16 September 2014

Random flower shot

I figured one easy way to blog is to post random photos.  They will all be photos I took while on my blog vacation.  :)  I like this one because of the bee.  

15 September 2014

Best Zoo Food

Back in June (during block leave) we took the boys to the Nuernberg Zoo.  We got the currywurst, a schnitzel sandwich, bratwurst mit saurkraut and pommes frites.  Best zoo food ever.  The zoo was pretty nice, too.  :)


11 September 2014

The Tiniest Mushroom

This mushroom was actually in some moss in my potted rose.  I can't believe how small it was....you know me I love mushrooms.  

10 September 2014

A Journal of Nature's Blessing Swap

There they are....my contribution to the swap.  http://karlascottage.typepad.com/  Nothing to fancy or foofy....I figured the ladies who get the pages might want to foof them up themselves.  :)

09 September 2014

I am a slug


A big, fat, slimy slug.  The last few months have been crazy and have sucked the life from me.  Between Army wife obligations, my oldest graduating from HS, Summer School, two work schedules to juggle and real school starting....I was just not in a blogging kind of mood.  I'll try better.