30 August 2008

Opelika and I'm getting to know the postman really well

We had to run into Opelika this morning (no, Dad, I haven't switched banks). I forgot the time difference...the state line is also the line between Central and Eastern time zones. I even went into a store early...I saw someone else go in and thought it was fine, because they were supposed to be open...oy. Huge dumbass moment. At least now we know why the back was open when we got there. :) At least I wasn't the only person who did it...there was another man who did the same thing. They were really nice about it....I guess it didn't hurt that I had some things in my cart already. :) I found some things for the store and some for Silver Bella. I was looking for items to use as containers for my table, but ones that were not too heavy and that I should be able to sell that night as well. I don't mind getting charged baggage fees for one flight, but I'm determined not to rack them up on the flight back as well. We didn't stop at the antique place...Billy had enough of the two thrift stores, so I didn't want to push my luck. Anyways we needed to get back....I had loads of things that needed to go out. I keep getting the same mailman...I guess since I come in on Saturday that makes sense. :) Did I tell you I'm brillant today?? He is starting to remember me. He won't forget me today.....I had a bott load to mail, plus I forgot to address one of them. Clark had to run back here to get the address for me. Oy. I've had a lot of time to think....waiting a lot the last two days. I had an appointment at the hospital yesterday and I had to get labs done and wait to get a prescription. Oh, how I hate to fast...no coffee in the morning just sucks ass. The coffee bar in the hospital...their plain drip coffee sucked ass (they serve Starbucks coffee, but when it's been sitting there all morning...yuck). Their espresso machine is broken......they've had a week or more to fix it. It was broken on Monday and by Friday it was still broken....blah. I actually made notes for SB while I waiting. What I want to definitely sell, how to set up my table...it was nice not to have to worry where Billy was and what he was getting in to. :) If my Etsy shop is any indication...the only handmade thing I make that people seem to like are yo-yos.....so I may just sell vintage wares that night. Of course, I'll bring yo-yos with me. Kind of bummed about that, but I have to remember I haven't been open for a whole month yet (almost) and it takes time. :) It is nice knowing that others like the same type of things as I do. Thanks for helping me bring down the weight for the next PCS....just kidding, I'll just buy new stuff to sell and hoard.

28 August 2008

Awards and a prize

Don't you just love a jumble of pictures...eek. This is where I show my ass. This computer stuff kills me. I got two awards- one from Helles Belles and the other from Garden Goose. I know I'm supposed to link back and name others....I'm just not that cool (or as kickass as Melissa thinks I am). :) Thank you for the awards though....that was really nice of both of you. I won this prize from Elizabeth (Evil Overlord) and my boys love it. My photographer's assistant is in the picture again. That nut loves to get his picture taken. :) I've been busy filling my shop with more things...time consuming, but in a good way. I wanted to have enought things that I can just let it sit for a little while. I need to concentrate on vendor night preparations now. I've got some ideas, but I need so much more information and they haven't set up our yahoo group yet. :( I guess there are still vendor applications being mulled over. I've been trying to talk my sister into going to Silver Bella....I need some slave labor for Friday night and I offered to share my room with her. We will have to wait and see if she takes the bait. I've got to work on my swap projects as well.....just two more...both due in the mail by 1 October. I'm having so much fun with my shop though. I've been going through all my old clippings and have started an inspiration board for table ideas...which is only 6'x3'...I don't know why I have 6'x9' stuck in my head...silly girl. I got really good mail today.....a box from my parents and my cards from Heather's card swap. They were really cute and she is thinking of hosting a Winter Card Swap as well....so if you missed out on the Summer one...email Heather and get in on the next one. She is putting feelers out right now.....from what I've seen from other fellow participants.....I'm pretty sure she'll do it. :)

25 August 2008

Woohoo...I made 100

I now have 100 items in my shop. I still have a few more things to list, but I have to jump in the shower. I've got a doctor's appointment this morning. Woohoo is right. :) I put all sorts of things in the shop.....vintage baby items, books...I even added a new section...Tres Bella. It's got girly items. Quite a few of them would be great for the Vintage Prom theme for Silver Bella's Vendor Night. I've got vintage purses, gloves, and corsages. I have a lot of vintage jewelry, but I haven't decided whether to keep it all for SB or to put some in the shop. I need to wrap up a swap package this week and get it in the mail.

