30 October 2009

Lili..this post is for you

The something I did just for myself....I bought myself a nice camera. :)

29 October 2009

I think I may have fallen off the face of the Earth

Okay, not really...but I bet it sure did seem like it. :) I've just been busy with SB prep..it goes on and on and on. I think I have finally made a good master list of things left to do. I keep adding things as soon as I cross things off....very frustrating. I did do something just for me on Sunday, but that surprise will have to wait just a little bit longer. I've been working on my last few swaps...all in progress. I've been receiving some really great charms and fat book pages in the mail. I think the USPS, UPS and Fed-EX guys all dislike me for all the extra work. :) I'll make it up to UPS next week when I ship my SB stuff to Omaha....I can't believe it is in two weeks. It will all get done (it has to) if it kills me (and it might). Hopefully, I'll have a little time tomorrow to work on my surprise. Back to the hell of my own making.

20 October 2009

Sorting and Pricing

That is all I have done for the last two days....okay...I did work on my charms for a little bit last night. I have four more to go. Since I don't have a camera...I'll just tell you what they are....I'm making tiny strawberries....with the jump ring they are just about 1 1/2" tall. I am so excited about them...more than the December tags (and you know how excited I was about those)..it is just they are food and they are tiny. Perfect combination for me. I'm hoping to finish them up tonight and then I need to figure out my packaging. I don't think a cellophane bag and business card will cut it. :) Back to sorting and pricing.....I've done hundreds of items...oy. I am much more with it this time. Things are going rather smoothly....I'm shocked and amazed. I've got all sorts of things.....buttons, appliques, nifty flowers made out of I don't know what, tart tins, molds, cookie cutters, yo-yos (repackaged so you can see them), ephemera of different sorts, some inspiration packs from my shop, dominos (not plastic), poker chips, cake decorations, trim (of course), various vintage breakables, vintage Xmas decorations (kitcshy/cheesy and glass balls), patterns, different wool/floss for needlework, and other little bits and pieces. I do have vintage textile things (baby shoes/hats, doilies, doll clothes) as well. All sorts of stuff. I had it set up on my bed this morning. I got out all the containers I want to use and set them up. Then I filled the containers with the items (or a representative of each type of thing) and arranged and rearranged to my liking. I was smart and drew up a little thing, so that I won't forget where I want things. It will come in handy for my helper, Wendy (who loved the Birthday Wishes...thanks), too. If there is something you are looking for and didn't see on my list...ask away....I may have some (or I might be able to find some before SB). I have to ship most of the stuff off in a few weeks, but I can shove a crap load into my suitcase (my Dad will be here to help me pack). Off to do something totally unrelated to SB....washing dishes. :)

18 October 2009

She's a birthday girl...

my sister, Wendy, is that girl. You should all go over to her blog and wish her a Happy Birthday (www.wendy-hue.blogspot.com/) as soon as possible...I know it will make her smile. :) I just got back Jr's laptop from Best Buy....oy. I hope to not have to go back to BB for a long time. :) Let's see.....I got the goody bags done and in the mail yesterday. I think I got more done int he week after he left than the months before he left. Funny how that works. I got my trick or treat bag out in the mail as well....I hope she takes a picture for her blog (www.eyecraft.blogspot.com/). That was fun and a nice break from SB crafting. I've got eight charms left to sew. I'm doing them by hand...makes total sense....seeing as they had to be no more than 1 1/2" tall. The next project is the circus fat book...I've received most of the pages. I still have a bee project for Christie as well. I made price tags (handwritten on white stick on labels from my Dad....see I'm using them) for some of my vendor night goods. I was worried that I didn't have a good selection of things to sell, but as I was writing them all down to figure placing and such...I have quite a bit. Most of it is quite different from last year.....I think that is why I was a tad freaked. That is the nature of my shop...it is whatever I can find thrifting and at yard/estate sales. It will always be different. I'm just trying to not have what everyone else is selling....there are more vendors like myself this year (vintage/supplies). I've been blog hopping at their sites for clues to what they are selling, their packaging and displays. It cannot hurt to see....that way I can tweak my tables. Oh well....coupons need to be cut and a grocery list needs to be made. Happy Birthday, Wendy!!!

