28 August 2008

Awards and a prize

Don't you just love a jumble of pictures...eek. This is where I show my ass. This computer stuff kills me. I got two awards- one from Helles Belles and the other from Garden Goose. I know I'm supposed to link back and name others....I'm just not that cool (or as kickass as Melissa thinks I am). :) Thank you for the awards though....that was really nice of both of you. I won this prize from Elizabeth (Evil Overlord) and my boys love it. My photographer's assistant is in the picture again. That nut loves to get his picture taken. :) I've been busy filling my shop with more things...time consuming, but in a good way. I wanted to have enought things that I can just let it sit for a little while. I need to concentrate on vendor night preparations now. I've got some ideas, but I need so much more information and they haven't set up our yahoo group yet. :( I guess there are still vendor applications being mulled over. I've been trying to talk my sister into going to Silver Bella....I need some slave labor for Friday night and I offered to share my room with her. We will have to wait and see if she takes the bait. I've got to work on my swap projects as well.....just two more...both due in the mail by 1 October. I'm having so much fun with my shop though. I've been going through all my old clippings and have started an inspiration board for table ideas...which is only 6'x3'...I don't know why I have 6'x9' stuck in my head...silly girl. I got really good mail today.....a box from my parents and my cards from Heather's card swap. They were really cute and she is thinking of hosting a Winter Card Swap as well....so if you missed out on the Summer one...email Heather and get in on the next one. She is putting feelers out right now.....from what I've seen from other fellow participants.....I'm pretty sure she'll do it. :)


  1. Hi Wanda! I'm back in blogland again! And now concentrating on the swap (yes yes THE swap hahaha). I think I even haven't got your adress so I will email you soon! Love that Charlie Brown Christmas lunchbox set! Take care!

  2. Well, I see you have already received it, but I'm gonna give it to you anyway! Come by and see me.

  3. I received my cards, too! I loved them and I received one of yours...the one with the chandelier! Love it!!!! Are you doing the holiday swap? Of course, I am!! Me and my swaps :)