13 March 2010

Wilmi, Don't Look..please!

This is what I'm sending my partner in The Netherlands. It was for the Dutch Sisters Spring Surprise Swap...oy..that is a mouthful. I didn't attach any ribbon...I figured she could either hang them individually or string them all up together (i.e. bunting). Wilmi loves Tilda-style stuff...I ordered every book I could and found that most of the projects were big ones that wouldn't fit in an envelope. I did get the cake patterns from the book though..I'll have to go back and figure out which one. I'll list the books later...some great ideas in there. We were only supposed to send two fat quarters of springy fabric....I couldn't make up my mind, so she gets four. She sent me three. I forgot to take pictures of what I got..when the sun comes back out I'm all over it. :) I sent her some goodies from Sugar*Sugar (including seam binding for her to hang the cakes with). It all goes out in the mail today. It did nothing but rain and storm yesterday...so we stayed home. The boys had the day off for a teacher workday. A trip to the post office is planned for today. :) It was good that we were cooped up yesterday....I continued the great excavation of my office/junk room. I've got boxes of things to donate (and things I need to find homes for...things you can't donate to thrift stores...crafty stuff leftover from the shop/Silver Bella). I finally started going through my leftovers from SB...breaking some things down, getting ready to donate some things..oy. I did get some photos taken for the shop and will try to list things this weekend. I've primarily just worked cleaning things up around the hovel. I did join two swaps this week....May Day Basket swaps....one with Artsy Mama and the other Fated Follies. It will be fun to fill up a few baskets and make people happy. I know other things occured this week...I was so tired most of the week that it just didn't stick in my brain. Have a good weekend.


  1. Hi I am your swap partner so was just taking a look at your blog. I will be emailing you to get to know you better. Have a great weekend

  2. You are a swap junkie! I am, too!