28 March 2009

What A Line Up

Holy Smokes! Teresa just listed this year's instructors for Silver Bella (www.teresamcfayden.typepad.com/silverbella/ ) and WOW is all I can say. I thought last year's line up was impressive...she has outdone herself. Not only are the regulars going to be there (Charlotte- my favorite, Pam, Rebecca and Teresa), but the Newbies totally rock (Denise Sharp, Kaari Meng, Jennifer Murphy, and Anna Corba). I don't know how Teresa does it...she is so cool. She's hoping to list classes soon and registration is tenatively scheduled for mid-April. How are we supposed to choose?? I'm so excited. I had such a good time last year.

Man, oh, man.....it just rained all friggin day here. To go with all the rain from yesterday. Woohoo. There were tornado warnings in Alabama, so a side trip to Opelika was out. :( I did manage to work on one of my swaps some more. I think it is turning out nicely...I'm sewing it by hand. I need to figure out what to use to put them all together and hang it. It's for the garland swap. I'm using some sweet fabrics that I got from Jo-Ann's.....I'm actually using some of the fabric from the Quilt Square Swap. :) I'm hoping the sun will come out tomorrow. Sunshine would be really nice.

26 March 2009

Am I really an enabler??

I was told by an unamed blogger that I was an enabler....is it true?? Damn, skippy skippy. :) Who else is going to push you people to try something new?? Life is way too short to hem and haw about shit. So those of you even thinking about signing up for Maria's swap and haven't...you better go email her asap. It's going to be fun. Now...my enabling ass managed to lay on the couch and read for the last two days.....I needed to decompress after all the quilt square mess. I finished the two Mary Kay Andrews books...really cute and all you junk lovers out there will love it. I need to find some more of her books....she's fun to read. I, also, managed to get all but a few of the blogs listed here...listed into my bloglines.....I've got over 200 blogs listed. I LOVE Bloglines.....it makes it so much easier. The are all on one list and I can see who updated and who didn't....just wonderful. Now I can look at as many blogs as I want and not worry about filling up my blog or favorites section....look at how much room I've saved on my sidebar. More room to list new swaps. :) Well, I guess I need to go work on a swap....the boys are at school....perfect.

P.S. I've got one more slot open on my PIF (it's a few posts down)...go ahead, you know you want to sign up and then have an excuse to create (because you'd be obligated and then your husbands/kids can't talk smack). :)

23 March 2009

Marie Antoinette Collage Swap

I got an email from an old swap buddy....Maria (http://www.thejunkkdrawer.blogspot.com/ ) and she is hostessing a new swap. It is a "Marie Antoinette Collage Swap" based on the "Bits and Pieces Swap" that Jenny of Everyday's a Holiday did, but with a Marie theme. You take an 8 1/2" by 11" stretched canvas and then break it up into 12 squares. Each square is a little mini-collage. She is leaving sign-ups open until the 6th of April. This should be fun. If you love Marie or just the time period, go over and sign up. The more the merrier. Gotta go..my man, Chuck is coming on.

Happy, Happy, Happy

I got my quilt squares off in the mail today.....oy. What a pain in the ass those have been...they hated me. :) It is done and I shall never think of them again....I will play with the remnants of blue polka spotted fabric though...it is sweet. It was a happy mail day to boot. I got my belated Xmas presents from my parents (I was responsible for picking them out/ordering them). My Dad got on to me the other day for not using the money yet....tough life, right?? I ended up ordering books....big shocker there...I know...I'm a book whore. I got three books of eye candy and two books to read. :) I got Kaari Meng's first two French General books and Amy Hanna's new book.....some really neat stuff in those books to try out. It makes me want to jump on a plane, fly to France and hit the Flea Markets. I, also, got two of Mary Kay Andrews books....I had read about them on Vintage Rescue Squad. They sounded fun. I took the advice of Heather (HELLO..my name is Heather...Heather) and subscribed to Bloglines....very cool and now I can clear out some room in my favorites and here on the blog. They will all be in one place and I won't have to spend mindless hours checking to see who updated their blogs. Too cool. She is doing her "March of the Tools" thing againt his year and had Bloglines listed. I'm just relaxing today after the rough weekend. We did get all the flowers planted...the front of the house looks great. I picked out pansies, snapdragons, petunias, geraniums and Clark chose one daisy. I got two hanging baskets and that is where the pansies are located. It is such a beautiful day...Billy and I went out thirty minutes early (for the bus) and he ran around the yard...shoving his face in his chives, touching the leaves and flowers, and throwing dandelion parts up in the air. He was so happy....he did try to make a run for it when the bus was pulling up....ding dong. I do believe I'll let him play again when he comes off the bus. We've been staying outside after he comes home for about 20-30 minutes...it's been nice. I do need to get some type of seating for the front porch (not really a porch, but not a stoop either)....pavement is a tad cold to the bum. I hope everyone is having a great day. I know my sister is....she sold her first item this weekend..yeah, Winnie! I think I'll go start one of my books. I'm relaxing today....tomorrow back to crafting...I've got two swaps to work on.

