24 January 2012

This and That

Time always goes so fast...when you are on a deadline. :) My Vintage Christmas ABC Pages were due to the hostess on the 20th....I got mine in the mail on the 19th. I had T and V.....T ended up looking like something to hang in a man cave. :) I included a little tree trimming kit, so that everyone can do up their tree how they want. The pictures suck due to the fact that it was a Thursday and I have a limited amount of time on Thursdays (early release day for the school...I hate early release days....we didn't have those growing up). I had to get them packed up and mailed. I love how my V page turned out.....I stickled the edge of her tutu....it's all sparkly. You probably can't read it, but it says, "Visions of sugarplums danced in their heads." above the velvet.....there aren't a whole lot of V words for Christmas. :)

My swap partner, Cari, from the stocking swap posted about what I sent her...go here for the scoop: www.luckygirlgifts.blogspot.com/2012/01/last-of-christmas-swaps.html . I happy she liked everything and I have to say I love her new header. :) I need to remember to bring her little piece of embroidery she made me to LA with me this weekend. I think it would be perfect in one of the projects (actually...a few of them). I really need to start thinking about what to bring with me. I am excited. It's Charlotte Lyons for goodness sakes. I just adore her classes...she's a nice woman as well. I'm excited that Pam Garrison is co-teaching that class....I never managed to take a class with her at Silver Bella. I'm going to bring my camera...I just hope I remember to take photos....I never remembered to at SB. :) Last, but not least- I marked everything down in the shop...no coupon codes to remember. Everything has been marked down by 50%....I figured it would be easier for shoppers. So, hopefully, you'll take a peek and see something you can't live without. :)

23 January 2012

Adventures in SLC Bluegirl Style

When we figured out that we were going to Utah for Christmas.....I decided to convo a fellow etsy seller and blogger, Julie Collings (http://www.theadventuresofbluegirlxo.blogspot.com/ ), to ask her for a list of favorite haunts. She obliged (thank goodness) and gave me a list of places. We got a late start (Hubby was nice enough to take me) and hit all but one thing on her list. Here is the list (just in case you find yourself in SLC):

Capital City Antiques (http://www.capitalcityantiquemall.com/)- 959 South West Temple, SLC

I loved this mall....they had great displays, but not too much. I found some great smalls here.

Decades- 627 South State, SLC
We both loved this one. All that vintage clothing....it was awesome. The prices were not bad either. If I didn't have a little Mr Sticky Fingers....I would have bought all sorts of stuff.

Retro Rose- 207 East Broadway, SLC

All their displays were color coordinated- too cool. :)

*Jitter Bug Antiques- 243 East 300 South, SLC

It is a few steps away from Retro Rose....all sorts of vintage toys, ephemera, and other gooodies.

A stop at the Anthropologie at Gateway Mall.

Not the best Anthropologie that I've been to, but they were having a sale...I got a shirt and a copy of Anthology.

Vine Street Antiques- 4854 South State Street, Murray
This was my least favorite.....they had great displays of vintage toys, but were overpriced. No picture...it was too dark.

The * was for the fact that it wasn't on Julie's list. It was fun and nice to see the city from someone else's prespective. :) If you get the chance to try that in a similiar situation, you should.

The reason for the late start...the day before, my Father, took Jr and me on a marathon thrifting session. We started at 0800 and came home after 2100...we hit 10 Deseret Industries, 2 Salvation Army stores, and 2 Savers. It was insane....do not attempt that ever. Oy. I didn't find much for the shop...mostly things for myself. Lots of books. I love books. :)

06 January 2012

I'm Having A Sale

I decided to embrace some of the new technology that Etsy has and made a coupon code (I know it's been available for a few months now...give me a break). If you use NEWYEAR20 you can get 20% off anything in the store. I've still got Christmas/New Year's items, loads of trim, some fabric and fun vintage items. www.MayMouse.etsy.com Go check it out...I need to make room for the new old stuff. :)

04 January 2012

A Year Ago Today

We moved to Arizona from Georgia. I can't believe it has already been a year...oy. We got back from our trip on New Year's Eve.....I figured we were on the road last year, so we should be home for this one. Utah was cold...not as much snow as I had hoped for, but enough that the boys could throw snowballs at each other (and their Dad). It was nice spending Christmas with my parents. I've got photos....I just haven't downloaded them yet. My Dad took me on a day of thrifting that lasted around 12 hours, 280 miles, and 15 thrift stores. I found a few things for the shop, but for the most part it was books....lots of books. Some for me (Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Trixie Belden and Agatha), some for wee one's school bus, some for my b-i-l, and some for hubby and Jr. I, also, had a special trip into Salt Lake just to go to shops recommended by one of my favorite bloggers. We all went and saw "Alvin and the Chipmunks: ChipWrecked"...it was cute and wee one really enjoyed it..he kept screaming "Alvin" and "mango and banana"...he knows his fruit. We had two bottles of German wine, that we had my parents bring back for us and have been with them since 2004. Good times. I promise a better post in the future....still getting back in the groove of things....first day where all of them are in school/work....it is so quiet....that is a good thing. :)