31 December 2009

Home Sweet Home

I actually missed it this time. :) We got back last night and I'm trying to get caught up. The comissary was a mad house...I can't believe all of Post and all the retirees in a 100 mile radius chose to shop today....oy. I hope you have fun doing whatever you are going to do tonight. The boys are with their grandparents visiting the National Infantry Museum and who knows what else. Happy New Year!

22 December 2009

We're going bye- bye

We are leaving today to drive to Wendy's house for Christmas. I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

18 December 2009

Dead battery and messed up settings

My battery was dead last night, so no pictures. I charged it all night and I tried taking pictures today and didn't realize what was wrong with the camera until it was all done. :( They all did so well though. :) Turns out the older special ed class borrowed Billy for their production (not the normal pre-K)..those kids love him....they all rushed over and said hi and his name over and over again. They did two numbers "Must Be Santa" and " Christmas Times A-Coming". They needed Billy for the first song to hold up a picture of Santa with a cherry red nose. He did not sing, but he was kind of dancing (sort of marching in time with the music). He picked up his picture of Santa, but the aide (who was right behind him to keep him from bolting) had to help him raise it up at the right time. In the second number....he played with jingly bells...he did pretty good. I am biased. No hat, but they got him in a bandana last night...when we came in this morning..he went right to them and got his. :) He even sat and watched the rest of the program on my lap. The whole school was there this morning...it was for families last night. You should of seen the kids...they were adorable (the normal kids were not bad either). One little girl (last night) saw her Mom in the front row and kept saying hi to her. What was even better was to see the Pre-K Special Ed teachers watch it and see how far those kids had come....they had taught most of them when they were younger. The lady whose class it was...she was excited when she found out Billy was five...they get him next year. She and the aide can't wait. I'm so proud of all of them and to see the smiles on their families faces while watching them was so cool.

P.S. The reason I don't like Christmas programs...my children are usually only in them when their Father is gone. It makes me sad and the music makes me cry. See Jodie...I may be bad, but not heartless.

17 December 2009

A Country Christmas

That is the theme of the Christmas Program tonight....the preschoolers are supposed to be in Western Garb and a Santa Hat. I had neither...they said that Christmas colored shirts would work. I found a short sleeve red top yesteday at the PX...but if the temp drops..oy. I went to Target all by myself today in search of a red shirt and a santa hat. He is so not going to wear the friggin hat....maybe for a minute....then it is going out in the crowd like a stripper shedding his clothes. Have you felt the inside of Santa Hats?? I don't have major sensory issues, but I wouldn't want to wear that shit either. Well, now he has both. Yippee....I sure hope he sings tonight. He goes to normal preschool once a week with an aide. The rest of the week he is with the other Specials (as I like to call them). They needed two more kids and I said if they could get him to do it..be my guest. He better sing tonight. I have to get up and take him to school early tomorrow as well....oy...no sleeping in. Maybe I can get a picture of him in his hat.

12 December 2009

Busy Day

It all started with a get together at a fellow military wife's house. I was in charge of the craft table for the kids. I brought foam and chipboard shapes. I had paper, cardstock, buttons, glue, glitter...all sorts of stuff. The kids who did stuff had fun and some of the wives played a little too. We spent five and half hours there....after we ate and crafted..we just sat down and let the kids play and we talked (well...as much as the kids would let us). Kind of nice. When we got home..I fed the boys and put in a movie "Julie and Julia"...I've read both books that the movie is based on. It was cute. I think I enjoyed Julia's book more than Julie's...Julie tended to piss me off...her whining. I'm kind of glad they touched on that in the movie. It makes you want to cook....to throw a dinner party. :) Well, I just read through some blogs and came across a tag book swap by the lovely Natalea of Kandeland. I had to sign up....she is just so nice and the theme is Valentines Day and they aren't due until January. She is taking the first 20...I called Wendy and just happened to reach her...the enabler strikes again and I signed us both up. I figure we can work on them while I'm at her house for Christmas. :) I guess I should put up the link..in case any of you want to try for a slot. :) www.kandeland.typepad.com/my_weblog/2009/12/valentines-tag-book-swap-now-open-for-signups.html All that and it is only 7:21 pm.....I wonder what else I can do. I think I shall start a book...I just finished one last night (in between watching "The Spiderwick Chronicles" with Jr...not bad...books are a little better...but not bad) "The Chocolate Snowman Murders" by Joanna Carl...it is part of a series...I think I have mentioned before that I love culinary mysteries. :) It is the perfect weather to snuggle up and read a book (especially when you have no one to snuggle up to)...it rained all damn day. It was crappy ass cold yesterday. Perfect reading weather. I think I need some hot chocolate...good thing tomorrow is commissary day...I don't feel as bad about drinking up all the milk. :) Have a good evening!

