28 September 2009

Mommy, Mommy, Mommy

That is what Billy said and signed for me on Friday afterschool. He needed a little prompting, but I finally heard him say it. He said and signed it for Clark last Saturday at a church sale...I was using the little girls' room and he wasn't happy. I am so happy. Last week was so long. I got two swaps done and mailed on Saturday. I worked on another one, but it has gone to the wayside (Clark had a four day weekend). We had a get-together to make goody bags for the guys and gals in the S-2 shop on Wednesday night. It went pretty smoothly...we didn't have to make too many.....not compared to hundreds that I've made before. :) Oh, wait...I'm still making hundreds of goody bags.....just not for soldiers. :) I got part of my super secret SB goody bags.....I will give you a hint....I was working with my Bella Buddy, Judi of PinkPersimmon.com. She is a doll and I think she has enjoyed it as much as me. :) I'll be putting together goody bags this upcoming weekend....I need to use my husband before he leaves. :) We got fall flowers for the planters in the front yard yesterday and had family time while planting. Even Billy helped...he put some dirt in pots and watered whatever he felt like. It was nice and the weather was beautiful. I started cutting up some vintage trims for SB today.....I got it cut up, now I just need to finish "packaging" it. Hopefully, I can work on my swaps tomorrow...at least the ones due to others by the 15th...all tags. :) It is hard for me to craft with a full house....people always needing or wanting something....oy...I'm not talking about the four year old.

20 September 2009

Just One More Swap

I've missed out on all the other Halloween Swaps and this one sounds like fun. You decorate a store bought (or handmade) tote bag in a Halloween motif and fill it with treats. If you are interested sign-ups are until 23 September (this Wednesday) and aren't due until 17 October. Head on over to www.joli-paquet.blogspot.com and check it out. They are getting ready to show off their new kits and fun seasonal crafts.

17 September 2009

Days full of walks, trash and crafting

I have taken a walk everyday this week. I actually started the walks last week....Thursday and Friday. The last few days I've taken a bag with me and collected trash as I walked. I am happy to say that the amount of trash has dwindled.....unfortunately, the weekend is coming up. I craft a little bit in the morning, eat and then take my walk...all before Billy comes home. Very, very proud of myself. I used to be a walking fool in Germany.....there are just some areas here in the States that is just not good for walkers (one I can name...Birmingham, AL). I probably won't be as spry as I used to be (that little boy f-uped my joints), but anything is better than how it is now. :) Back to crafting.....I finally came up with an idea for the "Sugar 'N' Spice and Everything Nice" ATC Swap for SB. I cut out 12 sweet, little ballerinas from some cloth I got back in AL. It now has twelve holes throughout the fabric...looks like moths got at it. I used vintage sheet music for the background. It needed a little something, so (for fellow Bella...Jodi) I used a little glitter on the background as well. I Mod-Podged the ballerina to the ATC. It still needs a little something...words..I don't know. We are supposed to use two thicknesses of card stock or base material. I have some fancy pants cloth that matches the color of the toe shoes the ballerina is wearing. I'm going to use that on the back of the ATC. I'm really happy at how they are coming along. Don't worry...I will get pictures before I send them off. I worked on my Saint Tags as well. I'm at a stand still on my "Playing From A to Z" cards....I need to practice my "J"s before I can finish those up. That is about it....Clark has had crazy hours this week, but has been home in time to sit in front of the tv with me. We saw "Glee" last night for the first time (it is in the same time slot as "Leverage") ...it was cute. I am so upset that Frenchy went home last night on "Top Chef". I always root for the foreigners. I wanted Stefan or Favio to win last time. Well, "Project Runway" is tonight. So more sitting on my tush time. :)

