01 December 2009

I survived the nine days of break

I didn't think I would. :) I was still sick when it started. We did get out a little..trips to the PX, Post Office, Commissary, and Target. We went for a few walks and hit the playground a couple of times. Both boys love the going to the playground...it is harder when other children are there...Billy doesn't know not to run in front of swinging children. Both Jr and I got quite a workout. :) If you are noticing a lack of Jr pictures...he hates getting his picture taken (not unlike his Mother). The work order guy came out on Tuesday and fixed a bunch of stuff (nice benefit, right?). So we spent that day cooped up in the house. Yesterday was nice....I got through two stacks of magazines and part of a box. I love school..for my children. :) Billy was getting a tad stir-crazy being off his schedule for so long. Our family now has a Christmas Break plan...my parents will be coming here and then we are driving to MD to spend part of it with my sister and brother (who always drives up from the DC area). My sister and I have planned a menu and agreed on a craft to work on (last Thanksgivng, we did a paper arts thing). I'll help her organize her "studio" as well....it is only fair...when one unloads masses of unused artsy craftsy supplies on another...you should help them organize it. :) That way she'll be able to play with it all. I am feeling much better...the sun came out the last few days of break....the fresh air does amazing things to a sick body. Yet, it rained yesterday..figures. :) I guess I should get started on another pile of magazines...oh, joy.


  1. Good to hear that you are on the mend and that you are planning all kind of fun stuff for Christmas. Will Clark be home by then? Love, love, love the photos you have taken of Billy, he is sooo cute!

  2. Good to see you are feeling. And about not wanting your photo taken. I got a couple of good ones at Silverbella ;)

  3. Hi Wanda!
    I just wanted to pop in and tell you thank you for making my Saint Tag Book so pretty with your TWO tags!!! I'm so happy you were a part of my swap...I have sooo many good memories with you this year!!!
    everything vintage