01 October 2013

Government Shutdown...who cares??


Because I still have flowers and I found the world's cutest toilet paper at Norma's today.  :)  Things have been a little crazy since mid-August.  Hubby left yet again.  :)  I've been doing the single parent thing.  I had to learn how to drive here in Germany.  The first time was a few days before he left...I'm getting better.  School started not long after he deployed as well.  My oldest is a senior and that is throwing me for a loop.  I've been sewing lately...making yo-yos for my Sister and a bunting for a Birthday party.  My sister applied for a craft fair and got accepted, so I've been trying to help from afar...not doing a very good job at it.  :)  My Dad has been sending me a regular stream of coupons...they are good for an extra six months overseas.  That takes time as well.  Just a lot of little things and trying to keep my head above water.  Hopefully, things will slow down and I can just relax.  I know it is good to stay busy, but there is over doing it as well.  Delicate balance....you would think I'd have it down after as many deployments that we've done.  Nope...each one is different.  :)  Now isn't that toilet paper so me??