31 December 2010

Back In Birmingham

We are staying over in Birmingham for the night. We couldn't resist eating at The Olive Branch (and hopefully, Wan's) one last time. The Olive Branch has the best gyros ever. The best donar kebabs are in a little stand in front of Dehner's in Augsburg, GE....I digress. Yep...I'm on the evil laptop. I got to go into Anthropologie and I didn't buy anything...they had some great mushroom ornaments for 75% off...but the line was insane. We will be back on the road tomorrow...heading for Texas. If you haven't gone to your local B&N...go and get the Nov/Dec issue of Marie Claire Idees...great ideas...even if they are in French. If nothing else...you'll look cool toting it around the store. :)

25 December 2010

Ho, ho, ho...

Merry Christmas!! It is snowing!!!! Friggin awesome! I guess it was Santa's way to soften the blow of his other present to us. Santa gave us a big ole PCS (Army Speak for moving time). I've been going through the whole house for the last month trying to get rid of stuff. I will be sad to leave...we've enjoyed living here in Georgia for the last few years. Billy's teachers wanted to keep him.....I said no. They pack us up in a few days and then we are off on the next adventure....Arizona. Road trip. :) So this will be my last post from Georgia. I have to pack up my computer tomorrow....I'd use my husband's lap top, but that piece of technology is pure evil and hates me. I hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas.....Santa brought me a little Olivia dressed as an artist...hey, I was a good girl this year (for me). Take care and Happy New Year!!

22 November 2010

Worn Out

Sorry, I haven't been blogging. Silver Bella prep and the event itself took up a lot of time. I had two birthdays in the first week of November to take care of and now we are prepping for a trip to MD for turkey day. When we get back, I'll try to put projects back together (my tree had to be disassembled to travel from Omaha) and get pictures. I finished three out of 6 projects this year...up from the lone one I got done last year. We've also got a big move to get ready for when we return. Oy. Happy Thanksgiving!!

01 November 2010

Happy Birthday, Billy!!!!!!!

Today is his sixth birthday. Yes, I let him eat a cookie for breakfast today and I didn't wait for him to finish before taking his picture. That boy is always in motion, so I take shots when I get them. He got a haircut yesterday and was really good...the lady cutting his hair has a nephew with autism and she was just wonderful with him. We are about to go get a few surprises for him before he gets home from school. I'm hoping it will help him get that today is a special day. :)

06 October 2010

Our Tuesday Night

While most of you were getting your Glee on...this is what we were doing.

Waiting and waiting and waiting a little more.

Then they were finally released.....Billy did realy good for waiting for over an hour.
Now I have one more mouth to feed and not as much free time. :)

30 September 2010


It's the little things...the details that will get you in the end. Oy...simplicity..I should have stuck with that. :) The details means you have to work more. Well, 400 tags are ready for trim now. I covered 400 little shipping tags with vintage ephemera on both sides....had to cover the ugly reinforcer. That meant punching 800 holes. I finished glueing on 380 little paper punched hearts to write names on (in pencil...so that if they want to re-use the tag they can). I've cut all but 20 pieces of trim for them. There were 20 slots and only 14 of us....we are going to give the extra six away at Silver Bella. I'm just waiting for all the trim to come in and I can attach it and then I'm done. :) I finished up my Halloween Tags this week....we ended up with 19 of us total. I made 20 tags....making an odd number just messes me up in the head. :) Those tags were more detailed than any other tag I've made before.....there are eyelets (more friggin holes..I'm hating my crop-a-dile right now), beads, trim, wire, metal flowers, and tulle. I even used pop-up dots for the first time ever.....you just can't tell. I even inked the edges.....I now finally feel like a real artsy craftsy person. :) Paper arts....oy. Now I just have a custom charm bracelet to make...I'm actually excited....I have most of the the charms thought up or bought. I just need to make a few and then I can assemble it. I hope my partner likes it. I need to price my goods for Silver Bella. I think that is my least favorite part. I like finding things and even packaging them in cellophane baggies.....but I hate pricing. Other things I hate.....getting my picture taken. I had to get a new ID card today...it is bad enough you have to get a driver's license picture, but with the military you need an ID card as well. My only consolation is that everyone who gets their picture taken with the lady who did mine today will look horribly fat. She was the nicest lady, but the way she has her camera set up...very close. My hair hates me and so that looked like crap as well. Fat and like crap...happy day. I figured I now had something to blog about. :)

16 September 2010

Bad, bad blogger

I suck, I know. I've just been busy getting things done for swaps. I've got 400 mini tags to make, 20 Halloween tags, and a charm bracelet. I've still got to finish up giveaway prizes I want to donate to Silver Bella....the trim has been cut....I just need to assemble them into packages. I've been covered in glue for much of the last month...blah. :) I did get to a nifty book sale held in Columbus...twice. :) I got 17 lovely ladies to sign up for my Halloween Tag Swap. I can't wait to see the results. That is about it....nothing really exciting. I had hoped to be a better blogger, but the next few months are going to be crazy. Oh...the real kicker....Bloglines is shutting down, so I had to move my blogs over to Google Reader...oy. I'm technologically-challenged so that was fun. The move has been made...I just need to get used to how it works. Poor me. :)

25 August 2010

Our Weekend and ABC Swap Page

My parents drove up from Florida on Friday. On Saturday, we went to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. It was neat, but there were way too many people for my comfort. :) I got to see my favorites...belugas. They have whale sharks and they were impressive. We all had a good time...especially the wee one....he loves sea creatures. My parents took the boys back to the hotel that night and they got to go to the pool.
I've been working on my ABC pages for Marian's swap. Here it is....the letter M page. Very simple.....just a mouse in a cup of mint tea. The "M" in the corner was stamped with metallic ink on part of a peppermint tea bag. I needed the string for the tea tag. The background is mint green dotted swiss. We were to add a virtue..mine is mirth and is on the tea tag. I still need to write my "M" words on the back. I know it is a miracle that I showed you a finished swap on my blog. :) Speaking of swaps....I am hosting the next round of the tag swaps and it is a Halloween theme. You would just need to make 20 tags (shipping tag size) and get them to me by the 1st of October. If you are interested just leave a comment or email me. I have 11 spots open right now.

