07 August 2008

It's open

Well, I did it. My little shop is up and running. Clark took the photos last night and I just finished uploading a bunch of inventory (it sound so much better than "stuff" or "crap"). I've got a few more things to upload later today. It was actually easier than I thought it would be. Some bloggers make it sound like sheer torture. Maybe I just got lucky and everything was working in my favor. The gods were smiling upon me (because I named my dog after one of them). :) So if you get a moment of spare time when you have nothing better to do (no Project Runway repeats to watch), could you please pop over and check it out. Just press the title of this post and it should whisk you away to the proper place. Unless I screwed the pooch on the link. :)


  1. Where can I find your shop? Am I too blond ;-) ?
    I would love to see all those photo's and your business card.

    Still no email from me sorry about that, but I'm so busy at this moment. Please wait!

  2. yeah congrats.
    i just marked ya as a favorite.
    good luck doll.

  3. Congrats Wanda. Heading that way now!

  4. Yourm little store looks great! I'll have to stop again when I have more time to brouse. Best of luck Sweetie!