31 May 2009

And the winner is....

LOLLY of Lolly's Nest Egg (http://www.lollysnestegg.blogspot.com/) . Thank you all for entering my giveaway. :) Lolly...I'll be emailing shortly for your address.

27 May 2009

3rd Annual Cottage Charm Giveaway

It is that time again and I have slacked til I can slack no more. :) Here is what I am offering up....a nifty turkey basket (the top pops off), a vintage paper tablecloth, vintage Thanksgiving cupcake toppers, Fall themed cupcake papers and cookie cutters. I'm going to add a cookbook to boot....I just hadn't found the right one before the picture got taken. So you have until the 30th to sign up on THIS post to be entered for the giveaway. Good Luck! Go here to see more of the goodies being offered up. www.owcl.blogspot.com/2009/05/sign-up-now-for-3rd-annual-cottage.html

26 May 2009

People really piss me off!

I was sitting outside with Billy..we were waiting for the bus, looking over all the happy mail we received....when I noticed something was a little off about his tree. Someone stole one of his balloons...the big red one. When they stole it...I guess they thought it would come off easier...the metal loopy thing that you hang it from was left. Clark had strung cord through those to hang them up. I'm so pissed.....who the hell steals from a four year old?? He doesn't wnat for much, he doesn't ask for much....but he picked out those balloons by himself. He loves colors and balloons. These were great because they are plastic...granted, big brother broke the big green one by accident. Argh...I'm so mad. I hate it when shit like this happens on post. We didn't try that shit on post when were growing up...our parents raised us better. So, I cut them all down and brought them inside. I think we'll attach them from the ceiling. Maybe the Hobby Lobby in Opelika has a few left. Oh well....totally ruined my happy mail. My Nancy Drew swap partner sent me a great box of things.

25 May 2009

Where did I leave off??

Well, the weekend is almost over. The school year ends on Wednesday...oh, the sweet few hours of alone time a week are about to be gone. :( I'm going to be working like a dog for the next two days. I got little to nothing done this weekend. My Dad arrived on Thursday. Clark and I worked on Billy's tree...hung up some plastic balloons he picked out awhile ago at Hobby Lobby. He has two wind chimes, a butterfly, a small bird bath and a metal hot air balloon in his tree. He was so excited. Clark, Jr and I went to Target, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby on Friday morning..last minute shopping for TimeGate and I promised to get some things for my sister. They left for TimeGate and my Dad hit the local Army/Navy Surplus stores. Saturday, we went and hit all the major thrift stores in Columbus, Phenix City (AL), and Opelika (AL).....boy, I was bushed....we hit ten thrift stores that day. We didn't go to Angel's Antique & Flea Market in Opelika....Billy was getting cranky and we were both tired. I got a few things. Yesterday, we bummed around for part of the morning....then my Dad went and got haircut and hit up Clothing Sales (where soldiers buy their uniforms and such). He took Billy for a walk while I got ready to hit the commissary. We really needed food (as my Dad let me know over and over again...oy, fathers). Billy rode around in a cart pushed by Grandpa and I had a cart. It started pouring while we were checking out....crazy ass rainy weather. When we got home....Clark and Jr were already back from Atlanta. I baked a cake.....Pineapple Upside-Down Cake....we finished it off this morning. Yum. I made an apple cake this evening. Baking up a storm....working back up to it. I haven't really baked in a long time. We had spaghetti and meatballs for late lunch/dinner (I just put that in so that my parents know that I fed my family). I worked on one of my PIFs this evening. I'm almost done with the first one. My Nancy Drew Swap project is coming along....I will try and remember to take photos before I send it off....I am bad about that. I got the last item I needed to start my charms for the "Things with Wings" swap and I got a partner for Contented's "Seaside Swap". Her name is Jenny and she lives in England and I think she perfect for me, because she to is a huge fabric whore. How cool is that?? It is going to be fun gathering and making things for her. I guess I should get off my tush and get to work....much to do. Oh...I re-opened my shop Saturday night. I'll try to get some new things in this week. Note to Kara: oh, the pressure to make the Alice kits just perfect that is now on me...I would hate to disappoint you...argh. :)

