12 February 2010

Snow Day!!!!!!

These are two shots of my backyard...four hours apart. I'm so friggin happy. I got a call from the middle school at 2221 hours last night saying that school was canceled due to the weather...I didn't want to get my hopes up. It hasn't stopped snowing since..it started around 1000 hours this morning. I love it!!


  1. Hey...you should move to Minnesota. i am hibernating. There are three feet of snow on the ground.

    I am visiting all the Silver Bella swaps I love and always laugh my head off when I read yours. I also remember all the muffin tins that the woman bought right under me (just kidding) and am hoping you will have your cool booth this year.

    I am trying to do one swap at a time...Alice in Wonderland tags at Karla Nathan's and did the matchbox swap for Heather. Your sister had an incredible box. Or was that yours?

    Sure wish your husband would come home soon. I know the snow must make it even harder.

    Thinking of you!

  2. It is a great day for you because you have a great chance to play with the nature.