26 April 2016

This Was Harder Than I Thought It Would Be

Getting back in this blog was hard.  Remembering phone numbers from years ago is not fun.  :)  2015 was hard...that is why I didn't blog much.  I spent half of the year being angry and the other half sad.  My husband had a really hard job and it spilled over into family life.  My son left for college an ocean away.  We found out we wouldn't get to stay in Germany and would have to go back to the States.  We didn't get a choice of where we were living.  We moved in February of this year.  It was hard...we left behind an awesome city, a great school for Billy, even better people (including neighbors that we only had for a few weeks) and a country we love.  We are back in the States...Texas.  El Paso was not good to me the first month....I was sick for most of it.  We got all our stuff early and it all came within a week and a half period.  Our car even came early...which was nice.  We got a tiny vacation in Dallas.  I'm still unpacking....but all the boxes are gone.  Which is a first for me.  :)  I unknowingly broke my camera on the flight over...so new pictures might not happen for awhile.  :(  I am hoping to start blogging again.  Just thought I would pop in and see if I could.  :)