23 November 2009

SB- First Class

I figured out how to make the pictures go in the right order...woohoo...hey, that is a big thing for me...stop laughing at me. Okay, my first calss was "Rosary Necklace" with Kaari Meng of French General. I was a tad scared...I'd tried to make jewelry before and I just couldn't get the hang of it. She made it so easy to understand and once I figured out what the hell I was doing..it went quickly. Bianca and I had a little race going to see who could finish first. I won...she wanted to add a few extra things to make her necklace a little longer. The first picture is what awaited us when we arrived. One of the ladies at my table was a Bella I met last year....Kara Ward..who is just fabulous and so very talented on many fronts....that is her int he second picture. The third picture is of Kaari Meng and Amy Powers (who is too cool for words). The last photo is of all the necklaces from our tables (some finished, some not...one is missing). My necklace is the one with the blue beads. I have been hoarding those babies for months and I brought two saint charms that were silver and the blue went with them better than the pearls in the kit. So it was totally different...I loved that. I did share..every lady got a blue bead from me and Ali got two things- a bead and a green glass flower....you can see it on her necklace in the picture. She is so spoiled. :) Jodie's necklace has her blue bead on it.
Now something totally unrelated to SB: I took the boys to Target, Michaels, and McDonald's today all by myself. I got there and back...merging was still a tad scary, but I did it. I found Billy the cutest pajamas....yes, I have a thing for pajamas...two sets....he goes through his pajamas..messy, little thing. :) I, also, got some storage things for Billy's room..I know my parents are reading this and just want them to know that I'm working on it. :)


  1. Wanda your necklace is just gorgeous! Those blue beads whow!

  2. I'm still so excited with my little blue bead Wanda...thank you!
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