04 May 2009

Pino needs your help!

I got an email from Katherine Dunn. She and Pino are great friends. Last year, she held a neat thing called "Pino Pie Day" and sold pies and aprons. She is planning another Pino Pie Party this year. She has put out the call for aprons....vintage or new, hand sewn or store bought. If you'd like to read more about Pino and his party...go here.... www.tinyurl.com/d6v5g8 . I sent some aprons I had laying around the house last year and got a great thank you note from Pino afterwards. She is also putting out a call for something new this year....8" fabric squares...to rea more about that...go here... www.tinyurl.com/cdmvxy . So even if you don't have any aprons you can still contribute. I, also, got an email about the 3rd annual Cottage Charm Giveaway. I participated last year and plan to do so this year....it kind of snuck up on me. I've got to figure out a better prize than last year. That will be tough. I'm so tired....I had to get up extra early and take Clark into work....he went out into the field today.....woohoo....easy dinners, the car, less laundry, I can watch all my girly shows with no eye rolling or mocking...aahh. On the flipside...single parenthood, a teenager who will out eat me, and a preschooler who is a total nutjob. He's been kind of cute the last few days....he hunted me down in the commissary yesterday and gave me a big hug. He actually wanted to us all to stay together...too cute. He hung out on the couch with me this morning while I was making yo-yos ( he picked the channel on the tv....a cricut paid advertisement....he has crafty potential). Crfaty potential, my ass.....I got a note from the teacher with his art project....he is not enjoying art and has to be fully supervised/helped....argh. But he knows his colors and can count the circles they used on the caterpillar. :) He can say and sign his colors....so take that. :) I hear flinging of DVDs....oy...troublemaker.

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