14 August 2008

New Halloween goodies in my shop

I just updated my shop. I added a mini Halloween tag kit and a mini Halloween paper products set. My hands are a little sore from all that punching. I'm too cheap to get one of those die-cut machines. I figured out I really love Martha's punches. I need to get some...they are easier on the body than the old ones with no handles. :) I'm hoping to start a few more Halloween projects today. I'm definitley changing mediums....a little tired of the paper and glue right now.


  1. Oh this gets me so excited for fall which is still months away in Arizona.

    Stop on by and enter my giveaway.

  2. Halloween is almost upon us, its never too far away ;)

    Great kit, I wish there were more stores like yours around where I live.

  3. Great kits!
    I thought of you last night as I sat at my desk fighting with my new stupid yo-yo maker tool thingy. It took me SIX times to make a yo-yo and it's still not exactly right. On the 2nd try, I actually sewed the dumb thing to the plate/disk thingy. For now on, I'm just going to order them from you. I would right now if I didn't need the yo-yos today!

  4. Can you believe Halloween will be here before you know it?!