25 May 2009

Where did I leave off??

Well, the weekend is almost over. The school year ends on Wednesday...oh, the sweet few hours of alone time a week are about to be gone. :( I'm going to be working like a dog for the next two days. I got little to nothing done this weekend. My Dad arrived on Thursday. Clark and I worked on Billy's tree...hung up some plastic balloons he picked out awhile ago at Hobby Lobby. He has two wind chimes, a butterfly, a small bird bath and a metal hot air balloon in his tree. He was so excited. Clark, Jr and I went to Target, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby on Friday morning..last minute shopping for TimeGate and I promised to get some things for my sister. They left for TimeGate and my Dad hit the local Army/Navy Surplus stores. Saturday, we went and hit all the major thrift stores in Columbus, Phenix City (AL), and Opelika (AL).....boy, I was bushed....we hit ten thrift stores that day. We didn't go to Angel's Antique & Flea Market in Opelika....Billy was getting cranky and we were both tired. I got a few things. Yesterday, we bummed around for part of the morning....then my Dad went and got haircut and hit up Clothing Sales (where soldiers buy their uniforms and such). He took Billy for a walk while I got ready to hit the commissary. We really needed food (as my Dad let me know over and over again...oy, fathers). Billy rode around in a cart pushed by Grandpa and I had a cart. It started pouring while we were checking out....crazy ass rainy weather. When we got home....Clark and Jr were already back from Atlanta. I baked a cake.....Pineapple Upside-Down Cake....we finished it off this morning. Yum. I made an apple cake this evening. Baking up a storm....working back up to it. I haven't really baked in a long time. We had spaghetti and meatballs for late lunch/dinner (I just put that in so that my parents know that I fed my family). I worked on one of my PIFs this evening. I'm almost done with the first one. My Nancy Drew Swap project is coming along....I will try and remember to take photos before I send it off....I am bad about that. I got the last item I needed to start my charms for the "Things with Wings" swap and I got a partner for Contented's "Seaside Swap". Her name is Jenny and she lives in England and I think she perfect for me, because she to is a huge fabric whore. How cool is that?? It is going to be fun gathering and making things for her. I guess I should get off my tush and get to work....much to do. Oh...I re-opened my shop Saturday night. I'll try to get some new things in this week. Note to Kara: oh, the pressure to make the Alice kits just perfect that is now on me...I would hate to disappoint you...argh. :)


  1. I bet you are worn to the bone but I bet you found goods for Bella too!