18 August 2010

Seven Hours A Day

That is what I have now that the wee one has started full-day Kindergarten. I am so happy, but the house is so quiet.

Here is just a little of what I have done since school started. I got 200 goody bags assembled for Silver Bella. I've worked on my ABC pages for a swap.....27 copies of multiple items to cut out...oy. I need to work on the backgrounds tomorrow. I got to volunteer with the FRG last week....something I haven't been able to do in forever. They were prepping beds for single soldiers....making beds and such with donations from the USO and Operation Homefront. I was bad and didn't make a single bed....I was downstairs the whole time. My organizational skills are way better than my bed making skills....I hate hospital corners with a passion. :) I started prepping things for the charm bracelet I'm making for a Silver Bella Swap. A lot of research on Etsy for neat things. :) I read a book. I just don't know what to do with myself most days. I am so used to 2 1/2 hours that 7 is unheard of for me. I'm happy...trust me...so happy. :)

01 August 2010

Rest and Relaxation

The first week of R&R was eating fast food, lying around, playing the Wii, hitting a few stores, haircuts for the boys and just relaxing...letting him adjust to being back in the States. Clark and Jr did have a Father/Son outing to the National Infantry Museum and then they went to the movies. The second week is when we went out and about. We went to Callaway Gardens one day...it was a nice day trip. We went to Red Lobster afterwards and ate til we could eat no more (the leftovers were breakfast one morning for the two of them). We decided to go into Birmingham for the last weekend he was home. We drove in on Friday and hit the McWane Center, then to the Olive Branch for lunch (that is one reason the three hour drive is worth it), and then we went to the hotel. I met up with Susan (one of my Birmingham buddies) and we hit some thrift stores. I found a few things. Saturday, we got up for our free breakfast....it was nuts down there and some kid burnt his sausage patty sandwich which triggered the fire alarm. Billy did pretty good. We went to the Zoo that morning and then back to the hotel for a dip in the pool. Billy loved it....big shocker....it is water. We hit Wan's Chinese restaurant for dinner (another excellent reason for the three hour drive). We ordered so much food the waiter couldn't believe it....we only didn't finish two dishes....brought the leftovers back with us. I do believe we shocked him with how much we ate. It was so good. We decided to walk around The Summit afterward. I got to go to Anthropologie. It isn't a large one, but always fun. We drive home the next day. We did get hooked on the show "Cake Boss" in the hotel....if you haven't seen it...go watch it. The baked goods alone are worth watching for....the family is pretty funny as well. Clark left on Wednesday and we've been running around getting Jr registered for school. He starts on the 9th...poor Billy starts on the 6th. Poor babies...happy Mommy. On another happy note...I am going to be a vendor at Silver Bella again....I got my acceptance email while he was home. I've decided to stop hoarding and have bagged up many things. I really need to destash. We will be moving early next year. I did get a little thrifting in while he was home...not as much as I would've liked, but Kindergarten is full day and that opens up a 6 hour block every day....think of the places I can go. My table will be very much like it was the first year...very crowded and you might have to dig. I'm thinking I should've gone for two tables this year. Oh well.

13 July 2010

The Squirrel Has Landed

He got home yesterday. We had to go pick him up at our tiny airport. I actually like the tiny airport. :) We took him to McDonalds and Target right off the bat....that was really more for the boys who had been cooped up all weekend waiting for their Father to come home. Billy is getting good at saying, "Target"....it is really kind of cute. Yes, I know the boys have hippie hair and that will be taken care of really soon. It took Billy a few hours to warm up to his Daddy, but all is well and they had a grand time playing last night. I made them a cheese and cracker plate (and veggie tray) for dinner. The cheese tray had Cheddar, Havarti, Danish Blue, Brie, Limburger, and Port Salut. They like cheese (not unlike Wallace and Gromit). :) We watched some "Glee" last night...trying to get Clark caught up....they need to put the second half of the season on DVD. It's nice to have another person in the house. We aren't used to it. :)

01 July 2010

Fourteen Days

Wow...that is bad even for me. Lack of interesting things to blog about....I guess. Just trying to survive the summer. It shouldn't be too bad now...we finally got a date for R&R. It will be good to see the Hubby (I want to sic the boys on him and escape, but that is just cruel). We can all go out and do something. It always helps to have an extra set of arms and legs to keep track of Billy....he is a quick one. I do need to get the house ready....yes, it is a mess...I've been using the couch to work on the Silver Bella goody bags. I guess I should clear that off, so that he has a place to sit and watch tv. Screw it..he can sit on the floor with the boys....he'll be down there wrestling with them anyhow. :) I forgot what a big number 200 is....crazy....finding things in increments of 200. That is basically what I've been up to....working on goody bags and cleaning up after Billy. He is a troublemaker and gets into everything. Blah. I love him anyhow...he looks at me with that sweet little face and I can't stay mad at him. I'll probably be MIA most of the month. I can't believe their summer vacation is half way over already. I can't wait for school to start. :)

