09 November 2009

Still sick

I'm still sick, but that will not stop my trek to Omaha this week. I need the break too bad not to go. :) My parents made it safe on Friday and have been spoiling the children. We got stir-fried noodles with chicken tonight. Woo hoo...none for Clark. :) Clark finally made it to Iraq..he'd been stuck in Kuwait. Now I can ship boxes of crap to him. I got all my Silver Bella boxes shipped off last Thursday.....five boxes. That included swap stuff. I'm finishing up my last swap. I still have to finish gathering my class stuff. I leave on Wednesday..so I better get packing. :) I'll have pictures this year.....unless my sister steals my camera. :)


  1. Wanda I just know that you will be totally recovered once you get to Silver Bella, have fun and take tons of photos!

  2. I have the darn thing too. I have been sick for a week. What is this about? Grrrrr. I am working on my charm swap today. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. Another Gggrrrr. Are we still needing 24? I am making peppermints soldered. I was so excited about this swap and then when it came to doing it, I could come up with one idea. GRRRRRRR. Us sicky will have to hang-out together. See you soon.