18 August 2008

Sick, sick, sick

It has made the rounds in this household. Never fun. I did get some time to create the last few days. I've got some new things to add to my shop. I'm still working on a few things...Billy woke up, darn it. :) I've got all sorts of things to list in the flea market section..I just need to get them ready....pull them out of all the hidey holes, dust some of them off, group some items (instead of listing them by themselves).....those kind of things. It will be much easier when Billy goes to school in a little bit. Clark had Friday off (okay, not entirely...he had paperwork to drop off and they called him back in for something else...the life of an NCO) and after the bus came and got Billy...he took me thrift shopping. We hit two new shops and got some things. The one benefits the shelter we got Baccus at....so I happily bought things from them. :) We ran errands on Saturday and tried out the Steak and Shake for the first time. Their fries remind me of my Mom's...they were good. We are definitely going back. I got the Patty Melt. Not bad, not as good as the one in Huntsville....that one was drool worthy. All we did yesterday was go grocery shopping....we go once a week and the food still never seems to last. Between the 12-year old and the 35 year old (who is back on a decent PT schedule)...Billy and I are lucky we get any food. :) Well, back to work for me....I want to have as mcuh done before tonight as possible. If it is done, Clark can photograph it and I can list it.


  1. hope everyone is feeling better.

  2. Must be feeling a little better if you're eating a patty melt! Great comfort food!