18 December 2009

Dead battery and messed up settings

My battery was dead last night, so no pictures. I charged it all night and I tried taking pictures today and didn't realize what was wrong with the camera until it was all done. :( They all did so well though. :) Turns out the older special ed class borrowed Billy for their production (not the normal pre-K)..those kids love him....they all rushed over and said hi and his name over and over again. They did two numbers "Must Be Santa" and " Christmas Times A-Coming". They needed Billy for the first song to hold up a picture of Santa with a cherry red nose. He did not sing, but he was kind of dancing (sort of marching in time with the music). He picked up his picture of Santa, but the aide (who was right behind him to keep him from bolting) had to help him raise it up at the right time. In the second number....he played with jingly bells...he did pretty good. I am biased. No hat, but they got him in a bandana last night...when we came in this morning..he went right to them and got his. :) He even sat and watched the rest of the program on my lap. The whole school was there this morning...it was for families last night. You should of seen the kids...they were adorable (the normal kids were not bad either). One little girl (last night) saw her Mom in the front row and kept saying hi to her. What was even better was to see the Pre-K Special Ed teachers watch it and see how far those kids had come....they had taught most of them when they were younger. The lady whose class it was...she was excited when she found out Billy was five...they get him next year. She and the aide can't wait. I'm so proud of all of them and to see the smiles on their families faces while watching them was so cool.

P.S. The reason I don't like Christmas programs...my children are usually only in them when their Father is gone. It makes me sad and the music makes me cry. See Jodie...I may be bad, but not heartless.

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  1. What a great post, Wanda! I read it before but didn't comment.

    Happy New Year to your sweet family...I'll keep reading and I'll see you at Silver Bella next year!!!