07 May 2009

Oy....I've been outside the house everyday this week

Crazy shit....I never leave the house during the week....Clark normally has the car. Monday, I drove him to work. Tuesday, I had to go to the commissary...I forgot to buy diapers on Sunday. Wednesday, Clark called Tuesday night and asked me to do him a favor...it involved Class A's, Clothing Sales, and the Alteration Shop. Today, IEP for the wee one. Good news....no summer school for him this year & bad news......he's getting a shiner. I guess not ten minutes after they all got off the bus, he and another kid went for the same toy. Billy got it in the eye socket with the other child's forehead....so loud the teacher and aides heard it. Poor baby. He's fine. I'm exhausted...I don't know why. I guess it is just the change in my routine. At least, Baccus has been a sweetheart....he hasn't jumped on me once since Clark left....he's been really good. I've manged to get a few things organized....not much...baby steps. I don't quite know where to start...so I just stare at everything and then don't do anything....horribly bad...that's me. I made Fried Rice today.....I screwed up the first batch of rice....I forgot it was on the stove....it wasn't enough to start with anyhow. I made more rice and all was good in that part of the universe. I love my Mom's Fried Rice.....none of that peas and carrots crap you see in stores and such. Blah. :( It's an ancient Chinese secret, but if go to my sister's blog...she may give it up....she's way nicer than me. I made a command decision while doing the dishes (I needed to have them done before eight...tv night).....I'm going to take a small break from the store. I need a break and there seems to a lull in sales right now...so it seems like a good time. These are the last few weeks of the school year.....I need to concentrate on things around the homefront...before the kids are home for 24/7. :)

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