quarter a piece, a vintage ravioli form for $1.99, and vintage linens/lace for 50 cents a piece. I can't wait for my parents to retire, so that I can drop the kids off and shop. :) I got the required PITT shirts for me and the boys (and a Penguins shirt for hubby...he wouldn't wear a PITT shirt even if he was naked and needed clothing). I brought home cookies which wee one helped me eat.

The another thing I love about Pennsylvania is that it is so green. It is so pretty. I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked to, but you can see some that I did. Yes, I had to take picture of the mushrooms in my Uncle's yard. Hell....I took a picture of the grass for wee one....he loves grass and misses it. Yes, we now have some grass in the backyard....thanks to monsoon season....it won't last long though. :( The first photo is the side yard at my Grandma's house.....you can see an outline in the grass.....that used to be a giant garden. Oh well. It was a nice trip under the circumstances. It was nice to go back. It's probably as close to a home base as I have....especially after my parents retire.