01 November 2009


That is how old my little Billy is today. He doesn't quite get that today is special, but it is none the less. :) He wanted to go for a walk and we did. He'll get some pumpkin roll cake later (he doesn't know about that). He got a few things for his birthday....mostly edible items and some balloons (he loves those and had me blow all of them up).


  1. Happy Birthday Billy. Have found with your balloons and hope you made lots of good wishes.

  2. Hi Wanda, I am happy you have a camera and are taking pictures- Good to see your darling boy. He is a cutie.
    Looking forward to seeing you soon

  3. Happy Birthday to Billy!!! One hand full! Yeah! Ok, I love it when you just think every day is special! Cute photo, oh your mom will be having so much fun with her camera on Silver Bella in just a few weeks. Have a happy day, all of you, just keep on partying!

  4. Your little Billy is so cute. You made such a very beautiful capture of him. Have a great day!!!