05 October 2009

The lost week

I know it should read "the last week"....but I lost a whole week, because Billy was sick. I was so sleep deprived I couldn't think straight most of the week. Poor baby...he was so miserable. He was a good boy and took his medicine...even when he didn't want to. I finally got some work started on Friday. I came up with a workable concept for my December tags and started on them. I should be able to knock those out today. I should be able to finish the Saint tags today or tomorrow as well. I had got caught up on traditional colors for the December tag and that screwed it for me..when I thought outside the box...voila! I'm actually quite happy with them. I need to get all the tags done, so that Clark can take pictures for me. He came home Friday night and let me know that flights had been moved up. So Saturday was spent at five stores getting all my supplies for the last few swaps, things I wanted to stock up on, SB class supplies and whatever else I needed....I don't drive off post. I am such a chicken shit. I've got twelve months to get over that. We shall see.....I see great savings in my future...no trips to craft stores or Target. :) It's the thrifting/yard & estate sales that I won't get to....that kills me. Might drive me to get over the driving thing. I made great strides in the SB goody bag area as well. I've got 100 of the 200 special project part finished up. My hands cramp up for part of it....so I can only do so many at a time. As soon as those are done...it should be pretty easy finishing up the main bags. Yes, a smaller bag in the bigger bag. I had hoped to have Clark's help, but that is the life in the Army....you don't always get more time. It makes me a little sad...so I'm going to not think about it. Well, Billy will be back soon....it was his first day back...I hope he did okay. Do you know how hard it is to keep a little boy dry after he has been cooped up for a week and it is raining??? I tried and did not succeed. I did use my fancy-pants umbrella I won at SB last year.....first time...it was just too pretty.....not anymore. :)

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that Billy was sick, I hope he is totally on the mend now. You did a lot! Be proud of what you accomplished despite your little one was ill. I am proud of you Wanda! Just take care!