23 March 2009

Happy, Happy, Happy

I got my quilt squares off in the mail today.....oy. What a pain in the ass those have been...they hated me. :) It is done and I shall never think of them again....I will play with the remnants of blue polka spotted fabric though...it is sweet. It was a happy mail day to boot. I got my belated Xmas presents from my parents (I was responsible for picking them out/ordering them). My Dad got on to me the other day for not using the money yet....tough life, right?? I ended up ordering books....big shocker there...I know...I'm a book whore. I got three books of eye candy and two books to read. :) I got Kaari Meng's first two French General books and Amy Hanna's new book.....some really neat stuff in those books to try out. It makes me want to jump on a plane, fly to France and hit the Flea Markets. I, also, got two of Mary Kay Andrews books....I had read about them on Vintage Rescue Squad. They sounded fun. I took the advice of Heather (HELLO..my name is Heather...Heather) and subscribed to Bloglines....very cool and now I can clear out some room in my favorites and here on the blog. They will all be in one place and I won't have to spend mindless hours checking to see who updated their blogs. Too cool. She is doing her "March of the Tools" thing againt his year and had Bloglines listed. I'm just relaxing today after the rough weekend. We did get all the flowers planted...the front of the house looks great. I picked out pansies, snapdragons, petunias, geraniums and Clark chose one daisy. I got two hanging baskets and that is where the pansies are located. It is such a beautiful day...Billy and I went out thirty minutes early (for the bus) and he ran around the yard...shoving his face in his chives, touching the leaves and flowers, and throwing dandelion parts up in the air. He was so happy....he did try to make a run for it when the bus was pulling up....ding dong. I do believe I'll let him play again when he comes off the bus. We've been staying outside after he comes home for about 20-30 minutes...it's been nice. I do need to get some type of seating for the front porch (not really a porch, but not a stoop either)....pavement is a tad cold to the bum. I hope everyone is having a great day. I know my sister is....she sold her first item this weekend..yeah, Winnie! I think I'll go start one of my books. I'm relaxing today....tomorrow back to crafting...I've got two swaps to work on.

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