06 October 2009

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Today is their 39th wedding anniversary. I didn't forget...I just forgot to call. Sorry. I'm a bad daughter. I will call them right after this and will probably be between parents...they work at different times. I love you anyhow. :) I got two swaps knocked out today...both tag swaps for SB. Sweet relief....I tell you. I love my December tags for the "Year of Tags" swap. I think it is the one thing I've made for all the swaps I've been in that I like the best. Clark will be taking a photo tonight...it may be right at bedtime when I remember....but it is happening. I love them that much. :) I got to go for a walk today as well....first time in a week....that was nice. It was drizzling every so slightly. Five swaps down, four to go (three of them are mine). I figured they aren't being sent to anyone...I'm handing them out the first night of SB....so I can work to the last minute. Yes, that is the crap I tell myself all the time. We will see how that works for me....I actually worked on ATCs in the airport last year. Sad, I know. I guess I should work on the goody bags some more tonight...cutting and winding thread onto tiny spools is hard work. There a hint to you Bellas. :)

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