12 December 2009

Busy Day

It all started with a get together at a fellow military wife's house. I was in charge of the craft table for the kids. I brought foam and chipboard shapes. I had paper, cardstock, buttons, glue, glitter...all sorts of stuff. The kids who did stuff had fun and some of the wives played a little too. We spent five and half hours there....after we ate and crafted..we just sat down and let the kids play and we talked (well...as much as the kids would let us). Kind of nice. When we got home..I fed the boys and put in a movie "Julie and Julia"...I've read both books that the movie is based on. It was cute. I think I enjoyed Julia's book more than Julie's...Julie tended to piss me off...her whining. I'm kind of glad they touched on that in the movie. It makes you want to cook....to throw a dinner party. :) Well, I just read through some blogs and came across a tag book swap by the lovely Natalea of Kandeland. I had to sign up....she is just so nice and the theme is Valentines Day and they aren't due until January. She is taking the first 20...I called Wendy and just happened to reach her...the enabler strikes again and I signed us both up. I figure we can work on them while I'm at her house for Christmas. :) I guess I should put up the link..in case any of you want to try for a slot. :) www.kandeland.typepad.com/my_weblog/2009/12/valentines-tag-book-swap-now-open-for-signups.html All that and it is only 7:21 pm.....I wonder what else I can do. I think I shall start a book...I just finished one last night (in between watching "The Spiderwick Chronicles" with Jr...not bad...books are a little better...but not bad) "The Chocolate Snowman Murders" by Joanna Carl...it is part of a series...I think I have mentioned before that I love culinary mysteries. :) It is the perfect weather to snuggle up and read a book (especially when you have no one to snuggle up to)...it rained all damn day. It was crappy ass cold yesterday. Perfect reading weather. I think I need some hot chocolate...good thing tomorrow is commissary day...I don't feel as bad about drinking up all the milk. :) Have a good evening!

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  1. Thank you for your comment Wanda - 1 share in cadbury's - It all helps you know !! ha ha - we will see how it goes - i don't think many will really care what happens to Cadbury especially on blog so your comment is very very much appreciated - thank you - and hope you get some cadbury in your stocking this christmas too ;-)

    best wishes to you and yours and especially at Christmas - Ginny (in the uk)