21 August 2008

Happy mail, happy mail

I got my package from Elizabeth (I won her giveaway) yesterday and the boys love it. Clark took pictures, but hasn't put them on my computer yet. I, also, got my latest package of goodies ordered from Julie Collings. I love everything she does. She takes things that you would probably just pass over and puts them together in little vignettes that you just don't want to take apart. At least, I don't want to and I plan on hanging them here in my happy place. My own Julie Collings retrospective. She is on Etsy and has a blog (http://theadventuresofbluegirlxo.blogspot.com/ ). She is going to be a vendor at Silver Bella. I can't wait to see what she has in store for Vendor Night. I may end up spending all my money in one place that night. :) I took a break from listing items for a day. But if Clark remembers to get batteries for his camera....well, I'll have more things to list tomorrow morning. I actually had to go through some of our boxes yesterday (Clark owes me) and found some more goodies that I had packed away. I want to try to list new things every few days. Okay....I really just want to hit the 100 mark before Karla...tee hee. :)

19 August 2008

Karla is right

Man, it sucks loading that stuff on Etsy sometimes. I guess it was just bad today, because I put 25 different things in my store. It took me an hour and a half. It's mostly the descriptive section and the tags that bogs me down. I'm pretty good on the other stuff...I write down picture numbers and prices/s&h beforehand...but I don't come up with tags and descriptions until I sit down to load it on. I added some handmade goodies and some fun vintage finds today. I figured it out....if I load 11 items each day, for the next four days....I will have 100 items in my store. I'm not sure if that is going to happen in the next four days.....but someday. There are stores with over 200 items and they are all different....oy. I'm happy with the 56 for now...go shop, people. :) Torture me and make me have to list new items all the time....it is good for me.

18 August 2008

Sick, sick, sick

It has made the rounds in this household. Never fun. I did get some time to create the last few days. I've got some new things to add to my shop. I'm still working on a few things...Billy woke up, darn it. :) I've got all sorts of things to list in the flea market section..I just need to get them ready....pull them out of all the hidey holes, dust some of them off, group some items (instead of listing them by themselves).....those kind of things. It will be much easier when Billy goes to school in a little bit. Clark had Friday off (okay, not entirely...he had paperwork to drop off and they called him back in for something else...the life of an NCO) and after the bus came and got Billy...he took me thrift shopping. We hit two new shops and got some things. The one benefits the shelter we got Baccus at....so I happily bought things from them. :) We ran errands on Saturday and tried out the Steak and Shake for the first time. Their fries remind me of my Mom's...they were good. We are definitely going back. I got the Patty Melt. Not bad, not as good as the one in Huntsville....that one was drool worthy. All we did yesterday was go grocery shopping....we go once a week and the food still never seems to last. Between the 12-year old and the 35 year old (who is back on a decent PT schedule)...Billy and I are lucky we get any food. :) Well, back to work for me....I want to have as mcuh done before tonight as possible. If it is done, Clark can photograph it and I can list it.

14 August 2008

New Halloween goodies in my shop

I just updated my shop. I added a mini Halloween tag kit and a mini Halloween paper products set. My hands are a little sore from all that punching. I'm too cheap to get one of those die-cut machines. I figured out I really love Martha's punches. I need to get some...they are easier on the body than the old ones with no handles. :) I'm hoping to start a few more Halloween projects today. I'm definitley changing mediums....a little tired of the paper and glue right now.

13 August 2008

I've been working on things for the shop

I've got a few things up my sleeve for Halloween. I started yesterday morning....I got an idea and just ran with it. That led to another idea, so I've been working on that as well. I'm hoping to come up with a few more things today. Clark hasn't been feeling well, so he couldn't take pictures last night. I finally convinced him (basically....shoved it under his nose) to take some medicine. Well, I'm off to brew up a few more treats for my store. Thanks to all the ladies who have bought items from me. You've made me a very happy girl.

