24 November 2009

The Shop

Well, last night I re-opened it and I only had 29 items left...oy. :) I took some photos of some books and I just listed them. I got my last SB box last night...I just need to figure out what is worth listing. It is hard figuring out what might sell and what might not. I rarely sell anything I've relisted...other than some trim. So I might have to start from scratch and poke around the boxes here for some new things. It makes it hard to get motivated...but I didn't make 200 goody bags for nothing. Yes, I made those yo-yos...love that fabric...it is so me. I actually sent mine to the lady who helped me with the button card kits....Judi Andersen of www.pinkpersimmon.com. If you liked the design on your card..that is her doing..I had two different designs to work with and they are both from her stamp sets. They are pretty good stamps as well. :) So if you liked the button card kit...head over to Pink Persimmon and let her know.


  1. Hi Wanda...and a Happy Turkey Day 2 U 2! Hope you have a Giblet kinda day LOL....and it was awesome meeting you too... I know for sure I will be buying goodies from you till we meet again in Silver Bella...have a honey of a day! grace peace joy & many blessings 2 U, Marlene

  2. You crack me up...Just read your comment on my last post! Happy Thanksgiving, girl...Glad you finally got all your boxes from Silver Bella. Hope you are having a good Thanksgiving.