30 March 2010

The Sun and I came to an agreement

I told him that if he would come out...I would be less of a bitch...voila...it is beautiful today. I got to take pictures and I went for a walk and took more pictures. Happy Day!

This is my tag for the "April Showers Bring May Flowers" tag swap.

Here is the best fabric ever. Don't you just love all those mushrooms.

This was last night's dinner. The chicken/noodle to veggie ratio was a tad off. Yes, I watched Jamie Oliver's show Friday night. My autistic five year old can name and sign more vegetables than those 6 year olds in West Virginia. Very scary.

I took this on my walk earlier. I need to upload a butt load of photos to my neglected Flickr account. :)
I know you are all just so impressed...posts two days in a row and this one had pictures. I'm impressed. :)

29 March 2010

Busy as a bee

Oy..I've been busy working on crafty stuff for the last two weeks. I made up some tiny cellophane bags of fun stuff for goody bags at Art Opera and sent two Chinese take-out boxes of trim & lace as well...a lot of cutting was involved. I worked on some bags & boxes for Paper Cowgirl as well. I have a lot to share and basically begged Lisa and Cindy to let me give them free stuff for their art retreats. I haven't finished the Paper Cowgirl ones yet....waiting for May for a better head count. :) This past week....I worked on my tags for the "April Showers Bring May Flowers" swap for the tag group. If the sun will work with me tomorrow I can take a photo of the last tag remaining...we are a group of 20, but 2 couldn't participate this time and we are donating a set to Rebecca Sower for Haiti relief. Being the slightly off bitch that I am....I couldn't make 19 tags...I love odd numbers except when making crafty things. It has to be even....I have an extra atc laying around from Silver Bella, because I couldn't just make 11 of them. It drives me apeshit. I like my tags and finished them Friday morning, so to celebrate I hit two estate sales. I figured the eldest was on a field trip and I'd have more time....didn't have to be at home by the normal time. It took me less than an hour to drive to and get back from both of them. I found some things. Well, Saturday morning, I made the boys go to a church rummage sale with me. :) I found the world's best fabric...it is vintage..it was still on the bolt (maybe a yard left if I'm lucky) and it was only $1. I have to take a picture....it has mushrooms on it. Those poor church ladies thought I had gone mad. I spent a whole $2.85 at the rummage sale. I love those ladies...we've been there before....cheap prices and baked goods. I spent another $2 on those....brownies and buttermilk cakes. I woke up with a stuffy head today....friggin weather. But there was good stuff to wake up to....Teresa posted the teacher list for Silver Bella. Some old favorites and a whole bunch of new ladies. I've already have their blogs on my favorites, so that I can read up on them and their art before class lists come out tomorrow. That is what I'll be doing tonight between making homemade stir fry (Mom's recipe..that was quickly jotted down during yesterday's call) and watching Chuck (not loving this season so far).

18 March 2010

Forget Liberty of London & Target

You need to run to Michael's and look in the dollar bins. Everyday Is a Holiday Goodies (www.everyday-is-a-holiday.blogspot.com) are now available. I was a tad worked up at first..I thought they had ripped Jenny and Aaron off, but after flipping over one of the products..I saw that they were licensed. How friggin cool is that?? They have note pads, journals, magnets, note cards, and dimensional stickers. I had to grab some....it goes nicely with the few pieces of Jenny & Aaron art that I have from their etsy shop. Have you ever been in a store and gone apeshit when you saw something?? That was me. :)

Don't worry I didn't really blow off Target and Liberty of London. I lucked out and got these on Saturday (some stockperson put them out early). Our Target had some things left today, but not a whole lot.

14 March 2010

I was a good girl

I just updated the neglected shop. There are 18 new items...mostly books. If the sun cooperates this week..I may just find more things to list. Do you hear that laughing?? That is my lazy ass. Just scroll down to the bottom of the blog to see the newer items. :)

13 March 2010

Wilmi, Don't Look..please!

This is what I'm sending my partner in The Netherlands. It was for the Dutch Sisters Spring Surprise Swap...oy..that is a mouthful. I didn't attach any ribbon...I figured she could either hang them individually or string them all up together (i.e. bunting). Wilmi loves Tilda-style stuff...I ordered every book I could and found that most of the projects were big ones that wouldn't fit in an envelope. I did get the cake patterns from the book though..I'll have to go back and figure out which one. I'll list the books later...some great ideas in there. We were only supposed to send two fat quarters of springy fabric....I couldn't make up my mind, so she gets four. She sent me three. I forgot to take pictures of what I got..when the sun comes back out I'm all over it. :) I sent her some goodies from Sugar*Sugar (including seam binding for her to hang the cakes with). It all goes out in the mail today. It did nothing but rain and storm yesterday...so we stayed home. The boys had the day off for a teacher workday. A trip to the post office is planned for today. :) It was good that we were cooped up yesterday....I continued the great excavation of my office/junk room. I've got boxes of things to donate (and things I need to find homes for...things you can't donate to thrift stores...crafty stuff leftover from the shop/Silver Bella). I finally started going through my leftovers from SB...breaking some things down, getting ready to donate some things..oy. I did get some photos taken for the shop and will try to list things this weekend. I've primarily just worked cleaning things up around the hovel. I did join two swaps this week....May Day Basket swaps....one with Artsy Mama and the other Fated Follies. It will be fun to fill up a few baskets and make people happy. I know other things occured this week...I was so tired most of the week that it just didn't stick in my brain. Have a good weekend.

03 March 2010

It's Wednesday already?

Man...this week has flown. Well, the library sale wasn't as good this year as in previous years. They didn't have nearly as many books...it was really noticeable....kind of sad. It makes me want to donate my leftover books to them for next year....only if i'm not there shopping. :) I found a few things....for me, the shop, family. I spent less than I did last year, but the things cost me a little more this year. I may have to raise my book prices a little in the shop. I've been debating that in my head this week. It has worked out that the sun hasn't been out and I can't find my husband's tripod....I can't take pictures, so I have time to think about prices. :) Susan (my book buddy) and I hit one thrift store and another library's book store. It was fun, but I didn't find much. The creative block is slowly going it's way....I've been working on my Dutch Sister's swap the last few days. I hope it works out. :) I have a Pre-K Parents Forum thing tomorrow...I was sick about it....it falls during the same time as a meeting at the middle school about which High Schools are the best ones for kids in Special Ed. I hate being torn between two things for my boys. It sometimes feels like Jr gets pushed aside because of Billy. I wrote his Special Ed teacher a note and she said it was fine that I miss it...I had been asked to the Pre-K Forum a month or so ago...they just didn't have a set date at that time....argh. Blah. In between all that I've been reading a new book, "Cream Puff Murders" by Joanne Fluke...I love a mystery with food involved. :) I miss the Olympics...it was so nice snuggling on the couch with Billy watching the Games. I got flowers twice this week.....my dear ShabbyCraps had a giveaway for Valentine's Day for some of her photos and she sent me a set....it was pity, but I'll take it. I got those in Monday. Today, the Fed-Ex pulls up and I'm freaking thinking I forgot that I had ordered something...Clark sent me tulips and a little balloon on a stick for Billy. It was a nice a surprise...I just hope Billy doesn't try to eat them....he has been known to try out different forms of plant life. Ah...the life of an autistic child...such a happy, strange little boy. :)