14 October 2009

OMG...it's a blog post

I just had the crappiest weekend. My computer got to visit those lovely geeks at Best Buy...the day before Clark left. I have driven off post twice now. I had Clark be my passenger the morning he left....I just got to pick up my computer today. You have no idea how much you miss those things until they are gone...husband and computer. :) I did get a bunch of stuff done without it though. I'm almost done with the goody bags...I worked on them while we kept Clark company and the last few days. I worked on my charms for my charm swap. I'm excited about what I'm making....I came up with the idea a few days before my computer problems. I did not get a chance to print off my stuff for the ToT swap...but that is okay, because I can now. :) I got loads of laundry done and I read a book. I am so relieved to get my computer back though....worth the panic and anxiety of driving off post.

07 October 2009

Silver Bella Swap pictures

Well, here are two of them......the December tag for the "Year of Tags" swap and the atc for the "Sugar 'n' Spice and Everything Nice" swap. The ballet dancer had to go as is.....I couldn't figure out just what else to put on it and I ran out of time.

06 October 2009

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Today is their 39th wedding anniversary. I didn't forget...I just forgot to call. Sorry. I'm a bad daughter. I will call them right after this and will probably be between parents...they work at different times. I love you anyhow. :) I got two swaps knocked out today...both tag swaps for SB. Sweet relief....I tell you. I love my December tags for the "Year of Tags" swap. I think it is the one thing I've made for all the swaps I've been in that I like the best. Clark will be taking a photo tonight...it may be right at bedtime when I remember....but it is happening. I love them that much. :) I got to go for a walk today as well....first time in a week....that was nice. It was drizzling every so slightly. Five swaps down, four to go (three of them are mine). I figured they aren't being sent to anyone...I'm handing them out the first night of SB....so I can work to the last minute. Yes, that is the crap I tell myself all the time. We will see how that works for me....I actually worked on ATCs in the airport last year. Sad, I know. I guess I should work on the goody bags some more tonight...cutting and winding thread onto tiny spools is hard work. There a hint to you Bellas. :)

05 October 2009

The lost week

I know it should read "the last week"....but I lost a whole week, because Billy was sick. I was so sleep deprived I couldn't think straight most of the week. Poor baby...he was so miserable. He was a good boy and took his medicine...even when he didn't want to. I finally got some work started on Friday. I came up with a workable concept for my December tags and started on them. I should be able to knock those out today. I should be able to finish the Saint tags today or tomorrow as well. I had got caught up on traditional colors for the December tag and that screwed it for me..when I thought outside the box...voila! I'm actually quite happy with them. I need to get all the tags done, so that Clark can take pictures for me. He came home Friday night and let me know that flights had been moved up. So Saturday was spent at five stores getting all my supplies for the last few swaps, things I wanted to stock up on, SB class supplies and whatever else I needed....I don't drive off post. I am such a chicken shit. I've got twelve months to get over that. We shall see.....I see great savings in my future...no trips to craft stores or Target. :) It's the thrifting/yard & estate sales that I won't get to....that kills me. Might drive me to get over the driving thing. I made great strides in the SB goody bag area as well. I've got 100 of the 200 special project part finished up. My hands cramp up for part of it....so I can only do so many at a time. As soon as those are done...it should be pretty easy finishing up the main bags. Yes, a smaller bag in the bigger bag. I had hoped to have Clark's help, but that is the life in the Army....you don't always get more time. It makes me a little sad...so I'm going to not think about it. Well, Billy will be back soon....it was his first day back...I hope he did okay. Do you know how hard it is to keep a little boy dry after he has been cooped up for a week and it is raining??? I tried and did not succeed. I did use my fancy-pants umbrella I won at SB last year.....first time...it was just too pretty.....not anymore. :)