05 December 2009

SB- Vendor Night

This was my two table set up this year. No, the can of Coke was not for sale. I know I skipped over my second class (Ephemera Bird with Denise Sharp), but I have no pictures from that class...we started working right off the bat until the very end of class and I still didn't finish my bird. A nice shout out to my fellow remedial table ladies. Did any of you ever finish your birds?? I hope to someday. Who are we kidding...the possibility of that is very slim. Poor dead bird.


  1. I did finish mine, Wanda. I think the wings are upside down but I don't think anyone can tell really. I out it together the week I returned. You had some great goodies for sale on vendor night. (Except for the can of Coke, I can buy that anywhere, Tee hee) Hugs, Pam

  2. Loved everything at your table!!!

    Don't worry my bird it laying on its back in the middle of all my craft stuff just waiting to be finished. I may try and work on him this weekend but we'll see.

  3. I've already busted into my crafter's crack. And managed to knock a bottle off the arm of the couch. Luckily I had a pirate captin near by to help me pick up every single itty bitty bead.

  4. You know that I shopped hard at your table! You are always my favorite Silver Bella vendor...Didn't take the bird class. It sounds like it was pretty intense---I'm not skilled enough for the classes with that level of difficulty!!

  5. Wanda,

    I just got my box from Silver Bella. I wish I had bought more....do you remember, I bought two tins and another lady picked up all the rest...I wanted all the rest!!!!!

    Next year, I will not be so dazzled and I will shop you well! You had very clever things.