16 June 2010

I LOVE Summer School

I love my Billy, but I love that he has to go to Summer School. He has been in everything the last two weeks. Oy. Jr and I have been enjoying the two hour break from crazy boy. We have gone thrifting and out to lunch (don't worry we get something for Billy as well...we aren't totally heartless). It only lasts for a month, so we are going to take advantage of it. :) I finally finished my tags for Wendy's swap and they will go out in the mail tomorrow. I had Germany and I hope I don't disappoint her or the other ladies. I've got one swap left to complete with the tag group....it isn't due until September. I am co-hosting a charm bracelet swap with Wendy for Silver Bella...that shouldn't be too bad...it is one on one. I thought about joining one of the 22 other swaps being offered this year and have decided against it. I still have 200 goody bags to complete for Silver Bella and I just mailed my application to be a vendor again this year. I'm trying to take it easy this year. I think I over did it last year a tad. :) Happy news....Wendy won my giveaway and as soon as I fill that box it will be on it's way. She was my partner in Heidi's Vintage Tin Swap....so she is getting more stuff from me. :) Congratulations and I think I may add some really bizarre stuff just for kicks. :) One more thing.....I just devoured a book this afternoon (I just bought it today at Goodwill) "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" by Mary Ann Shafer & Annie Barrow. It was excellent. I loved it. I was going to buy it for my birthday at full price....good thing the cheap bitch in me said no....I got it for way cheaper at Goodwill. Go check it out, buy it......just read it....you won't be sorry. And if you are too bad...I got you to read. :)

08 June 2010

Helping a friend

A fellow member of the Tag Swapper group I belong to is having a little giveaway for this adorable book. Kimberly is asking so little to have a chance to win this book....just sign up to follow her blog.....once she reaches 50 followers she will pick a name. If you post about it....you get a few extra chances. :) So go here: www.artjoystuff.blogspot.com/2010/06/little-help-from-my-friends-please.html and sign up to follow her blog. Then come back here and sign up for my giveaway on the last post. :) Thanks.

04 June 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

I love my birthday (for the most part...there have been a few occasions where I had to share it with graduations and the like). Happy, happy....I'm not ashamed of my age either....I am 38 today. :) We just got back from my birthday dinner....we went to Outback Steakhouse. No, I didn't have a steak...I got the Bloomin Burger. I've been craving a hamburger.....no, not pregnant...that would be a tad awkward. :) It was good, but I couldn't finish it. Billy was pretty good..he amused himself with a small plate and melting ice cubes. I got two kinds of dessert to go...it's my birthday and Billy will help himself to one or both of them. Well, in honor of today.....I want to have a giveaway. I like giving stuff out on my birthday......I used to do it all the time. One of the best things I've ever won on blog giveaways was a flat rate box of just stuff. I love shifting through box lots....you never know what you'll get. If I ever get over my fear of buying something for way too much...I'd like to go to an auction some day. I digress....I will mail one lucky winner a flat rate box of surprises from my stash...don't worry I didn't give all the good stuff to Ms Rita...there is plenty to go around. So just comment on this post and in a week I will pick a winner. I know I should make it more difficult, but I don't have the brain power to come up with something clever right now. See....aren't you glad you actually read the post without a photo. :) Good Luck. It is time for some carrot cake...yummy, yummy.

02 June 2010

Time Flies

This picture has nothing to do with anything...I just think it is cute. Wow...things have been nutty since I last posted. The very next day as Cutie Pie and I were driving to the post office...the mirrored part of the driver's side view mirror fell off...scared the shit out of me. We had to go into the dealership, so Jr's plan for that day was ruined....I needed his help merging. We had to wait a week to get it fixed. Good thing I had plenty to do.....I was busy gathering art supplies for Ms. Rita....6 paper bags and a diaper box...I ran out of time. I had to give them to her a day earlier than planned. My oldest brought home a flyer for an 8th Grade Award Ceremony for Thursday (the day I had planned to bring everything over). I had to re-register Billy for next year......dumbass that I am lately.....the last three times I went to the school in the last month...I forgot the paperwork. I had to pass out 12 thank you bags as well....they went over very well. Turns out teachers love junk food as much as Billy. :) I went to the Award Ceremony...got a front row seat (that never happens....I'm short and always get stuck behind tall people)....turns out he got two awards...a gold medal for Math and a Presidential Award for Eductional Achievement. I can't post the pictures I took...they have other peoples' children in them. The ceremony ran over by thirty minutes....it was crazy. It was the last day of school for both of them. I'm not happy that school is done....Billy goes ape shit when he isn't in school. We've taken him for walks, to the playground, out shopping...he still has way more energy than is fair. :) Saturday was crazy.....we had to drive through a rain storm to get to the car place. We dropped off the car and walked to the IHOP to eat....that was fine, but as we walked back we got caught in another storm. Wet is an understatement. :) I've been reading a lot....."The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest", "Ya-Yas in Bloom", and "The Art Thief". I need to get to work on a the two swaps that are due this month. You'd think filling a tin full of art supplies would be easy.....oy. Sometimes I think my attention span is worse than Billy's. I still have 20 tags to make as well. I suck. I did get around to ordering some new autism shirts for Billy for summer school (which doesn't start soon enough for me)....Cafe Press has the best shirts. I love smart ass shirts...I think my favorite this time is going to be the one that says, "Hey, keep staring at me and you might cure my autism"...how friggin cute is that??? Oh well....I think I have babbled enough for now. :)

