20 March 2009

Tag..I'm it

Okay, Viv tagged me. I was to open my pictures folder and open the sixth folder and get the sixth picture. Well, I tried...I only had eight folders...three of whcih were full of clipart from various sources. So I went past the first five folders and the first picture was this one. It is of Jr winning the Citizenship Award back in Birmingham...not long after I gave birth to Billy. We had only been in Birmingham for a few months. Wow....2004....now just five years later he's 13 and taller than me.....oy. :) Okay...six people to tag....Wendy, Geralyn, Lili, Valita, Caitlin, and Lisa.


  1. Wonderful post, and wonderful photo!
    Okay now I've been tagged, do I tag 6 others? I'll do that now!

    Magic and Joy!

  2. I love that photo. I know exactly what you mean, my oldest is 15 already, quite a young lady and when you are looking at photos of your kids when they were small you always feel like: this was yesterday or when was this...I didn't pay attention, when did they grow up so fast? thanks for your tag!
    Good luck on sewing the quilt squares. (and buying a machine).

  3. Dang you, Wanda! I'm going to wait until I get home for this one - I don't have anything good on my work computer (which is where I am now).

  4. Thanks for playing along! It's fun seeing the pics!!