26 May 2009

People really piss me off!

I was sitting outside with Billy..we were waiting for the bus, looking over all the happy mail we received....when I noticed something was a little off about his tree. Someone stole one of his balloons...the big red one. When they stole it...I guess they thought it would come off easier...the metal loopy thing that you hang it from was left. Clark had strung cord through those to hang them up. I'm so pissed.....who the hell steals from a four year old?? He doesn't wnat for much, he doesn't ask for much....but he picked out those balloons by himself. He loves colors and balloons. These were great because they are plastic...granted, big brother broke the big green one by accident. Argh...I'm so mad. I hate it when shit like this happens on post. We didn't try that shit on post when were growing up...our parents raised us better. So, I cut them all down and brought them inside. I think we'll attach them from the ceiling. Maybe the Hobby Lobby in Opelika has a few left. Oh well....totally ruined my happy mail. My Nancy Drew swap partner sent me a great box of things.


  1. Rotten kids! I don't get vandalism. My kids would get such a verbal whupping if I ever found they had done such a thing.

  2. I'm sorry, Wanda. Little Bebe does not deserve that. I can send him something for your birthday, if it will help. Just let me know.

    Love, Aunt Wendy