21 May 2010

Teacher Work Day

Or what I like to call it "Drive Mommy Bat Shit Day". :) They have been up my ass all day. It got to the point that I took them out for a few hours this afternoon. I mis-counted on Monday when I was getting Thank You items for Billy's school. I need things for 14 bags and only got 12...he had 4 teachers, 6 aides, 2 therapists, a bus driver and a bus aide this year. It takes a small village to educate a special needs child. They all adore him and I love each and everyone one of them for it. Some of them only worked with him for two weeks, some a few months and others most of the year. They are all wonderful. I'm having him decorate paper bags with foam letters and numbers (two of his favorite things) and I am filling their bags with his favorite things. They are things that if he could...I think he would give them. So they are getting bubbles, snacks and a hanging butterfly thing like the ones in his tree out front. Now...if I can get him to sit long enough to cover 13 more bags. :) So we hit the Hobby Lobby and a Walmart to pick up the remaining items.....I didn't do too bad...I was short two bags and one tube of Mini M&Ms. :) I decided since Billy has done pretty good the last few trips to the Waffle House and Steak & Shake that we would try another sit down restuarant. Mom...I know, I know..he doesn't get to play...next time McDonald's or Chick-Fil-A. He did pretty good...he did stand up in the booth and tried to sit on the back of the booth, but he ate some of his chicken, not just the fries. We used to not be able to go out to sit down places.....it was too much for him to handle. Not only is he autistic...he has some sensory issues. He is doing much better.....in part to the excellent care and education he is getting from those aides, teachers, and therapists at the school. He has made such huge strides this year..it makes his primary teacher almost cry when she tells me....which in turn makes me cry. He peed in the toilet a couple times for me this week. HUGE. I was so excited to tell his teacher that yesterday....I was dropping off some more toys for the classroom. It worked out great that I stopped in...his teacher told me one of the aides had put out an email asking for art supplies (I had asked about a whole bunch of pom poms I had donated earlier...see how they used them..I'm so nosy)...she was Billy's aide for part of this year and I happened to run into her as I was leaving. She is teaching an art class this summer for a week and needs items. I asked her what kinds and she said anything, but she really likes repurposing items....dude...she has no idea who she was talking to....that is what I do...that is the same kind of stuff I sell at Silver Bella. I am so pumped....when I got home I started filling up a bag of stuff...it is full and I'm on my second bag and I haven't even started digging yet. I love the idea and helping her and the kids out...it is a summer camp type program...she is working to become a teacher. She has a BA in Anthropology.....freaked me out....I have a BS in Anthropology. I know the BS sounds about right for me, doesn't it?? That goes on the list of crap I need to accompish in the next week or so....school ends on Thursday. I have two swaps to finish, goody bags for Silver Bella (I'm a sponsor again), laundry, recycling, I want to go through the boxes in the closet thing in the carport.....I know I have a whole summer for some of that. I need to make a list...always telling my sister to make one and normally I am a huge list maker....I've just been out of sorts since hubby deployed this time. :) I think tonight I just want to go squish the little one...he is just so squishy....yes, command decision....off to squish. Have a great weekend!

19 May 2010

A call for MOO cards and artwork

I know two days in a row...that blows my mind as well. :) I was reading my bloglines this morning and saw two blog posts that I though were pretty nifty and wanted to share. The first one was on Jenny Doh's blog. She is enamored with MOO cards...aren't we all?? Well, she has put out a call for MOO cards...you send her one and....go read it yourselves....hop over to my bloglines (I can't get a link to work here) and she is listed as Jenny Doh. The MOO cards I had made for Silver Bella 2008 are slowly dwindling, but I have one left of my favorite and I think I will send it in. It was taken at the top of the Eiffel Tower....I stuck my camera over the railing to get the shot. It was with my old film camera, so I had to scan it into my computer to upload to Flickr...so old school. If you have a MOO card send it in. The second blog post I thought interesting was on Tina Wright's blog....she unfortunately died of cancer. She and Cindy Mayfield (Yapping Cat Studio) are the founders of Paper Cowgirl. Well, her daughter keeps her blog running and has put out a call for artwork to be sold to fund a scholarship in Tina's name. So if you feel like donating some of your artwork or it inspires you to create something new to send...here is that link www.tina-wright.blogspot.com/2010/05/calling-all-bloggers.html . Have a great day.

17 May 2010

A caterpillar and fake food

I get such crap when I don't post any pictures on my blog (you know who you are)..so here is a random shot of the evil that was eating my miniature roses the other day. Billy enjoyed meeting him though. Let's see...what I have been up to...I spent a great deal of time last week cleaning off all of Billy's wooden food...it tends to get everything he owns sticky. When I went in for his IEP last month....I talked to his teacher and asked if she might like the food and a wooden kitchen that Bilyl never plays with....okay, he used the kitchen for a jungle gym and would empty the food on the floor. One of the joys of autism....they don't play with toys like normal children. Well, she said yes and had me wait two weeks to bring it in. Boy, I shocked her....she thought it was a few items. Oh, no...I am a fake food whore. We bought all of it before we knew he was autistic. It was a little hard to let it go....but it has made more room in his room for him to run around. I stayed and helped set everything up and go through it all with her and some the aides/therapists. Everyone was so excited. I didn't just want to donate it to a thrift store....I wanted it to do good. So, she had a Little Tikes bulky play kitchen that took up a load of room....we donated that to a new Preschool teacher at the school who didn't have one....the kids in that room swarmed it like locusts. It was so neat. We ended up swiping a sweet, wooden cabinet from the Special Ed Kindergarten teacher (don't worry...I saved some of the fake food for her) that matches the kitchen pretty good. His teacher sent home pictures the very next day....of course, stinky pants played with the kitchen and food at school. That was the first page of photos....the second page showed his classmates and the smiles on their faces made it all worth it.
Enough about that...head over here and see what I sent to my Artsy Mama's May Day Basket Swap partner, Rochelle. www.lolasmommy.blogspot.com/2010/05/dont-hate-me.html It doesn't even compare to what she sent me. I was sick that week and mailed it the day it was due in the mail...so I didn't take any photos. I've been going through a few boxes..trying to get organized. Don't ask how that is going. Well, I need to hit Facebook..my husband posted some photos and now I actually have to go get on Facebook...I try to avoid it if I can. :)

10 May 2010

Treasured Tin Swap

Heidi of Dreams Intertwined is hosting a swap. You fill a vintage tin with all sorts of fun goodies. I had to sign up...Heidi is such a great lady. She is a fellow Bella....we actually sat together during the Shadowbox class....I was between her and Heather (Speckled Egg Heather)...very cool and their shadowboxes were excellent. Here is the link for the swap...go sign up: www.dreamsintertwined.blogspot.com/2010/05/treasured-tin-swap.html .

