20 October 2009

Sorting and Pricing

That is all I have done for the last two days....okay...I did work on my charms for a little bit last night. I have four more to go. Since I don't have a camera...I'll just tell you what they are....I'm making tiny strawberries....with the jump ring they are just about 1 1/2" tall. I am so excited about them...more than the December tags (and you know how excited I was about those)..it is just they are food and they are tiny. Perfect combination for me. I'm hoping to finish them up tonight and then I need to figure out my packaging. I don't think a cellophane bag and business card will cut it. :) Back to sorting and pricing.....I've done hundreds of items...oy. I am much more with it this time. Things are going rather smoothly....I'm shocked and amazed. I've got all sorts of things.....buttons, appliques, nifty flowers made out of I don't know what, tart tins, molds, cookie cutters, yo-yos (repackaged so you can see them), ephemera of different sorts, some inspiration packs from my shop, dominos (not plastic), poker chips, cake decorations, trim (of course), various vintage breakables, vintage Xmas decorations (kitcshy/cheesy and glass balls), patterns, different wool/floss for needlework, and other little bits and pieces. I do have vintage textile things (baby shoes/hats, doilies, doll clothes) as well. All sorts of stuff. I had it set up on my bed this morning. I got out all the containers I want to use and set them up. Then I filled the containers with the items (or a representative of each type of thing) and arranged and rearranged to my liking. I was smart and drew up a little thing, so that I won't forget where I want things. It will come in handy for my helper, Wendy (who loved the Birthday Wishes...thanks), too. If there is something you are looking for and didn't see on my list...ask away....I may have some (or I might be able to find some before SB). I have to ship most of the stuff off in a few weeks, but I can shove a crap load into my suitcase (my Dad will be here to help me pack). Off to do something totally unrelated to SB....washing dishes. :)


  1. I so wish I could go to SB this year. It sounds like you are gonna have some great stuff again. :)

  2. Hey what do you mean 'I don't have a camera', I thought you got one for your birthday, or is my alzheimer light now completely taking over? Mmm you mentioning the stuff you are selling on SB makes me feel the same as Caitlin. Have a lovely day!