20 May 2009

Crazy tired

That would describe me to a tee. Oy. I just finished working on Billy's room...I gave up for the night. I'm so tired. I didn't get much sleep last night. Billy fell asleep around 7 or 8pm and woke up a little after 10 and wouldn't go back to bed without his cup. He was screaming. He only fell asleep early because I had to wake him up yesterday morning to go pick up his Dad. Yep, Clark is home and he has slept better than me. :) So instead of trying to nap this morning..I started reading up the house. My Dad will be here tomorrow night for a few days. That works out good for Billy and I.....Clark and Jr are heading to TimeGate on Friday for the weekend. I would have been carless....one of the reasons I shut the store down for a little bit. I did get a few things made for the shop this week. Twenty eight to be exact...four of each color, seven colors. I've always wanted to make little inspiration kits...I know....everyone does them. But I am so inspired by the sweet, little kits that Julie Collings makes...I won't ever be on her level, but I wanted to make some kits. So I finally did....they consist of five pieces of textiles in a certain color palette and there are buttons, trims and millinery as well. I like how they turned out. I managed to clear some room on the table I work on thanks to that. :) I had to get to my cutting pad. I unearthed some vintage cupcake tins that I painted. So that is one thing I want to work on next...after the little Alice kits I'm working on.....those have vintage Alice in Wonderland pages, playing cards and a chess piece....I'm hoping to add some trims and other fun bits in red, black and white. I had to stop working on shop items...husbands who come home from the field like some attention. :) I guess that is it for the night..I'm bushed and really thirsty. :) I did get a small trip into Michaels and Hobby Lobby today....I needed a few things for things I have up my sleeve. One of them involves a Pink Persimmon stamp I just ordered...I met Judi (she and her sister, Darcy, run the business together) at Silver Bella last year....she is so nice and their stamps are so cute. I can't remember the link....I'll look it up and post it later. Michael's is a dangerous place...I gouged myself getting a acrylic block for said stamp. Ouch and yuck...I bled. I don't like to bleed. :)

16 May 2009

First full day off the meds...

and Billy went "cuckoo for cocoa puffs" crazy, I got attitude from the 13 year old and the dog was a pain in the ass. Argh. So not fair. :) I'm good. Happy thing..we got new neighbors...they are nice and don't mind our crazy dog. Turns out they are using this are of housing for transient/training housing...lots of turnover (now it all makes sense). It wasn't that when we moved in....I guess they got the new housing finished and permanent party now goes there. I like where we live...it's older housing and the neighborhood is pretty quiet. :) Silver Bella Vendor applications went out this week...I applied...hopefully it is in Omaha by now....I printed it out and mailed it the same day....the sooner the better chance (I hope). I've been going through all my treasures...a little here and there. I'm getting ideas for the shop(color coordinated....Billy has a thing for colors..such inspiration) and hopefully vendor night (I had an idea for a theme for the table, but Wendy didn't like it...so I think I've got a new one). Fingers crossed...I had so much fun last year. So much more to go through....never ending. It has been good that I'm not confident enough to drive off post yet.....no new things coming in. :) Well, coffee and the newspaper await. Wait....I have to do a shout out for someone near and dear to us....his name is Billy (Big Billy...Little Billy is partially named for him)...he is graduating from college today...George Mason University. But something that is even better....he is following in his Father's footsteps....he gets commissioned today...a 2LT in the US Army. I am so proud of him....feel bad that he'll be an MP...but so proud of him...he knew he wanted to go in the service and did it. Teehee...my husband will have to salute you now. :)

09 May 2009

Just not content with two swaps...