05 May 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Here are some roses for you. :)

02 May 2010

Markdowns in the shop

I just got done marking down the prices of some of the lace and trims in the shop. Trims 1-13, Laces 1-4, and some of the lingerie laces have all gone down in price. Remember if you want more than one yard of any particular trim/lace...I can set up a reserved listing for you. I'm thinking of retiring those items after the 15th of this month....so if you see anything...I would get it now. :)

01 May 2010

Happy May Day!!

I participated in Fated Follie's May Day Petite Basket Swap. This is what I received from my partner, Lynne (www.englishteacup.blogspot.com/).

This is what I got from Rochelle (http://www.lolasmommy.blogspot.com/). She was my partner in Artsy Mama's May Day Basket Swap.

I said I wanted girly and look at this girly, pink loot. She is one talented lady. She has an etsy shop...you need to check it out.

Who says that a quarter isn't worth much anymore?? I got this vintage lamp at a Church Sale last weekend. I have two other similiar lamps (Humpty and Hansel & Gretel) I spent way more than a quarter on those.

I lost a photo....friggin Blogger can bite my ass. I finally get around to doing this and argh. This is my son's school bus. The bus....all special children get taken to and from school by bus here on Post. My son's bus driver loves to decorate her bus. The kids love it, the teachers love it, the parents love it....someone must not have and complained back around Easter/St. Patrick's Day. She had to take a lot of it down. I thought about it and came up with a way to make the bus happy again. Those children have it rough enough in life that whatever we can do to make their days a little happier..we should. I found the butterflies at Hobby Lobby (we have some hanging in our yard for Billy and the driver & aide are always saying nice things about our yard). It just wasn't enough. I thought it through and one day asked her if a magnet would stick to the roof of the bus....we checked it and it did...then I went nuts. I bought more magnets and a crap load of fake flowers from Michaels. I took them off the stems and hot glued those puppies to magnets. I had won a set of fifty magnets in a box of junk on a blog almost two years ago and finally used them. :) Hoarding pays off on ocassion. I had little wooden ladybugs and they got glued to magnets as well. Now the bus has over 150 flowers, 60 ladybugs and 18 butterflies and everyone loves it. It makes my heart happy. The lost photo was the side of my fridge with ladybugs and flowers on it. :) I don't know about you, but I am so glad April is over. The last fifteen days have sucked. Between stuffy head/sinuses, PCS issues that had me jumping out my ass, appointments and just everything bizarre that life hands you.....I am just bushed. I've been too tired to do anything. I'm hoping May is different.

16 April 2010

Around the World in Twenty Tags

My sister is hosting her first swap ever....."Around the World In Twenty Tags". She needs 20 players and has twelve slots left. Head over here: www.wendy-hue.blogspot.com/2010/04/around-world-in-20-tags.html to find out more. I'm in it...so what more could you want. I know...so much more. :)

06 April 2010

I'm a Junior

I am signed up and I managed to get all the classes I wanted. Happy, happy....even better...I had to register for Wendy (my sister) and she got everything she wanted as well. I know you are all just dying to see what I signed up for....so here is my schedule:
Friday @ 0800- Project Runway w/ Colette Copeland
Friday @ 1100- Bonaparte's Gift w/ Kaari Meng
Friday@ 1400- The Gilded Cage w/ Kerry Lynn Yeary
Saturday @ 0830- Chatelaine Necklace w/ Charlotte Lyons
Saturday @ 1130- Oh Tannenbaum w/ Kerry Lynn Yeary
I'm excited about all my classes. I can't wait until November. :) If you haven't signed up...go, go..what are you waiting for??

01 April 2010

No pictures, but links :)

I've been busy, so no pictures. I got our taxes done yesterday....my favorite benefit of the military...free tax prep and filing. Screw the commissary and px...the tax center is hands down our best benefit. The soldiers who took care of me yesterday rocked...I basically begged the soldier at the front to let me get them done. If you have rental property or other "harder" tax issues you are supposed to call for an appointment (that is new this year and I didn't know). I walked in after making sure I had someone to pick up Billy off the bus if it ran late. I lucked out and he said he'd find someone for me...a soldier popped in not a minute after that and he was free to do my taxes. I was so happy. I baked them cakes today...one for each of them and dropped them off after I got Billy on the bus. They were shocked (but happily so). That was so much fun....I used to bake for soldiers all the time. I got to play in the front garden a little bit before Billy got home. I planted a cayenne pepper plant for my Mom...we freeze the peppers for when she visits. :) I planted pea and bean plants that we started from seed and were too big for the little greenhouse thing. I need to go get some sticks or something for them to grow up. I weeded a little....not fun...blah. Links....don't you love blogs....they help you find the neatest stuff. Where to start....hmmm...candy. I was reading the yummygoods blogs the other day and she mentioned some key lime items (www.yummygoods.com/blog/2010/3/18/366-design-blogging-and-key-west.html ) and I had to go order the Key lime and White Chocolate Clouds. They arrived today...very yummy. I love supporting small businesses...she has all sorts of candy. I got a sampler box as well to share with the boys for Easter. Next link....soap...the best smelling, in the cutest packaging ever soap was mentioned on Jo Packham's WWC blog (www.wherewomencreate.typepad.com/blog/2010/03/fabulous-friday-2.html ) and I ordered some of those as well. They arrived today...smells even better than imagined, the paper and fabric she uses is cuter than all get out. The paper on the bagged soap has craft patterns. It is organic soap. I love soap.....Crabtree & Evelyn is where I usually get my fill of hoity toity soap...now I can alternate. :) Last link....my Bella Buddy , Sheila, had a nifty post today (www.blessedanddistressed.blogspot.com/2010/04/glimmer-of-hope.html). Tattered Angels have a special color of glimmer mist out this month and part of the proceeds go to Autism Speaks....how cool is that??? Yes, I did my part for autism and ordered some. It is limited, so go and get some...it is turquoise with some gold in it. I haven't used the product before, but if you check out Sheila's blog..you can see some of the great thigns she has done with glimmer mist. Oh..I guess I should remind all you Bellas (old and some hoping to be) that Teresa posted class descriptions today on the Silver Bella blog. I've got a "schedule" worked out and I hope I get all the classes I want. :) Now if I can just be patient until the 6th....we are so not going anywhere for Spring Break...we have to be here so I can register for Silver Bella. :) Okay...go shopping and stimulate the economy.

