12 September 2009

The Tail End of Block Leave

This was the last week of Clark's leave. I took advantage of it and worked on my swaps a little (the gazillion tags I have to make...oy), got some things together for the shop, listened to my Billy freak out and just enjoying the weather. Billy had to get his hair cut on Thursday (Friday was Picture Day at his school)...he kept his hands over his ears the whole time and was so unhappy. He is such a happy boy that it breaks my heart when he isn't happy. He had a good time Friday afternoon though. We had a unit picnic thing to attend. They had one of those big bouncy tent things. He had more fun going in and out of it. I made ambrosia as my side dish contribution. This is a rather jumbled up post.....I am so tired and I just got done listing things in the shop. Lots of things.....mostly trims. I added 21 new trims....all non-stretchy. :) I was in a Halloween mood, so they are mostly black trims and laces. They would look great on all kinds of craft projects. You could even get some and get all "Project Runway" on yourself. They are sold by the yard. I did do a trim grab bag with over 20 diferent kinds in it. The pieces range from 6" to 36". So you have little bits for stitching onto things and larger pieces to use on edges and such. Theya re all white, cream and black. I said I was in a Halloween mood. I added some paper punched critters...bats, spiders and MICE. :) I offering up the Halloween yo-yos again. I think that is all the shop news. I did hit a book sale today and just have to decide if I want to put them in the shop or save them for Silver Bella. I know I'm going to bring some books to SB....it will be nice to sell something there that is offered in my shop. I do enjoy offering up the small things that aren't cost effective on Etsy as well though. Now that Clark will be back at work...I really need to get moving on my swaps, goody bags and vendor night things. But right now...I just want to eat....I am so hungry and the thirst is creeping up, too. Hey, listing stuff is not easy....it can be hard work sitting on my ass.....it hurts and my legs fall asleep. :)

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  1. Hey Wanda, just popping by to wish you a happy Sunday!