21 March 2009

PIF and Ostentation

I actually read about it on Maija's blog, but missed out. So when I saw that Heather (http://www.boobyfish.blogspot.com/ ) was offering it as well..I jumped at the chance. Here is what happens:

The first three people to leave me a comment stating that they want to play...will receive a handmade item from me sometime in the next three months. It will just show up...I'm not telling you anything. :) In return, you need to post about this on your blog and offer up some handmade love. I hate the term "Pay it forward" but I love the concept of random acts of kindness. How great is this...you have an extra reason to create and you'll make someone's day. :)

On another note.....the big day has come....I can unveil the big project with my sister. We have opened a joint Etsy shop...."Ostentation". She has a thing for peacocks and since it's a collective between the two of us (and maybe a co-worker of Wendy's)...what better than the name for a group of peacocks. :) This shop is just for handmade things. My shop is vintage/supplies/all around weird shit. So go have a look, see if there is anything you like.... http://www.wendyhue.etsy.com/ .

Oy...on yet another note....special boy has regressed a tad and shopping with him is a real bitch. Today was made so much longer by that little bundle of cuteness. We started the day hitting a few sales (most of them were duds...but we saw a really nice man at about four of them) and mailing my packages. We came home, ate, and rested for a tad. Then we hit the PX....I needed to look for a new sewing machine....he had his first melt down of the day...he didn't want to sit in the cart and Clark was getting tired of following him around the store/havinghim on his shoulders. I strapped his happy ass in the cart and he screamed and screamed....oy. We got our purchases and went home....he wouldn't get out of his car seat....made us hook him back in...he wanted to go bye bye. So we went to Walmart...we wanted to get flowers for the yard anyhow. He didn't melt down, but he was pretty near impossible. He used to be such a good boy and would ride in the cart. We get home and he won't get out of the car...again. Oy. I took him inside after awhile...he screamed and screamed and screamed some more. He finally escaped my room (I was trying to get him to take a nap) and took his pants to his Dad...outside. But he stopped crying/screaming and stayed outside while we planted everything. Poor Jr...allergies got him...there is pollen everywhere...eek. So that was my day...I am bushed. I'm going to plop my ass on the couch and read magazines and watch stupid tv. Good night.

20 March 2009

Tag..I'm it

Okay, Viv tagged me. I was to open my pictures folder and open the sixth folder and get the sixth picture. Well, I tried...I only had eight folders...three of whcih were full of clipart from various sources. So I went past the first five folders and the first picture was this one. It is of Jr winning the Citizenship Award back in Birmingham...not long after I gave birth to Billy. We had only been in Birmingham for a few months. Wow....2004....now just five years later he's 13 and taller than me.....oy. :) Okay...six people to tag....Wendy, Geralyn, Lili, Valita, Caitlin, and Lisa.