10 December 2009

Christmas Wishes

I was reading my bloglines and the Urban Farmhouse blog had a really neat blog entry today. If you go here (www.urbanfarmhouse.blogspot.com ) you can read all about it. She has a link to another blog that tells you more (www.blogher.com/his-last-christmas-wish ). I think we can all spare the 44 cents and price of a card. I hope he likes the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. :)

09 December 2009

I'm still sick.....

I swear it feels as if it will never end. I was starting to feel better last week and Friday afternoon..Billy brought Mommy a treat home from school...he got sick again. Which in turn got me sick again. The weather hasn't helped. The sun came out today though. Happy Day! Billy nad I attended a meeting at the middle school about high school choices. They have something like nine high schools they can try to attend. Some are magnet schools and there are two feeder schools. Crazy shit. Billy was really good..if that meeting had lasted a few minutes longer..it would not have been pretty. It is right across from the playground and he wanted to go so bad..but we had to go back for the bus and school. He was so upset...he cried and cried. I promised him afterschool we would go to the playground and we just got back a little while ago. We stopped at BK for dinner....I am too tired to cook. I even went for a walk before the boys came home from school...I didn't want to waste the sunshine. :) I don't think I'll ever get my other Silver Bella stuff photographed...I am just too friggin tired. Monkey Boy has decided he is a night owl. He forgets I have to make sure Jr gets fed and on the bus in the morning...oy. Well..I'm missing re-runs of NCIS and Glee comes on tonight. Yes, my ass will be parked in front of the tv tonight....Top Chef Finale is on tonight as well. I know I could be reading or crafting....but that takes real brain power....I just don't have any left.

05 December 2009

SB- Vendor Night

This was my two table set up this year. No, the can of Coke was not for sale. I know I skipped over my second class (Ephemera Bird with Denise Sharp), but I have no pictures from that class...we started working right off the bat until the very end of class and I still didn't finish my bird. A nice shout out to my fellow remedial table ladies. Did any of you ever finish your birds?? I hope to someday. Who are we kidding...the possibility of that is very slim. Poor dead bird.

01 December 2009

I survived the nine days of break

I didn't think I would. :) I was still sick when it started. We did get out a little..trips to the PX, Post Office, Commissary, and Target. We went for a few walks and hit the playground a couple of times. Both boys love the going to the playground...it is harder when other children are there...Billy doesn't know not to run in front of swinging children. Both Jr and I got quite a workout. :) If you are noticing a lack of Jr pictures...he hates getting his picture taken (not unlike his Mother). The work order guy came out on Tuesday and fixed a bunch of stuff (nice benefit, right?). So we spent that day cooped up in the house. Yesterday was nice....I got through two stacks of magazines and part of a box. I love school..for my children. :) Billy was getting a tad stir-crazy being off his schedule for so long. Our family now has a Christmas Break plan...my parents will be coming here and then we are driving to MD to spend part of it with my sister and brother (who always drives up from the DC area). My sister and I have planned a menu and agreed on a craft to work on (last Thanksgivng, we did a paper arts thing). I'll help her organize her "studio" as well....it is only fair...when one unloads masses of unused artsy craftsy supplies on another...you should help them organize it. :) That way she'll be able to play with it all. I am feeling much better...the sun came out the last few days of break....the fresh air does amazing things to a sick body. Yet, it rained yesterday..figures. :) I guess I should get started on another pile of magazines...oh, joy.