18 November 2009

From SB to Puke Fest 2009

My boys were throwing up all afternoon and night. Jr got the first wave and Billy didn't throw up until bedtime. Three sheet changes, two baths (he missed himself and his pjs the last time), spilled drink on the floor....he finally settled in for a few hours of sleep at 4:51am. Argh....I am just too tired for this shit. I already felt like I was behind, now it is even worse. My parents leave today (perfect timing). :) Oh well. The boys are home from school today. Oh, joy..what fun! :)


  1. Mmm I guess this is the first post where I don't regret you have no photos :-}! Take care!

  2. Wish I could help you. Mine are all grown up, I would be happy to care for a little sick one. Well maybe for a day or two, tee hee.