07 March 2009

Church sales are the best

The always have some sort of refreshment stand set up...be it bake sale or hot dogs. We hit two church sales today.....we got baked goods and hot dogs at the first one. The second one had a fish fry going on.....we got one plate to share. :) I got an assortment of all kinds of crap out of the nickel boxes at the first sale......yes, you read correctly nickel boxes....love it. We also hit one estate sale.....I got a few things. I got a Pantone Color Formula Guide and a Color Overlay Selector. I always wanted one of those....all those colors. I love paint sample chips you can get at Home Depot, Walmart and such. When Martha had her paint colors at Kmart...Clark was nice enough to get me a whole set of her color chips. It took some time. :)


  1. Oh yes! The sale I went to this am had waffles~delish!

  2. Oh yes! The sale I went to this am had waffles~delish!

  3. Hi Wanda! I'm sorry I haven't given you a visit in awhile... my bad! ;) Sure does look like your busy, busy though. Hope all is well with ya, darling. Are you planning on SB again this year? Hope so!
    I guess I need to look more at the church sales...they seem to be hard to come by around here, or I never hear of them!
    And don't worry about the mis-information... if you go to my blog, I have a "blonde moment" post that is silly.. ;) (which reminds me, I need to get you back on my blog roll!) We all have our moments, ant it's okay- cuz we ALL have them! lol
    Take care...

  4. I agree with you wholeheartedly, church sales are the BEST! They think of everything from wheelchairs for people who can't walk around so well to baked goods and drinks. the wonderful older-lady's crafts! And I love the ones with houseplants! You know they've been so lovingly cared for! Thanks for the birthday wishes!