30 March 2010

The Sun and I came to an agreement

I told him that if he would come out...I would be less of a bitch...voila...it is beautiful today. I got to take pictures and I went for a walk and took more pictures. Happy Day!

This is my tag for the "April Showers Bring May Flowers" tag swap.

Here is the best fabric ever. Don't you just love all those mushrooms.

This was last night's dinner. The chicken/noodle to veggie ratio was a tad off. Yes, I watched Jamie Oliver's show Friday night. My autistic five year old can name and sign more vegetables than those 6 year olds in West Virginia. Very scary.

I took this on my walk earlier. I need to upload a butt load of photos to my neglected Flickr account. :)
I know you are all just so impressed...posts two days in a row and this one had pictures. I'm impressed. :)

29 March 2010

Busy as a bee

Oy..I've been busy working on crafty stuff for the last two weeks. I made up some tiny cellophane bags of fun stuff for goody bags at Art Opera and sent two Chinese take-out boxes of trim & lace as well...a lot of cutting was involved. I worked on some bags & boxes for Paper Cowgirl as well. I have a lot to share and basically begged Lisa and Cindy to let me give them free stuff for their art retreats. I haven't finished the Paper Cowgirl ones yet....waiting for May for a better head count. :) This past week....I worked on my tags for the "April Showers Bring May Flowers" swap for the tag group. If the sun will work with me tomorrow I can take a photo of the last tag remaining...we are a group of 20, but 2 couldn't participate this time and we are donating a set to Rebecca Sower for Haiti relief. Being the slightly off bitch that I am....I couldn't make 19 tags...I love odd numbers except when making crafty things. It has to be even....I have an extra atc laying around from Silver Bella, because I couldn't just make 11 of them. It drives me apeshit. I like my tags and finished them Friday morning, so to celebrate I hit two estate sales. I figured the eldest was on a field trip and I'd have more time....didn't have to be at home by the normal time. It took me less than an hour to drive to and get back from both of them. I found some things. Well, Saturday morning, I made the boys go to a church rummage sale with me. :) I found the world's best fabric...it is vintage..it was still on the bolt (maybe a yard left if I'm lucky) and it was only $1. I have to take a picture....it has mushrooms on it. Those poor church ladies thought I had gone mad. I spent a whole $2.85 at the rummage sale. I love those ladies...we've been there before....cheap prices and baked goods. I spent another $2 on those....brownies and buttermilk cakes. I woke up with a stuffy head today....friggin weather. But there was good stuff to wake up to....Teresa posted the teacher list for Silver Bella. Some old favorites and a whole bunch of new ladies. I've already have their blogs on my favorites, so that I can read up on them and their art before class lists come out tomorrow. That is what I'll be doing tonight between making homemade stir fry (Mom's recipe..that was quickly jotted down during yesterday's call) and watching Chuck (not loving this season so far).

18 March 2010

Forget Liberty of London & Target

You need to run to Michael's and look in the dollar bins. Everyday Is a Holiday Goodies (www.everyday-is-a-holiday.blogspot.com) are now available. I was a tad worked up at first..I thought they had ripped Jenny and Aaron off, but after flipping over one of the products..I saw that they were licensed. How friggin cool is that?? They have note pads, journals, magnets, note cards, and dimensional stickers. I had to grab some....it goes nicely with the few pieces of Jenny & Aaron art that I have from their etsy shop. Have you ever been in a store and gone apeshit when you saw something?? That was me. :)

Don't worry I didn't really blow off Target and Liberty of London. I lucked out and got these on Saturday (some stockperson put them out early). Our Target had some things left today, but not a whole lot.

14 March 2010

I was a good girl

I just updated the neglected shop. There are 18 new items...mostly books. If the sun cooperates this week..I may just find more things to list. Do you hear that laughing?? That is my lazy ass. Just scroll down to the bottom of the blog to see the newer items. :)

13 March 2010

Wilmi, Don't Look..please!

This is what I'm sending my partner in The Netherlands. It was for the Dutch Sisters Spring Surprise Swap...oy..that is a mouthful. I didn't attach any ribbon...I figured she could either hang them individually or string them all up together (i.e. bunting). Wilmi loves Tilda-style stuff...I ordered every book I could and found that most of the projects were big ones that wouldn't fit in an envelope. I did get the cake patterns from the book though..I'll have to go back and figure out which one. I'll list the books later...some great ideas in there. We were only supposed to send two fat quarters of springy fabric....I couldn't make up my mind, so she gets four. She sent me three. I forgot to take pictures of what I got..when the sun comes back out I'm all over it. :) I sent her some goodies from Sugar*Sugar (including seam binding for her to hang the cakes with). It all goes out in the mail today. It did nothing but rain and storm yesterday...so we stayed home. The boys had the day off for a teacher workday. A trip to the post office is planned for today. :) It was good that we were cooped up yesterday....I continued the great excavation of my office/junk room. I've got boxes of things to donate (and things I need to find homes for...things you can't donate to thrift stores...crafty stuff leftover from the shop/Silver Bella). I finally started going through my leftovers from SB...breaking some things down, getting ready to donate some things..oy. I did get some photos taken for the shop and will try to list things this weekend. I've primarily just worked cleaning things up around the hovel. I did join two swaps this week....May Day Basket swaps....one with Artsy Mama and the other Fated Follies. It will be fun to fill up a few baskets and make people happy. I know other things occured this week...I was so tired most of the week that it just didn't stick in my brain. Have a good weekend.

