16 May 2009

First full day off the meds...

and Billy went "cuckoo for cocoa puffs" crazy, I got attitude from the 13 year old and the dog was a pain in the ass. Argh. So not fair. :) I'm good. Happy thing..we got new neighbors...they are nice and don't mind our crazy dog. Turns out they are using this are of housing for transient/training housing...lots of turnover (now it all makes sense). It wasn't that when we moved in....I guess they got the new housing finished and permanent party now goes there. I like where we live...it's older housing and the neighborhood is pretty quiet. :) Silver Bella Vendor applications went out this week...I applied...hopefully it is in Omaha by now....I printed it out and mailed it the same day....the sooner the better chance (I hope). I've been going through all my treasures...a little here and there. I'm getting ideas for the shop(color coordinated....Billy has a thing for colors..such inspiration) and hopefully vendor night (I had an idea for a theme for the table, but Wendy didn't like it...so I think I've got a new one). Fingers crossed...I had so much fun last year. So much more to go through....never ending. It has been good that I'm not confident enough to drive off post yet.....no new things coming in. :) Well, coffee and the newspaper await. Wait....I have to do a shout out for someone near and dear to us....his name is Billy (Big Billy...Little Billy is partially named for him)...he is graduating from college today...George Mason University. But something that is even better....he is following in his Father's footsteps....he gets commissioned today...a 2LT in the US Army. I am so proud of him....feel bad that he'll be an MP...but so proud of him...he knew he wanted to go in the service and did it. Teehee...my husband will have to salute you now. :)

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  1. Hi Wanda!
    Just came over to say thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog! When your header popped up, I thought cool! You had a booth at Vendor Faire Silver Bella! I bought bingo card packs from you and I still have the brown paper bag with your stamp on it The Rat's Pajamas. I thought the name was really unique. So nice to meet you again. Don't mind if I become a follower!