19 March 2009

I'm so frustrated...argh

My whole quilt square experience has been crap. I was finally feeling good...I got all the fabric and got it cut out. I was to the point where I was sewing the rows together. My sewing machine died on me today. The lightbulb won't even come on. That goes well with the blown fuse and dog chain breaking. Today has kind of sucked. Wendy got the package I sent for our special project, but she has to fix some things for me. It's like everything I touch goes to shit. The quilt squares are due in the mail by Monday. I guess I'll be shopping for a sewing machine and busting ass this weekend. I think I'll go before my computer dies on me. :) High point...I got all the normal lace bagged...so hopefully now that all the lace is bagged...I can start offering it up. I put up the three Marie books and they sold...that's a good thing, too. :)

17 March 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

I hope you remembered to wear your green today. :) This weekend was long...it rained quite a bit. Billy and I got haircuts yesterday. He hates to get his hair cut...we go to the same lady everytime..she is so good to him. She takes her time and doesn't mind the screaming, fussing, or escape attempts. Plus, she gives him a gazillion lollipops. She is a doll. :) I'm two steps away from finishing my quilt squares....it has been hell...sheer hell. With all the fabric mistakes, finding the sewing machine manual and the parts that Bill decided to play with, retrheading bobbin and machine.....things just haven't gone right. I am no longer afraid of my sewing machine.....I'm glad I procrastinated/screwed up the fabric...so that I had to use my sewing machine. It isn't bad at all. :) I need to press some of the sewn pieces before I proceed to finish sewing them into squares. They aren't perfect (I'm sorry to the eight other ladies in my group), but I made them myself...happy day. I have to do it a little at a time....today was Tuesday...short school day..so I had to stop. Maybe when Clark gets home I can work on them a little more....I need a Billy backup. I just listed a few more books in the shop...just in case you didn't get any the other day. I still have three more books to list...I forgot to write down the author. Those of you who are hard-core Marie Antoinette lovers will like what I have coming. :)

14 March 2009

A new love

I've had it for a few weeks...just got around to using it yesterday. It is Philosphy's Coconut Frosting Salt Scrub...it's even better than The Gingerbread Man salt scrub. They don't make that one anymore, so it was between coconut, green apple and margarita. Everyone needs to run out and get a jar of this stuff....it makes your skin so soft. It also warms a few seconds after you rub it in. My skin needed this so bad with the funky weather and central heating. Happy, happy. I've been busy working on all sorts of projects. At least I don't have to rush around and get photos for listings for my shop....I was a good girl and only listed half the things I had Clark take photos of last weekend. I'm trying to spread it out...I figure it will be easier on me not to do giant updates. We'll see how long that lasts. :) Well, I'm off to enjoy the rest of the long weekend. Clark and the boys had yesterday off and will get Monday off as well. Ooooh, lucky me...hard to craft with the extra humans running amuck. At least I have my driver for a few extra days. :)

10 March 2009

A clarification is in order

I did walk to the hospital...but the reason is not because I was hurt or sick. :) All new prescriptions here on Post have to be picked up at the Hospital Pharmacy, not the refill clinic thing at the PX. I guess I should have waited and wrote that post today when I had more rest and my brain was working. I am fine. Sore, but fine. :)

Footnote: I updated the shop today with some books, jewelry and poster cards.

09 March 2009

I wish I was still a walking fool

Then it wouldn't have hurt so bad today. I had to go to the hospital and Clark couldn't come get me and drop me off. So I had to walk. Oy. I do believe it is farther than the walk to the PX. I hurt. I lost at least an hour this evening....I laid down and woke up and time had gone. At least I had most of dinner prepped. Tee Hee...Clark was responsible for feeding the kids. Santa brought Jr a George Foreman grill thingy...he must have known. :) Tomorrow is going to blow.....I'm still going to hurt, but I'll have less alone time to get things done. Tuesdays are short school days here. Billy gets picked up early and dropped back off early....argh. I hate Tuesdays. Clark took some pictures for me while I was snoozing...if I'm lucky I can start an update to the shop tomorrow. A few more books, some more jewelry and some new things that I haven't offered before. :) I love that I can sell whatever floats my boat at the time. The planning and plotting with my sister is coming along.....we had a nice long distance chit chat yesterday about our plans. I managed to go through all the lingerie lace and bag it....I put each kind in it's own bag...which as I offer it up for sale....it will get a label with a number. New system....I hope it works. I didn't have a lot of duplicate items. Next up...the other three containers of lace....I'm almost out of bags though. I can't wait to see what Lili, Alisa, Wendy and Kathy come up with....they were the four recipients of the sample bags of lace. I still have six more. :) I need to go pop some otc pain medication.

