17 September 2009

Days full of walks, trash and crafting

I have taken a walk everyday this week. I actually started the walks last week....Thursday and Friday. The last few days I've taken a bag with me and collected trash as I walked. I am happy to say that the amount of trash has dwindled.....unfortunately, the weekend is coming up. I craft a little bit in the morning, eat and then take my walk...all before Billy comes home. Very, very proud of myself. I used to be a walking fool in Germany.....there are just some areas here in the States that is just not good for walkers (one I can name...Birmingham, AL). I probably won't be as spry as I used to be (that little boy f-uped my joints), but anything is better than how it is now. :) Back to crafting.....I finally came up with an idea for the "Sugar 'N' Spice and Everything Nice" ATC Swap for SB. I cut out 12 sweet, little ballerinas from some cloth I got back in AL. It now has twelve holes throughout the fabric...looks like moths got at it. I used vintage sheet music for the background. It needed a little something, so (for fellow Bella...Jodi) I used a little glitter on the background as well. I Mod-Podged the ballerina to the ATC. It still needs a little something...words..I don't know. We are supposed to use two thicknesses of card stock or base material. I have some fancy pants cloth that matches the color of the toe shoes the ballerina is wearing. I'm going to use that on the back of the ATC. I'm really happy at how they are coming along. Don't worry...I will get pictures before I send them off. I worked on my Saint Tags as well. I'm at a stand still on my "Playing From A to Z" cards....I need to practice my "J"s before I can finish those up. That is about it....Clark has had crazy hours this week, but has been home in time to sit in front of the tv with me. We saw "Glee" last night for the first time (it is in the same time slot as "Leverage") ...it was cute. I am so upset that Frenchy went home last night on "Top Chef". I always root for the foreigners. I wanted Stefan or Favio to win last time. Well, "Project Runway" is tonight. So more sitting on my tush time. :)


  1. Cannot wait to see PHOTOS of your ATC's! Compliments Wanda for cleaning up what others left behind their.... if there were more people like you Greenpeace could probably close their headquarters. Well done. Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Wanda,
    I have started walking too. May I recommend a pedometer? Makes it so much more fun. It is recommended to get 10,000 steps in every day and it's great to track throughout the day to see how you are doing. I love the ballerina theme for your ATC!
    Sharon :-)

  3. Girl, you are a swap maniac!
    Practice your J's? I miraculously finished my N's awhile back and got them sent off.