so I went over to Rachel's blog, Contented, and signed up for her new swap. It is a Seaside Swap. There are just two rules.....you must have a blog (all you gals who don't have one...this is your excuse to start one) and at least one of your items must be handmade. You have over 2 months to get it posted (I just love the Brits)....the deadline to sign up is May 22nd and mail out date is 31st of July. Here is the link to that particuliar blog entry (www.contented.typepad.co.uk/contented/2009/05/seaside-swap-2009.html ). It sounds like the perfect summer swap. This is a great opportunity to swap with some international swappers as well. Who knows....you might end up with some cool supplies or other goodies. Plus, you meet really nice people from places like Holland and Slovenia. :)

07 May 2009

Oy....I've been outside the house everyday this week

Crazy shit....I never leave the house during the week....Clark normally has the car. Monday, I drove him to work. Tuesday, I had to go to the commissary...I forgot to buy diapers on Sunday. Wednesday, Clark called Tuesday night and asked me to do him a favor...it involved Class A's, Clothing Sales, and the Alteration Shop. Today, IEP for the wee one. Good news....no summer school for him this year & bad news......he's getting a shiner. I guess not ten minutes after they all got off the bus, he and another kid went for the same toy. Billy got it in the eye socket with the other child's forehead....so loud the teacher and aides heard it. Poor baby. He's fine. I'm exhausted...I don't know why. I guess it is just the change in my routine. At least, Baccus has been a sweetheart....he hasn't jumped on me once since Clark left....he's been really good. I've manged to get a few things organized....not much...baby steps. I don't quite know where to start...so I just stare at everything and then don't do anything....horribly bad...that's me. I made Fried Rice today.....I screwed up the first batch of rice....I forgot it was on the stove....it wasn't enough to start with anyhow. I made more rice and all was good in that part of the universe. I love my Mom's Fried Rice.....none of that peas and carrots crap you see in stores and such. Blah. :( It's an ancient Chinese secret, but if go to my sister's blog...she may give it up....she's way nicer than me. I made a command decision while doing the dishes (I needed to have them done before eight...tv night).....I'm going to take a small break from the store. I need a break and there seems to a lull in sales right now...so it seems like a good time. These are the last few weeks of the school year.....I need to concentrate on things around the homefront...before the kids are home for 24/7. :)

05 May 2009

Forget Cinco De Mayo

Today is my Mom's birthday. Happy Birthday, Mommy! I know you are out there lurking...you admitted it the other day (Dad will explain). :) I love you! The boys love you, too!

04 May 2009

Pino needs your help!

I got an email from Katherine Dunn. She and Pino are great friends. Last year, she held a neat thing called "Pino Pie Day" and sold pies and aprons. She is planning another Pino Pie Party this year. She has put out the call for aprons....vintage or new, hand sewn or store bought. If you'd like to read more about Pino and his party...go here.... www.tinyurl.com/d6v5g8 . I sent some aprons I had laying around the house last year and got a great thank you note from Pino afterwards. She is also putting out a call for something new this year....8" fabric squares...to rea more about that...go here... www.tinyurl.com/cdmvxy . So even if you don't have any aprons you can still contribute. I, also, got an email about the 3rd annual Cottage Charm Giveaway. I participated last year and plan to do so this year....it kind of snuck up on me. I've got to figure out a better prize than last year. That will be tough. I'm so tired....I had to get up extra early and take Clark into work....he went out into the field today.....woohoo....easy dinners, the car, less laundry, I can watch all my girly shows with no eye rolling or mocking...aahh. On the flipside...single parenthood, a teenager who will out eat me, and a preschooler who is a total nutjob. He's been kind of cute the last few days....he hunted me down in the commissary yesterday and gave me a big hug. He actually wanted to us all to stay together...too cute. He hung out on the couch with me this morning while I was making yo-yos ( he picked the channel on the tv....a cricut paid advertisement....he has crafty potential). Crfaty potential, my ass.....I got a note from the teacher with his art project....he is not enjoying art and has to be fully supervised/helped....argh. But he knows his colors and can count the circles they used on the caterpillar. :) He can say and sign his colors....so take that. :) I hear flinging of DVDs....oy...troublemaker.