07 March 2009

Church sales are the best

The always have some sort of refreshment stand set up...be it bake sale or hot dogs. We hit two church sales today.....we got baked goods and hot dogs at the first one. The second one had a fish fry going on.....we got one plate to share. :) I got an assortment of all kinds of crap out of the nickel boxes at the first sale......yes, you read correctly nickel boxes....love it. We also hit one estate sale.....I got a few things. I got a Pantone Color Formula Guide and a Color Overlay Selector. I always wanted one of those....all those colors. I love paint sample chips you can get at Home Depot, Walmart and such. When Martha had her paint colors at Kmart...Clark was nice enough to get me a whole set of her color chips. It took some time. :)

05 March 2009

Plotting and planning

I'm conspiring with my sister on a project. It has actually been kind of fun. It's still in the planning stages, but I will definitely let you know what it is when it is ready. :) This week is a tad messed up...Monday was a Snow Day for the boys and they got the day off. Man, what is it about the South...they get a little snow and freak out. :) I do think Spring is coming....that will be nice. I'm trying to decide between petunias and geraniums for the front planters. I did mostly petunias last spring when we first moved her....I can't believe in April it will have been a whole year..oy. I think I'm leaning towards the geraniums......they remind me of Germany more. :) I need to go to Jo-Ann's....I don't have enough fabric for a project and I can't start it without more fabric..argh. If the project was just for me...I wouldn't care, but it's for a swap. No, Viv....I haven't started on my squares yet...well, that's not true. I did cut out all my blue pieces today. Once I get started it should go quickly. It's these darn roadblocks. I got my mobile and last matchbox...I'll try to get pictures posted of them this weekend. I've been saving the other two matchboxes until the last one showed up. Well, the boys will be home soon and then Clark should be home early (okay, earlier than normal). I hope I can talk him into taking me to Jo-Ann's this evening. I really want to get started on my squares. I'll have to wash the fabric as well....so if I get it tonight and wash it. I can iron the fabric, cut out pieces and hopefully start sewing tomorrow. I'm crossing my fingers. :)

01 March 2009

Snow Day

Today was totally wicked!!! SO cool...it friggin snowed all day here. It was snowing when I woke up. I was screeching with happiness and the boys were just as happy...Clark not so much. You can take the boy out of Texas, but you can't take the Texas out of the boy.....he abhors snow and cold. To make it even better....PBS was showing "Anne of Green Gables"....I know, I'm a dork who already owns it on VHS (I need to get the DVDs...better to skip over when Matthew dies). But it is so much better when it is already on. I love Anne with an "e". :) We were leaving to go grocery shopping when Matthew died.....I was scrambling for the remote. I would've been bawling like a baby all the way to the commissary. Thanks to the snowy weather......I loaded up on enough food to feed an army. It makes me want to cook. I got the fixings for homemade mac and cheese, meatloaf, whipped garlic potatoes, roasted red potatoes.....I got baby cabbages...there has to be a good recipe out there for them. I got a roasting chicken. All sorts of crap. It's kind of nice knowing it won't go to waste with two bottomless pits in the house. :) The only thing I didn't do today (that would've really made it feel like my childhood) was read a Nancy Drew book. :) I may do that tomorrow. I didn't get any photos taken today...the light wasn't right. I didn't touch the washer....so no dyeing of anything. It was just a nice snuggle under the blankets and watch sappy tv day. I just checked my email and I made my etsy goal for the year. I had hoped to reach 250 sales by the end of the year. I guess I need to set a new number to hit. Thank you everyone who has bought anything from me- on my etsy site or at Silver Bella....your support means a lot. :) Well, my family is watching "The Amazing Race" without me. I hope you all had a totally wicked day as well. :) Bonus points if you can tell me which Disney/Pixar movie they used the phrase "totally wicked" in.