03 March 2010

It's Wednesday already?

Man...this week has flown. Well, the library sale wasn't as good this year as in previous years. They didn't have nearly as many books...it was really noticeable....kind of sad. It makes me want to donate my leftover books to them for next year....only if i'm not there shopping. :) I found a few things....for me, the shop, family. I spent less than I did last year, but the things cost me a little more this year. I may have to raise my book prices a little in the shop. I've been debating that in my head this week. It has worked out that the sun hasn't been out and I can't find my husband's tripod....I can't take pictures, so I have time to think about prices. :) Susan (my book buddy) and I hit one thrift store and another library's book store. It was fun, but I didn't find much. The creative block is slowly going it's way....I've been working on my Dutch Sister's swap the last few days. I hope it works out. :) I have a Pre-K Parents Forum thing tomorrow...I was sick about it....it falls during the same time as a meeting at the middle school about which High Schools are the best ones for kids in Special Ed. I hate being torn between two things for my boys. It sometimes feels like Jr gets pushed aside because of Billy. I wrote his Special Ed teacher a note and she said it was fine that I miss it...I had been asked to the Pre-K Forum a month or so ago...they just didn't have a set date at that time....argh. Blah. In between all that I've been reading a new book, "Cream Puff Murders" by Joanne Fluke...I love a mystery with food involved. :) I miss the Olympics...it was so nice snuggling on the couch with Billy watching the Games. I got flowers twice this week.....my dear ShabbyCraps had a giveaway for Valentine's Day for some of her photos and she sent me a set....it was pity, but I'll take it. I got those in Monday. Today, the Fed-Ex pulls up and I'm freaking thinking I forgot that I had ordered something...Clark sent me tulips and a little balloon on a stick for Billy. It was a nice a surprise...I just hope Billy doesn't try to eat them....he has been known to try out different forms of plant life. Ah...the life of an autistic child...such a happy, strange little boy. :)


  1. Wanda,
    How did you find me? I was so excited! Now all I need is Moo Cards, huh?
    Are you going to have a cool booth this year?

  2. You are so busy....
    I got 3 roses for Valentine's Day. I have been married 20 years. I said to my husband that they look like "Date" flowers from Quick Trip. I got him a Foreigner Greatest Hits CD. Just not much of a gifter! Maybe next year with the books!

  3. Wow Wanda...you need to snap out of this "sucky" rut you are in...I'm here to make you smile...just like you did to me when I read your comment!
    You are toooo sweet in letting me know that I will be missed if I don't go to SB. :)
    I really do want to go as I want to see all my girlfriends but I'm kind of waiting around and kicking my heels until she posts the teachers and classes. I'd love to be a junior like you this year...it will be hard to break the three years in a row.
    I really need to get off of this fence...my panties have holes in them and the draft is messing with my sinuses...are you laughing yet? If not, go ahead and just push me off, let me hurt myself and then you might get a kick out of that.
    Cheer up girl...be creative...go touch something beautiful and get back into the groove. You can DO IT!