10 August 2008

New items in my shop

I added three different yo-yo garland kits and some dragee and nonpareil packs. Sorry the one picture is all loppy-jawed. Argh. I don't know why that happened. Well, I'm not much of a self-promoting type of gal...but head on over and check out the new goods. I had hoped to add more things, but it didn't work out that way. There is always tomorrow. :)

08 August 2008


*In sane people talk- "I made my first Etsy sale".

Thank you, Elizabeth (aka Faerystamper and fellow Bella). Poor Billy....I just about squished him, I was so excited. He's thinking, "Mama has finally gone off the deep end...can I come?" There is always room for my Billy.

07 August 2008

It's open

Well, I did it. My little shop is up and running. Clark took the photos last night and I just finished uploading a bunch of inventory (it sound so much better than "stuff" or "crap"). I've got a few more things to upload later today. It was actually easier than I thought it would be. Some bloggers make it sound like sheer torture. Maybe I just got lucky and everything was working in my favor. The gods were smiling upon me (because I named my dog after one of them). :) So if you get a moment of spare time when you have nothing better to do (no Project Runway repeats to watch), could you please pop over and check it out. Just press the title of this post and it should whisk you away to the proper place. Unless I screwed the pooch on the link. :)

05 August 2008

I got my business cards today

I just lost my whole post...man. I got my cards in the mail today....so cute. They are swiss cheese ones from Zazzle. I got the normal and the skinny cards. I almost feel like a businesswoman. :) If I can get Clark to photograph my goods tonight...then I can start posting and open my shop. Maybe if I make cheddar cheese fries tonight that will be enough to sweet talk him...hmmm. They are pretty easy.....take a package of Ore Ida fries and cook them for all but two of the recommended minutes. Take them out and spread a package of Sargento (this is new, but oh so good) Sharp Wisconsin & Vermont Cheddar with Real Bacon cheese, put them back in the oven for the last two minutes and there you have it. It melts really nicely and it tastes really good. I'm lucky if I get any with Clark and Jr home. :) Tasty, tasty. My free time will be coming to an end soon....school gets out early today. I've got coupons to cut out (my parents sent us two boxes).....I love coupons. We get crappy ones here and not many crappy ones to boot. Anybody know of any good uses for craft pom poms?? I know this post was all over the place. :)

02 August 2008

I got to escape the house

I know it's been a few days, but with all the excitement courtesy of my Pops...I was just a little out of it. I talked Clark (actually kissed his ass..okay...not literally) into taking us out to some sales. We hit a few estate sales, two church sales (I got a butt load of vintage kids' books..I hope Tamy is up for another swap), and a few yard sales. I got some stuff. At the very first stop I found some small figurines...occupied Japan and some other goodies. The first church sale sucked..I did spend 50 cents on a log book. The second church sale was way better. I love it when the congregation just donates stuff and sells it cheap. A lot of the church sales we've hit since being here are ones where people have their own tables. I hit the one room and got a few things and then as I was paying found out there was a section for books down the hall. I found over forty vintage children's books...not all in good shape....I'll use those for paper packs in the shop. I know you are all starting to think that it doesn't exist. :) I'm waiting for my business cards....they should be here on Monday. I want to be able to put them in the orders. I digress....back to the sales. I got a few things at the one estate sale....spent a whole 50 cents at another estate sale. :) I got two tiny perfume bottles, two doilies, a hankerchief with a teapot on it and a little book with sweet bible pictures. I just can't decide what to put in the shop and what to bring to Silver Bella. They are supposed to start a group for us vendors to chit chat amongst ourselves....I hope it is soon....I've got so many questions....for example, how much merchandise should I bring for my 6x9 table. If you've been to SB let me know, please. :) I'm a little tired....the stress and exercise is catching up with me. I need to work on my project for Rhonda's mom. I've got osme ideas...just need some time to do it. School starts on Tuesday...woohoo....I cannot wait..too bad it's a short day for them (every Tuesday is a short day...blah).