27 February 2010


I said it nine times...that was bad...even for me. :) Vintage Sandy....if you email me your information...I'll send you a little something this week. Today, we are headed to Birmingham for the book sale. I came to my senses...cheap books and someone to watch my kids....how could I not go. :) Enjoy your weekend!

25 February 2010

The no good, horribly bad blogger strikes again

It has just sucked lately. I'm am so tired. I don't remember any deployment ever sucking this much. It is just crazy. I'm usually the wife telling all the other wives to suck it up and drive on...I just want to go back to bed. Blah. I had to take the wee one to the doctor last Friday....it wasn't too bad....until he saw the doctor. :) He is fine. I will respect his privacy and not tell you anything. :) It was the end of a crazy week. It was a short week..they had President's Day off. The thing that really blew was that it started on a Tuesday.....Tuesdays suck for parents...the kids get out early on Tuesdays. I wouldn't mind so much, but Billy's bus schedule is all wacky that day and I have the hardest time remembering it. This week...I am just tired....I haven't been sleeping well. I'm so tired that I'm thinking of skipping the big book sale in Birmingham this weekend...crazy talk..I know. I love that sale and I have someone there who will watch Billy for me. It is just that three hour drive. Whine, whine, whine.....it is so bad. I suck. On top of that....I have the worst creative block known to man. Two swaps to go and I can't get going on them. Suggestions...anyone?? I'm just thinking of all the cool swaps I'm missing out on, because I won't sign up for anymore until I get my mojo back. :) The lady I did the "Thing With Wings" charm swap with is holding another charm swap.....Alice In Wonderland...too cool, right?? Wrong. There is a Tussie Mussie Swap out there.....I convinced Wendy to join and I will live vicariously through her. Someday....it will back and I won't suck anymore (okay, maybe I can suck some more...totally possible). I have been enjoying the Olympics with my boys. Billy loves the Olympics and will watch anything that is on. At 8pm sharp he comes in (and if we haven't changed the channel yet) and say, "NBC"...he can't quite say Olympics yet. He gets his happy hands a-going....he has really enjoyed skiing and the bobsled action. Figure Skating...he likes all the spinning. Go figure. :) It is really going to suck when they end and he wants to watch them some more. Somebody....please....count how many time I used "suck" in this post and report back to me. I may send you something. How's that for a giveaway?? I told you I need some sleep.

12 February 2010

Snow Day!!!!!!

These are two shots of my backyard...four hours apart. I'm so friggin happy. I got a call from the middle school at 2221 hours last night saying that school was canceled due to the weather...I didn't want to get my hopes up. It hasn't stopped snowing since..it started around 1000 hours this morning. I love it!!

09 February 2010

The Supreme Chicken Shit Speaks...

that would be me. I'm still shaking a little...we just got back from Jordan High School's Open House. I hate driving to start with, but at night...even worse. We made it there and back though. The Open House....the middle schoolers here at Fort Benning have about eight million options for High School...there are two schools that they are zoned for..depending on county (yes, the whole post is on two different counties..makes registering your car a real bitch) and a bevy of magnet school options as well. That doesn't include the religious/private high schools. Oy..is right. Well, Jr saw a program at Jordan he was interested in and their open house was tonight. The school is an older one, but they've got great electives. Culinary Arts, Welding, Health Care...all sorts of good stuff. You actually need a map to get around...they provided those (thank goodness). He has pre-applied (I mailed that last week)..so we are just waiting to see if he made it. Wish him luck. :) I'm waiting for some sunlight to take good pictures of my Inspiration Boxes from the swap. I took some not so pretty ones on the stove, but that wouldn't do them justice. You will see the stovetop pictures of the boxes I made....I had to get them out and I was really tired from the night before....the Great Flood of 2010 (thanks to Billy..such a joy) and I just didn't have it in me to set up something special. I figured the fact that I remembered to take a picture before sending them gets me some points this time. I've got three swaps left..one private swap (with my Bella Buddy, Marian), the Dutch Sisters' Swap, and the tag swap (April Showers Bring May Flowers is the theme this time...same ladies from the V-day tag swap..aren't you sorry you didn't get into that swap...we are an exclusive little club now). I'm so getting kicked out for that comment...they are probably only letting me stay in because I send them free shit. Well, TSCS (that is still me) has to make dinner and go sit on my ass and watch NCIS. :) By the way.....Dad, are you happy now...I updated my blog....it's not like we don't talk every weekend. :)