03 March 2010

It's Wednesday already?

Man...this week has flown. Well, the library sale wasn't as good this year as in previous years. They didn't have nearly as many books...it was really noticeable....kind of sad. It makes me want to donate my leftover books to them for next year....only if i'm not there shopping. :) I found a few things....for me, the shop, family. I spent less than I did last year, but the things cost me a little more this year. I may have to raise my book prices a little in the shop. I've been debating that in my head this week. It has worked out that the sun hasn't been out and I can't find my husband's tripod....I can't take pictures, so I have time to think about prices. :) Susan (my book buddy) and I hit one thrift store and another library's book store. It was fun, but I didn't find much. The creative block is slowly going it's way....I've been working on my Dutch Sister's swap the last few days. I hope it works out. :) I have a Pre-K Parents Forum thing tomorrow...I was sick about it....it falls during the same time as a meeting at the middle school about which High Schools are the best ones for kids in Special Ed. I hate being torn between two things for my boys. It sometimes feels like Jr gets pushed aside because of Billy. I wrote his Special Ed teacher a note and she said it was fine that I miss it...I had been asked to the Pre-K Forum a month or so ago...they just didn't have a set date at that time....argh. Blah. In between all that I've been reading a new book, "Cream Puff Murders" by Joanne Fluke...I love a mystery with food involved. :) I miss the Olympics...it was so nice snuggling on the couch with Billy watching the Games. I got flowers twice this week.....my dear ShabbyCraps had a giveaway for Valentine's Day for some of her photos and she sent me a set....it was pity, but I'll take it. I got those in Monday. Today, the Fed-Ex pulls up and I'm freaking thinking I forgot that I had ordered something...Clark sent me tulips and a little balloon on a stick for Billy. It was a nice a surprise...I just hope Billy doesn't try to eat them....he has been known to try out different forms of plant life. Ah...the life of an autistic child...such a happy, strange little boy. :)

27 February 2010


I said it nine times...that was bad...even for me. :) Vintage Sandy....if you email me your information...I'll send you a little something this week. Today, we are headed to Birmingham for the book sale. I came to my senses...cheap books and someone to watch my kids....how could I not go. :) Enjoy your weekend!

25 February 2010

The no good, horribly bad blogger strikes again

It has just sucked lately. I'm am so tired. I don't remember any deployment ever sucking this much. It is just crazy. I'm usually the wife telling all the other wives to suck it up and drive on...I just want to go back to bed. Blah. I had to take the wee one to the doctor last Friday....it wasn't too bad....until he saw the doctor. :) He is fine. I will respect his privacy and not tell you anything. :) It was the end of a crazy week. It was a short week..they had President's Day off. The thing that really blew was that it started on a Tuesday.....Tuesdays suck for parents...the kids get out early on Tuesdays. I wouldn't mind so much, but Billy's bus schedule is all wacky that day and I have the hardest time remembering it. This week...I am just tired....I haven't been sleeping well. I'm so tired that I'm thinking of skipping the big book sale in Birmingham this weekend...crazy talk..I know. I love that sale and I have someone there who will watch Billy for me. It is just that three hour drive. Whine, whine, whine.....it is so bad. I suck. On top of that....I have the worst creative block known to man. Two swaps to go and I can't get going on them. Suggestions...anyone?? I'm just thinking of all the cool swaps I'm missing out on, because I won't sign up for anymore until I get my mojo back. :) The lady I did the "Thing With Wings" charm swap with is holding another charm swap.....Alice In Wonderland...too cool, right?? Wrong. There is a Tussie Mussie Swap out there.....I convinced Wendy to join and I will live vicariously through her. Someday....it will back and I won't suck anymore (okay, maybe I can suck some more...totally possible). I have been enjoying the Olympics with my boys. Billy loves the Olympics and will watch anything that is on. At 8pm sharp he comes in (and if we haven't changed the channel yet) and say, "NBC"...he can't quite say Olympics yet. He gets his happy hands a-going....he has really enjoyed skiing and the bobsled action. Figure Skating...he likes all the spinning. Go figure. :) It is really going to suck when they end and he wants to watch them some more. Somebody....please....count how many time I used "suck" in this post and report back to me. I may send you something. How's that for a giveaway?? I told you I need some sleep.

12 February 2010

Snow Day!!!!!!

These are two shots of my backyard...four hours apart. I'm so friggin happy. I got a call from the middle school at 2221 hours last night saying that school was canceled due to the weather...I didn't want to get my hopes up. It hasn't stopped snowing since..it started around 1000 hours this morning. I love it!!

