09 October 2014

Floh Markt Treasures

July's goods....fake food for 2 euro and box of buttons for 3 euro,

6 September- box of stuff in top picture for 20 euro and that lovely pile of vintage American crafty crap was 3/1 euro and I bought 20 euros worth.  He threw in extras, because I spent so much.  I would've asked for the price for the whole big box.....but there were two German ladies digging along side me.  

20 September- My son was a doll and bought me a box of handkerchiefs for 6 euro.  It turned out to be 33 hankies.  The ones in the front are kiddie hankies..too cute.

Last weekend-  I got this adorable doll cabinet for 8 euro.  I am working on removing the stickers.....I've been using peanut butter.....it seems to be working (a little).  Goo be gone would probably work better. :) 

08 October 2014


I go on adventures with a fellow mil-spouse here in Germany (or at least we try to once a week).  Today was my day to chose and I chose Kallmunz.  I had read about it on another mil-spouse blog:  http://milligfunk.com/exploring-kallmunz-castle-ruins/   It sounded like a good day trip.  We climbed up those stairs to get to the ruins and walked back the long way (which ended by that sign).  We walked around the town for a little bit and then ate at the Trattoria.  It was really good pizza and I ate half of it in about five minutes.