12 September 2009

The Tail End of Block Leave

This was the last week of Clark's leave. I took advantage of it and worked on my swaps a little (the gazillion tags I have to make...oy), got some things together for the shop, listened to my Billy freak out and just enjoying the weather. Billy had to get his hair cut on Thursday (Friday was Picture Day at his school)...he kept his hands over his ears the whole time and was so unhappy. He is such a happy boy that it breaks my heart when he isn't happy. He had a good time Friday afternoon though. We had a unit picnic thing to attend. They had one of those big bouncy tent things. He had more fun going in and out of it. I made ambrosia as my side dish contribution. This is a rather jumbled up post.....I am so tired and I just got done listing things in the shop. Lots of things.....mostly trims. I added 21 new trims....all non-stretchy. :) I was in a Halloween mood, so they are mostly black trims and laces. They would look great on all kinds of craft projects. You could even get some and get all "Project Runway" on yourself. They are sold by the yard. I did do a trim grab bag with over 20 diferent kinds in it. The pieces range from 6" to 36". So you have little bits for stitching onto things and larger pieces to use on edges and such. Theya re all white, cream and black. I said I was in a Halloween mood. I added some paper punched critters...bats, spiders and MICE. :) I offering up the Halloween yo-yos again. I think that is all the shop news. I did hit a book sale today and just have to decide if I want to put them in the shop or save them for Silver Bella. I know I'm going to bring some books to SB....it will be nice to sell something there that is offered in my shop. I do enjoy offering up the small things that aren't cost effective on Etsy as well though. Now that Clark will be back at work...I really need to get moving on my swaps, goody bags and vendor night things. But right now...I just want to eat....I am so hungry and the thirst is creeping up, too. Hey, listing stuff is not easy....it can be hard work sitting on my ass.....it hurts and my legs fall asleep. :)

07 September 2009


We just got back about half an hour ago. :) We had to go to Texas this weekend. We drove all day Friday to get there. It was a slightly sad trip...we went to drop our dog off for the deployment. Baccus was getting to big for me to handle along with two boys....some women can do all that and more...I just don't have it in me. I think he'll be happy....there are three dogs, two cats, cows, guinea hens, and a loving family. He has more room to run around. He is staying with Clark's adopted family from childhood. They were so happy to see him (and even more to see the grandbabies....none of their children have produced any yet). They spoiled the kids. Jr got to drive the golf cart. Billy got to run around, steal sodas and bananas, and plop down in the galvanized tank of water out front. They had a ball. We hit Canton (big flea market) for a little bit on Saturday.....I was just too tired to stay long. Clark took me to a Goodwill on the way back to the hotel...I found three things. :) We started home yesterday afternoon (we dropped by to say goodbye and take pictures) and finished up today. It was nice, but it is good to be home...until tomorrow when I remember all the things I still need to do. :)

01 September 2009

The 1st and 200th

I can't believe it is already a new month....time is dwindling, so I haven't blogged as much. He's on leave right now...so we are hanging out and doing things around the house. I mailed off six boxes of fabric (and a few buttons) to the IBOL guy on Saturday...it felt like a lot, but it didn't make much of a dent in the fabric stash. Most of it was yardage I had for curtains I had wanted to make for the house back in Birmingham. It went un-used when Billy started walking at 10 months and was a monkey baby. He is still a monkey baby and we will not have curtains until he is too tall to swing from them. :) I know we were supposed to make bundles...I asked permission to send just fabric. We loaded up the car with a bunch of stuff for the Thrift Shop. I had Jr go through his bookcase that afternoon and we started rooting around his room (it was nice and we had fun...no attitude....that didn't last long...oy...teenagers). I have so many things on my to-do list (and there are things that should be on the list, but I can't get my mind to stop racing long enough to remember to write them down). Clark and Jr cleaned out the gutter yesterday....when he got back from school....the three of them were soaking wet. More laundry....it never ends here. Speaking of laundry...kind of....Billy actually wore pajama pants to bed last night....that is the first time in over 4 months. Watch it will backfire and that is all he'll want to wear from now on. :) He had a few sips of milk, too. I haven't crafted...it's hard when he's home....it throws me off....argh. :) I don't think I'll get much done this week...it is short...the kids have a four day weekend. Woo and Hoo. I need to go and get my day started (which means waking up the wee one for school). Have a great 1st of September! If you were wondering...this is my 200th post. :) Time really does fly.