09 February 2010

The Supreme Chicken Shit Speaks...

that would be me. I'm still shaking a little...we just got back from Jordan High School's Open House. I hate driving to start with, but at night...even worse. We made it there and back though. The Open House....the middle schoolers here at Fort Benning have about eight million options for High School...there are two schools that they are zoned for..depending on county (yes, the whole post is on two different counties..makes registering your car a real bitch) and a bevy of magnet school options as well. That doesn't include the religious/private high schools. Oy..is right. Well, Jr saw a program at Jordan he was interested in and their open house was tonight. The school is an older one, but they've got great electives. Culinary Arts, Welding, Health Care...all sorts of good stuff. You actually need a map to get around...they provided those (thank goodness). He has pre-applied (I mailed that last week)..so we are just waiting to see if he made it. Wish him luck. :) I'm waiting for some sunlight to take good pictures of my Inspiration Boxes from the swap. I took some not so pretty ones on the stove, but that wouldn't do them justice. You will see the stovetop pictures of the boxes I made....I had to get them out and I was really tired from the night before....the Great Flood of 2010 (thanks to Billy..such a joy) and I just didn't have it in me to set up something special. I figured the fact that I remembered to take a picture before sending them gets me some points this time. I've got three swaps left..one private swap (with my Bella Buddy, Marian), the Dutch Sisters' Swap, and the tag swap (April Showers Bring May Flowers is the theme this time...same ladies from the V-day tag swap..aren't you sorry you didn't get into that swap...we are an exclusive little club now). I'm so getting kicked out for that comment...they are probably only letting me stay in because I send them free shit. Well, TSCS (that is still me) has to make dinner and go sit on my ass and watch NCIS. :) By the way.....Dad, are you happy now...I updated my blog....it's not like we don't talk every weekend. :)

30 January 2010

Dutch Sisters Spring Surprise Swap 2010

I went here (www.dutch-blue.blogspot.com/2010/01/dutch-sisters-spring-surprise-swap-2010.html ) and signed up for another swap. It didn't look too hard or complicated. You have one partner and send her two fat quarters of beautiful spring-inspired fabric and then you make one item. You have until the 21st of March to send it to them. The real kicker for me (okay...other than the fabric) is that it is an International Swap. Those ladies overseas have access to some beautiful fabric and you can make some new friends. If any of that sounds interesting or fun.....you have until tomorrow to sign up. I've been hanging out with the boys quite a bit (as you can tell by the neglected blog). My 14 year old wants to hang out with....with the help of the Wii. I bought another controller last Saturday and now I can bowl with him. We've also played skeeball and a cooking game that is kicking my ass. Billy sits and watches us play. I've baked a little in the last two weeks, read a book or two, hit an estate sale all by myself, talked to the German lady across the street a couple times, finished up swaps and signed up for new ones. That is it. It has been nice. I'm trying to take it easy this year and spend more time with the boys. So it has to be a really good swap...come on ladies, blow my mind with something new. I did sign up for the follow-up tag swap...April Showers Bring May Flowers. We actually have a yahoo group now....we enjoyed swapping with each other so much. I got my tags and two of my inspiration boxes. I'm waiting on the third and some decent weather to take pictures. Today is Post Office Day.....I've got five packages and two envelopes to mail. I actually had a sale in my shop. I was shocked. Happy, but shocked. :)

29 January 2010

Helping Haiti

Here are two excellent ways to help the people of Haiti. These are two etsy shops that have been opened to help those in need. What a great way to help...you get great handmade items and you are helping others. Here are there links (if you are interested):
I was lucky enough to get some of the Haitian handmade goods...beautiful, metal wall hangings. I got one for my sister...she has a picture on her blog. I, also, was one of the lucky ones who responded to Rebecca's post about sweet little crocheted purses made by Miraclid. I love that the money if going straight back to the artists...very cool. I have purchased two things from crafthope (neat animal alphabet poster and an embroidery/doll pattern). I can't wait for those...the pattern is a pdf and should arrive soon. It was designed by Jenny of Allsorts (her blog is in my bloglines) so you know it is adorable. I even purchased a string of hearts from Robin (ThriftyMissPriss- a V-day tag swap buddy) and she is donating the proceeds to Doctors Without Borders. Every little bit counts and it doesn't take much. I was going to get on my soapbox, but I won't. :) If you can....give something.

21 January 2010


I've been working on these two swaps. I decided to join the swap I mentioned in the last post (the one I got Wendy to sign up for). It is being held by Wendy (no-relation) in Australia (www.hartylittlepeaces.blogspot.com/). It only seemed fair to join after suckering my sister into it. I got some fabric on Monday at the Jo-Anns. I need to backtrack. Let's go back to Friday and my decision to drive to Birmingham on Saturday. It wasn't horribly bad...I did screw up and forgot to get off on the right exit...that cost me 30-45 minutes. After that....it was smooth driving. We went and ate (and took a well-needed potty break), before heading to Susan's house (she lives in the neighborhood we used to live in). Her husband watched the boys and we hit six thrift stores. I didn't find much. I was a tad disappointed. It wasn't as good as it used to be. It was still fun though. The boys and I stayed in a hotel that night. We got up and had our free breakfast and hit the B&N and SuperTarget....I miss both of these...way better selection than our smaller versions here (it is only a Target here...I miss the food selection). We drove home and bummed around the house for the rest of the day. Monday was a holiday and the boys had it off, so I took them to Toys'r'us, Party City (they each got a free balloon..very cool) and Jo-Ann's. I think the free balloons made up for Jo-Ann's. :) We then went to Best Buy to return my Christmas present from my brother. I had never driven to the Jo-Ann's before....I figured if I could drive to Birmingham....I could do that. I found some fabric and came home and joined the swap. :) I had some in my stash that I used as well. I cut all 200 blocks out yesterday and I should be able to mail them today. I tried something for the other swap (Inspiration Boxes) and it didn't work and so I get to go buy two new matchboxes to rectify that mistake. :) I am having the hardest time with swaps lately. It is driving me mad. The ladies in the Valentine Tag Swap want to swap again and I am debating whether or not I should. Hey, it isn't all doom and gloom, driving and swapping around here.....I've read a few more books and watched the entire fifth season of Weeds this week. The fifth season of Weeds was only 13 1/2 hour episodes....it didn't take long. :)