09 December 2009

I'm still sick.....

I swear it feels as if it will never end. I was starting to feel better last week and Friday afternoon..Billy brought Mommy a treat home from school...he got sick again. Which in turn got me sick again. The weather hasn't helped. The sun came out today though. Happy Day! Billy nad I attended a meeting at the middle school about high school choices. They have something like nine high schools they can try to attend. Some are magnet schools and there are two feeder schools. Crazy shit. Billy was really good..if that meeting had lasted a few minutes longer..it would not have been pretty. It is right across from the playground and he wanted to go so bad..but we had to go back for the bus and school. He was so upset...he cried and cried. I promised him afterschool we would go to the playground and we just got back a little while ago. We stopped at BK for dinner....I am too tired to cook. I even went for a walk before the boys came home from school...I didn't want to waste the sunshine. :) I don't think I'll ever get my other Silver Bella stuff photographed...I am just too friggin tired. Monkey Boy has decided he is a night owl. He forgets I have to make sure Jr gets fed and on the bus in the morning...oy. Well..I'm missing re-runs of NCIS and Glee comes on tonight. Yes, my ass will be parked in front of the tv tonight....Top Chef Finale is on tonight as well. I know I could be reading or crafting....but that takes real brain power....I just don't have any left.


  1. I am so sorry! I wasn't feeling good this weekend and I was really grumpy. I cannot imagine being sick this long. Good wishes that you will get better soon!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. Hey Wanda... get well soon. I'm taping Top Chef.... I love the show and how the little bearded guy wins... isn't it terrible.. I can't remember his name... but he reminds me of the cartoon St Nick before he became Santa Claus. Okay... sounds like I'm on drugs...

    later Dudette.


  3. Please take care Wanda and get well soon! Thinking of you!