17 December 2009

A Country Christmas

That is the theme of the Christmas Program tonight....the preschoolers are supposed to be in Western Garb and a Santa Hat. I had neither...they said that Christmas colored shirts would work. I found a short sleeve red top yesteday at the PX...but if the temp drops..oy. I went to Target all by myself today in search of a red shirt and a santa hat. He is so not going to wear the friggin hat....maybe for a minute....then it is going out in the crowd like a stripper shedding his clothes. Have you felt the inside of Santa Hats?? I don't have major sensory issues, but I wouldn't want to wear that shit either. Well, now he has both. Yippee....I sure hope he sings tonight. He goes to normal preschool once a week with an aide. The rest of the week he is with the other Specials (as I like to call them). They needed two more kids and I said if they could get him to do it..be my guest. He better sing tonight. I have to get up and take him to school early tomorrow as well....oy...no sleeping in. Maybe I can get a picture of him in his hat.