05 August 2013

Little Pink Box



Okay, so I've always been too chicken to sign up for one of those monthly kit things.



I wasn't sure if I could justify it in my mind.  Well, Little Pink Studio decided to do a monthly kit and I wasn't sure again and missed out on June's....which looked really cute. So I signed up for July-Sep...you can get one month at a time or in three month blocks.  I got my box today...very cute.  I'm so glad I signed up.  You get a project and all sorts of things to play with all LPS-style...which I like..all very girly and pink. :)  If you are interested, go here and take a peek.  http://www.littlepinkstudio.typepad.com/

And if you are ready to commit, you can order from her web store or her etsy shop.