26 March 2009

Am I really an enabler??

I was told by an unamed blogger that I was an enabler....is it true?? Damn, skippy skippy. :) Who else is going to push you people to try something new?? Life is way too short to hem and haw about shit. So those of you even thinking about signing up for Maria's swap and haven't...you better go email her asap. It's going to be fun. Now...my enabling ass managed to lay on the couch and read for the last two days.....I needed to decompress after all the quilt square mess. I finished the two Mary Kay Andrews books...really cute and all you junk lovers out there will love it. I need to find some more of her books....she's fun to read. I, also, managed to get all but a few of the blogs listed here...listed into my bloglines.....I've got over 200 blogs listed. I LOVE Bloglines.....it makes it so much easier. The are all on one list and I can see who updated and who didn't....just wonderful. Now I can look at as many blogs as I want and not worry about filling up my blog or favorites section....look at how much room I've saved on my sidebar. More room to list new swaps. :) Well, I guess I need to go work on a swap....the boys are at school....perfect.

P.S. I've got one more slot open on my PIF (it's a few posts down)...go ahead, you know you want to sign up and then have an excuse to create (because you'd be obligated and then your husbands/kids can't talk smack). :)


  1. I didn't even know what an enabler is. Well I searched google. Now I think it's my hubby who told you so. LOL. (still haven't registred as I am in doubt, I have soooo many things to do :-(

  2. Umm, yes you are.

    And I gotta love ya for it!