28 September 2009

Mommy, Mommy, Mommy

That is what Billy said and signed for me on Friday afterschool. He needed a little prompting, but I finally heard him say it. He said and signed it for Clark last Saturday at a church sale...I was using the little girls' room and he wasn't happy. I am so happy. Last week was so long. I got two swaps done and mailed on Saturday. I worked on another one, but it has gone to the wayside (Clark had a four day weekend). We had a get-together to make goody bags for the guys and gals in the S-2 shop on Wednesday night. It went pretty smoothly...we didn't have to make too many.....not compared to hundreds that I've made before. :) Oh, wait...I'm still making hundreds of goody bags.....just not for soldiers. :) I got part of my super secret SB goody bags.....I will give you a hint....I was working with my Bella Buddy, Judi of PinkPersimmon.com. She is a doll and I think she has enjoyed it as much as me. :) I'll be putting together goody bags this upcoming weekend....I need to use my husband before he leaves. :) We got fall flowers for the planters in the front yard yesterday and had family time while planting. Even Billy helped...he put some dirt in pots and watered whatever he felt like. It was nice and the weather was beautiful. I started cutting up some vintage trims for SB today.....I got it cut up, now I just need to finish "packaging" it. Hopefully, I can work on my swaps tomorrow...at least the ones due to others by the 15th...all tags. :) It is hard for me to craft with a full house....people always needing or wanting something....oy...I'm not talking about the four year old.


  1. Weren't those the most beautiful words ever heard? Good luck on swapping Wanda, please don't forget to take photos and I would love to see a sneak peek of the SB bags too! Have a great week sweety!

  2. That is so awesome about Billy, Wanda!!! I'm really happy for the both of you!

    Have fun working on those bags!

  3. I'm so behind in my blogs. Son married Saturday.....so that's done! ha Now....to get ready for SB!!!! Would love to see your goodie bags!